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1999/1/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:15303 Activity:nil
1/26    For you FreeBSD-heads:  Jordan Hubbard.  Taos Tech Talk about FreeBSD,
        at Taos Headquarters in Santa Clara:  3970 Freedom Circle.
        6:30pm-9:00pm on Wednesday, 1/27...I won't be there, but you're
        welcome to join the rest of the Taos Crowd.  --chris
1999/1/27-31 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:15304 Activity:moderate
1/26    Solaris System admin job available in Palo Alto.  3 years exp.
        One year contract; $50 /hr -- or $60/hr for independent.
        Email me for more info.
                                                - ivy
        \_ Dude, Contactor makes that much of money? It's almost 100k.
           \_ Gee, I was just thinking that $60/hr is pretty pathetic.
        \_ My company bills other people $150/hr to borrow me.. 2-3x is
           pretty standard for contracting rates.. that's about the markup
           factor Taos uses, too..
           \_ Contractor = no benefits.  Cash only.  Pay your own taxes and
              what would normally be your emplyer's share, etc.  $60/hr as
              an indep. contractor is a slave wage.
                \_ So what hourly pay as an independent contractor would
                   be equal to $50 as an employee?
                   \_ I've always heard $10/hour for every $10000 you'd
                      make as an employee. So, about $104/hour. I've never
                      been such a contractor, though. It's just a rule of
                      thumb I've seen bandied about. --dim
                        \_ I was going to say "about $100/hr".  It's up there.
                           There's tons of costs involved that you don't have
                           to cover as a real employee.
                   \_ Hard to say...but most "clued" UNIX SAs demand at least
                      $80/hr for independent contract positions.  $60/hr used
                      to be more "standard" about a year and a half ago. As
                      for "what is equal to $50 as an employee" -- it's hard
                      to say.  It'd be up there, past $100/hr. --chris

                   \_ I used to do $ contractor = 2x $ perm.  So that's $100/hr
                      for your $50/hr perm.  Nowadays, I'd go for 2.5x
                      or even 3x for odious things...
        \_ ivy is willing to do brainless shit work for lots o money. She's an
           industry slut.
        \_ So, ivy, what's the job they're paying peanuts for?  Do they
           understand how terrible their pay rate is?  3 yrs of Solaris goes
           for more than this.
        \_ Allright, who on Soda is actually making more than $60/hr as an SA?
        \_ We charge more than 60, but I get 40.  --sowings
        \_ aye - based on my experiences looking about in the summer/fall,
           100/hr for a typical SSA (ie, not guru) is rather high, even
           accounting for taxes if you're 1099 (less common).  -jor
           \_ We're not debating whether it's high or not. The poster
              asked what the equivalent to $50/hour salaried would be.
              $50/hour is $104,000/year, which is also uncommon. --dim
              \_ $104K is not uncommon...but it's usually a better deal
                 to get a consistent $104K salary than to hedge your bets
                 on getting high paying contracts. --chris
                 amended: $104K salary >>> than sitting around a couple of
                 months unemployed waiting for those high paying contracts,
                 which can be few and far between.
                 \_ I doing both.  I have a $104K+ perm job, and I have a
                    half time contract on the side (paying at a 3x rate,
                    at that).
                 \_ you are misusing the phrase "hedge your bets". to
                    hedge a bet is to limit your risk by reducing your
                    potential gains --aaron

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        \_ People are throwing a lot of numbers, but I think a lot of people
           are using formulas to reach them.  Based on real actual experience
           I can tell you that someone making $75K on salary tends to get
           about $60/hr on contract, and someone making $90K-$100K on salary
           tends to get about $80/hr on contract.  As far as getting >80
           \_ if that's true, then people would be idiots to WANT to be
           per hour as a Solaris admin, I have no first hand knowledge
           of anyone getting that, so I would think it's somewhat rare.  -ax
        \_ You guys are forgetting about the possibility of VERY long term
           contracts.  $80 an hour is ~160K a year.  And that's a 40 hour
           a week contract, which beats the hell out of the average work
           50+ hours a week for 90K Sr. admin salary job.  - ax
           \_ You're forgetting extra taxes, insurance, and other things that
              add up.  When have you _ever_ heard of anyone getting a year
              long contract at 80/hr?  Most people don't stay on salary for
              that long at a single place.  You're making shit up.  There is
              zero possibility of a high paying long term contract as you
              describe it.
1999/1/27-29 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15305 Activity:kinda low
1/27    If I run a CPU intensive job with "nice", how much responce time
        will I suffer, on a Linux box?
        \_ 40 angtrom-meters. why don't you just try it? there are a lot of
           factors. --aaron
        \_ Depends on how much you nice it, doesn't it?
           \_ The Linux scheduler is worse for this than something like the
              lottery scheduler that runs on soda.  But a CPU-bound job that
              doesn't do complicated I/O may not be hurt too much by being
              niced.  It all _does_ depend on your hardware, what other
              jobs are running, how much you nice it...
        \_ response.
                \_ I have a related question. What scheduling algorithm
                   does Linux use? Is it similar to round-robin with
                   multi-level feedback?
1999/1/27 [Transportation/Car] UID:15306 Activity:nil
1/27    Is there a particular reason that many luxury car commercials, airline
        commercials, and other love to use actors and actresses with British
        accent? For example, the Mercedes commercial, Lexus commercial, etc.
        Even the Pharo and his son in Prince of Egypt have British accent.
        \_ there is an American subconscious that says "the Brits are rich,
           snobby, high class, and uptight"
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