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1999/1/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:15291 Activity:moderate
1/25    Is there a difference between an executable and a portable
        executable" format on wintel machines ??
        \_ The latter only runs on portables.  The formet runs on portables
        \_ The latter only runs on portables.  The former runs on portables
           but not very efficiently.
                \_ Thanks. Is there a www page where I can find out more?
                        \_ No.  It's all MS/Intel NDA stuff.
1999/1/26-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15292 Activity:moderate
1/15    Linux 2.2.0 kernel is out.  Go get it!
        \_ WHere can I get it, and what new features does it have over 2.0.36?
           \_ If you've never gotten a new kernel before, you _don't_ want to
              start with a new minor kernel version.  Read the kernel HOWTO.
              It is faster, more stable, has more drivers, etc.  A comparison
              may be found on <DEAD><DEAD>.
              \_ has an article today on the differences.
        \_ Save the bandwidth, download patches. (That is, unless you're
           running 2.0.x) -brg
           \_ For those on campus, Trey Hyde has been keeping the current
              version for ftp at  -- schoen
                \_ For those used to stability, wait a while. There
                   are still (annoyingly) crashing bugs in 2.2.0.
                   echo "subscribe linux-kernel" | \
                   if you want the fully-loaded spammage. -brg
                   \_ Of course, the buggiest version of linux is probably
                      a lot less buggier than the cleanest version of
                      Microsoft Windows.
1999/1/26-27 [Reference/BayArea] UID:15293 Activity:moderate
1/25    Hi, is there one site where I can find out all the volunteer
        opportunities around the bay area?  Everything from inner city to
        environmental, etc.  I'm trying to see what I can do in the south
        bay, but I don't have a specific activity in mind.  If there is
        no one site, how about some of the big ones?  Thank you!  I'm
        eager to help out in the community, but just need to be pointed
        in the right direction.
        \_ in college I worked in AmeriCorps in Eshleman Hall at the offices
           of Cal Corps the public service center and volunteer coordinators
           for the campus.  Give them a call at 643-0306, ask for Lisa. - tpc
           \_ thanks, but I was looking for a website or something in the
              south bay.  I graduated and live in San Jose now.
        \_ Volunteer Exchange, main office (408) 247-1126
           south county (408) 683-9061.  Don't know URL
        \_ You can clean my kitchen floor, take out the trash, and then scrub
           the bath tub at my place.  <DEAD><DEAD>
1999/1/26 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:15294 Activity:high
1/25    If PureAtria never thought about revision control beyong 10+ people
        and they mass market ClearCase tools to big companies, PureAtria must
        be full of brain dead fuckers who don't know anything about
        \_ another new grad enters the job market and starts bitching about
           work environment.  You will learn to bent over and take it like
           a man soon enough.
        \_ Doesn't "10+ people" mean "up to all the people everywhere"?  That
           sounds like good scaling.
1999/1/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:15295 Activity:kinda low
1/25    I have these little white boxes going from my powersupply to
        the swich.. any ideas?
        \_ Eat them.
        \_ computer cajones - a sure sign your computer is male
        \_ What the hell are you talking about?
1999/1/26-29 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15296 Activity:kinda low
1/26    Is it possible to SSH out through a firewall to, say, soda?  For
        some reason, my connection keeps timing out.
        \_ depends on the firewall and the ssh installation.
        \_ try ssh -v, ssh -P, and ssh -v -P
        \_ Is it possible they blocked outgoing connections.  As the above
           said, it depends.

             /  \
            / ..|\
           (_\  |_)
           /  \@' Woof!  Damn your mom was good.
           /  \@' Woof!  Damn yer mom was good.
          /     \
      _  /  `   |
     \\/  \  | _\
      \   /_ || \\_
       \____)|_) \_)

        \_ stay! good doggie.

             /  \
            / ..|\
           (_\  |_)
           /  \@'
          /     \
      _  /  `   |
     \\/  \  | _\
      \   /_ || \\_
       \____)|_) \_)
1999/1/26-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15297 Activity:high
1/26    Would like to know if there is a conversion utility for taking a
        very large bourne shell script and turning into a Perl one.  I don't
        look forward to re-writing 20K+ of scripts somebuddy else wrote.  -mtbb
        \_ While this is theoretically possible, the naive version would
           generate nasty code, and even the best version couldn't generate
           good code; the styles differe too greately between sh and perl..
           why do you need to rewrite them in perl?  --dbushong
           \_ because the effort of porting them is less than the effort
              of trying to get sh to do what you want it to do?  -tom
              \_ I would rather deal with sh than with script-produced perl
                 \_ Depends on how much it needs to change in the future.
                    Some stuff is a bitch to do in sh.  You can script-port
                    to perl and then rewrite it in pieces over time as
                    required and enhance more easily in the long term this
           \_ Becauer PERL r000lez!
        \_ The reason I need to put this into Perl is because Perl is portable
           \_ See if you can license one of the [c]sh programs for NT.  We
              have one at work, MKS Toolkit.  -meyers
           to the NT machines we have as well.  I was hoping there was a
           utility to help out, but seeing as the script needs re-writing
           anyway.....  Perl will also allow us, as Tom-Bud pointed out, the
           ability to code in CGI stuff for better DB-Web application
           integration in future modules.  -mtbb
           \_ bash for NT exists.
                \_ Oh just stop.  None of the ported shells work as expected
                   under NT.  Stop offering half assed unix-centric solutions
                   for NT problems.  Just because it exists doesn't mean it
                   works correctly.
                   \_ bourne shell scripting is NOT UNIX-CENTRIC, it is
                   POSIX.1. Microsloth CLAIMS TO SUPPORT POSIX.1
                   So you don't have to install anything non-microsloth
                   to run the stupid script. Theoretically, just
                   change the path to SH, and run.
                   Don't complain, if you don't at least TRY to run
                   the scripts, as is, under NT.
1999/1/26-27 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15298 Activity:high
1/26    When your manager's manager wants to have a one on one with you, is it
        better to tell him that you're ecstatic about your work (which he will
        interpret that you're happy, so need less $) or tell him that you're
        not happy about your work (which he will interpret that he needs to
        give you more raise)?
        \_The only sure fire method to get more money is leveraged
          counteroffers.  If you really want more money go do interviews
          and get higher offers elsewhere, then let them counter.
          So tell him whatever you really feel, because it's unlikely
          you will get more money as a result of this meeting.  -ax
          \_ Does this work if your company has a pretty well-established
             and pay-raise structure? My company has all these charts
             detailing how much raise I'll get based on performance and
             ranking, done twice a year.
             \_ Don't let that shit intimidate you, but be prepared to leave
                if they're really that stiff.  It's just fluff some moron
                with a 2 year degree from a community college wrote up while
                drunk one night.
        \_Yes, it still works if they want to keep you.  Whether you like your
          work or want more money are separate issues.  If you want more $
          AND like your work, tell you manager's m that you are happy with
          your work, and have been working really hard, and that you feel
          you deserve more.  If you imply you might look elsewhere because
          you're underpaid, chances are, in this industry, that will be
        \_ It can be political and deemed "going over your manager's head"
           to reveal disgruntlement to your manager's be careful
           what you say, unless you have a pre-established (ie, you've known
           him/her longer than you know your direct supervisor)
           relationship with the person you're having lunch with.  --chris
        \_ Stop complaining you computer nerd people.  Go catch more bugs.
           \_ Haahhahahhahahhahhahhaha!!! Some trolls are worth keeping around
              like cute little dogs you throw marshmellows at for fun!
        \_ It could mean he/she is interested in you in a romantic way.
                \_ Oh shut the fuck up you clueless twink!  It means no such
                   thing!  You've never had a job outside the campus library
                   system obviously.
                   \_ So, did he/she ask you out?
1999/1/26-29 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15299 Activity:high
1/26    Suggestions on a DLT/70 drive?
        \_ Aren't they all made by one manufacturer then OEM'ed?  -ax
        \_ yes, they're made by quantum.  Buy one, is my suggestion.  -tom
        \_ Make sure you get one with a GOOD FAN, DLT7000's have a tendency
           to run hot.  If you like DLT, right now, DLT2000XT is best for
           price/performance.  DLT7000s have great capacity, and a great
           technology in general, but are a bit more expensive.  DLT7000s
           also contain backwards compatibility to the very first DLT model
           only included in DEC workstations of old, thus it can take a while
           for a DLT to load a tape.  Those MIT-wits made pretty good
           hardware---DLT (sold to Quantum), DECetherworks (sold to Intel),
           DEC Raid (Used to be the best you could get), Alpha (off to Compaq),
           and PCs with quality fans---but, they sucked at marketing.
           BTW, DEC had a deal with Samsung to let Samsung manufacture
           Alphas just before DEC got bought out... I guess that deal's off now.
           Too bad.  -mtbb   (sorry for the long rant)
           \_ Samsung was and AFAIK is still making Alphas which are coming
              out of an Intel fab.
              \_  Samsung manufactures Alphas.  Intel also fabs Alphas for
                  Compaq.  --PeterM
                  \_ there are actually some pretty interesting rumors
                     about why intel and samsung are fabbing alphas.  the
                     truth is definitely out there.
                     \_ Rumors?  DEC wanted to get rid of Fab7.  It wasn't
                        making money.  So they used their patent lawsuit
                        to force Intel to take the fab off their hands, AND
                        forced a requirement that Intel fab alphas for them
                        as part of the settlement.  The FTC made DEC
                        find a second-source for alpha, since Intel wields
                        near-monopoly power, hence Samsung's architecture
                        license.  Samsung is hoping to make money, but I
                        think it's been a big loss for them so far.
                        Compaq seems to have carried on the DEC tradition
                        of having really stupid marketing, so perhaps
                        Alpha will be dead by 2001, unless COMPAQ does
                        something quick.
                        \_ Not quite.  The hot rumor was Compaq had been
                           interested in DEC from a couple years back, but
                           did not want to pick up the Fabs also.  DEC got
                           rid of the fab specifically to facilitate a sale
                           marketting, you'll still see alphas out there.
                           to Compaq.  Microsoft engineered the whole thing,
                           to create a Compaq/Samsung/Alpha competitor for
                        \_ Dead?  Hardly.  By 2001, they'll be pushing systems
                           with 1+ ghz.  If you've got the money, you can't
                           beat a DEC system in the unix world.  (And no, it
                           doesn't run Linux).  Even with their lame
                           marketing, you'll still see alphas out there.  Its
                           always been a high end niche.  It'll stay that way.
                   \_ DEC has a tradition of making fine, quality hardware.
                      Their PCs had fans which never wore down/broke, stuff I
                      am sure Compaq will yank out right away and replace with
                      the standard cheap crap you see on most PCs today.  The
                      problem has always been DEC never knew how to market their
                      products.  Take DLT drives for example, when they intro-
                      duced the DLT2000/4000 models a couple years ago, the
                      product was so good, they grabbed up HUGE portions of
                      Exabyte's market.  Problem was, they under-estimated
                      demand for their product, and without a means to increase
                      production soon enough, they sold the technology to
                      Quantum.  Quantum has made a killing off the DLT line.
                      If Samsung & Compaq would get their acts together, they
                      could really take chunks of UNIX market from other UNIX
                      and even NT vendors.  But, Compaq's put themselves in a
                      situation similar to IBM's, where they have too much stuff
                      to focus on doing well in one market.  Compaq could really
                      exploit the Alpha chip if they didn't have to worry about
                      what Bill Gates might think, etc.  In our workplace, we
                      have 4 Alpha 8400 servers (4 GB memory, 4+ CPUs, 100+ GB
                      of RAID, 4 SCSI busses / per server).  Each server can
                      run up to 9 different SAP Instances.  For the SAME AMOUNT
                      of money, you can get an HP server with maybe 2 crap CPUs,
                      a SCSI bus which only recognizes other HP hardware, up to
                      1 GB of main memory, and enuff other resources to handle
                      up to 3 SAP Instances if we're lucky.  HP doesn't even
                      give you a decent monitor - they expect you to buy X terms
                      from them for even more $$$.  What do you expect from
                      $tanfurdders?  Unfortunately, it's all in the hands of
                      Compaq's shareholders now.   -mtbb
1999/1/26-27 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:15300 Activity:very high
1/26    To the guy who posted about CS GRE Subject test, here are more
        number for you. Go figure. Number of CS GRE Subject test takers in:
        1990: 18000
        1996: 13000
        1998: 11000
        Figures are from the 1990-1991, 1996-1997, and 1998-1999 ETS handout
        \_ Conclusion: The really dumb and/or greedy students that would do
           poorly in graduate school are now lured by the hot industry. At the
           same time, the highly academically oriented students remain in
           school. Less dumb people, same number of smart people taking GRE=
           huge change in scoring system.
                \_ You're a real fucked up loser.  You must be some dumb
                   shit getting wasted in industry thinking that "all the
                   smart people go to grad school!"  If yer so smart you
                   would have taking the GRE, applied, and gotten in already.
                   Instead you get on the motd and BITCH about industry
                   vs grad school.  Fucking loser.  The "smart people in
                   grad school" aren't the ones bitching about GREs.  Only
                   the fucking loser wanna-be grad students bitch and moan
                   like you.

                   like you.  "I don't belong here, I wanna be with the
                   smart people Ph.D. students in grad school!"  Well, how
                   about shutting up and fucking apply for one instead of
                   bitching here about it?  Can't get a high enough GRE?
                   Gee, guess what?  YOU AREN'T SMART ENOUGH.  There's nothing
                   wrong with GREs, there's everything wrong with a dumb shit
                   under the impression that he can be a hotshot grad student
                   and the GRE test is keeping him down.  Fucking idiot.
                   \_ assholes like you are an outstanding arguement for
                      not going to grad school.  I dont think GRE scores
                      mean much, but i can guess your verbal score.
                   \_ Um, in other words, you agree with the conclusion.
                   \_ High GRE != smart.  Low GRE != dumb.
                      Not take GRE != greedy.  Enroll in basic logic course.
           \_ Conclusion: your personal biases and experiences have left you
              in a little shell that prevents you from understanding that
              Grad School is not the high point of a career.  It's simply
              another option for those who are too afraid to do something
              with their lives other than kiss some Prof's fat ass.  Had a
              pot sticker lately?
           \_ speaking of dumb people, mabye you should look more
              carefully at those numbers; there really is not a
              significant enough change there to draw any conclusions,
              unless of course they were conclusions you were planning
              to draw anyway.
                \_ Huh?  16000 = 11000 * 61%....  Seems significant...
                   \_ yes, but the previous post was concerning
                      changes in the correlation between score and
                      percentile, and for the higher percentiles, the
                      changes were negligible given the error in
                      scores and the extent to which ETS tweaks those
                   \_ Check your math, buddy.
                \_ YO!  CLUE TIME!  The numbers of test takers are MEANINGLESS
                   since you have NO IDEA how many _POTENTIAL_ test takers
                   there were for each year.  Sheesh!  Take Stat2 and try
           \_ Conclusion 2:  same number of smart people wasting time in
              school while the marketing is booming.
                \_ It is funny that greedy people value money more than
                   anything. To these people, money is EVERYTHING.
                   \_ So your mommy and daddy pay your rent so you can get
                      this really neato ivory tower education and snub your
                      nose at the people who actually _do_ something?
                   \_ Without money, can't enjoy life like traveling, good
                      food, etc.
                   under (and thrive) the more flexible you are. -nick
                      \_ And expensive hookers
                          \_ Na.  You go for movie stars.
                          \_ Yer mom is better.
                \_ you can't beat the flexibility of being a student
                    \_ Oh yeah.  I really enjoyed the flexiblity being in
                       soda hall and pulling those all-nighters.
                       \_ followed by two weeks of sitting on your ass getting
                          high and sleeping till 3pm.
                       \_ Being a grad student is nothing like being an
                          undergrad.  You get to choose if you want to
                          pull all-nighters.
                    \_ Being a student is flexible?  Uhm, yeah, let's see
                       I can afford to eat at Bongo Burger or Oscar's
                       tonight, but not eat _and_ see a matinee the next
                       day and I live in a crime ridden slum.  You have a
                       funny idea of flexible.
                       \_ hmm, I know lots of grad students who live in nice
                          areas and seem to have enough money to do quite a
                          bit.  Oh wait.  They know how to do things like
                          cook their own food.  Oh and how to pay attention
                          to sometihng like a budget.  Just cause you aren't
                          grossly overpaid doesn't mean you can't be flexible.
                          \_ Yes, by budgeting, I can pay for things I don't
                             have enough money to buy.  Budgeting will fix
                             everything.  A budget will create money from
                             nothing.  A budget will feed my children and pay
                             my mortgage.  I don't need money, just a budget.
                             Yo, wake up.  You can _survive_ by eating rice
                             and pasta and watching every penny, but that is
                             certainly _not_ flexible.  Hope your budget makes
                             you feel better though.  Honestly.
                \_ why does flexibility have anything to do with money?
                   I would think that the more constraints you live
                   under (and thrive) the more flexible you are.-nick (grad)
                   \_ You're confusing two different meanings of the word.
                      My version of flexible means the world flexes for me.
                      In your version, you flex for the world.
                      My version: I go to Tahiti for a month and enjoy it and
                      don't even bother to budget.
                      Your version: You learn to enjoy getting postcards from
                      your industry friends who went to Tahiti.
                      We're both flexible but I get a better tan.  :-)
1999/1/26-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15301 Activity:moderate
1/26    Is there any command line utility that returns the width and height
        dimensions of an image file, specifically .jpg & .gif?
        \_ file foo.gif         --dbushong
           \_ Seems like it only prints the width and height of .gif files
              but not .jpg files.  Why?  -- yuen
              \_ Well, someone keeps deleting this, but again:
                 perldoc Image::Size.  If that's too tricky,
                 ~dbushong/bin/imgsize   --dbushong
              \_ Because someone like you didn't take the time to rewrite
                 it to do so.  What's up with everyone expecting everything
                 to be pre-written to do exactly what they need?  Do it
                 yourself, sheesh.
                 \_ Because chances are someone has written something to
                    do what you want. Why reinvent the wheel? And why
                    suppose the person has the time or knowledge to
                    accomplish the task?
                    \_ To ask if someone else has done it is differant than
                       asking why they haven't.  One is a query, the latter
                       is a whine.  I don't suppose they have the time or
                       skill.  I object to the whining not the desire to have
                       a feature.
                 \_ Well, since it knows to look into the file content to
                    find out if a file with no ".jpg" extension is a
                    JPEG file, I would think it also knows to look into the
                    JPEG file content to get the width and height. -- yuen
                    \_ Because the author didn't need this function and you
                       didn't add it.
           \_ Well, someone keeps deleting this, but again:  perldoc
              Image::Size.  If that's too tricky, ~dbushong/bin/imgsize
1999/1/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:15302 Activity:high 63%like:15290
1/25    Vollunteer your computer teaching fu: jobs/vollunteer.sp99
___   ___ __ .__   __.____    ____ ___      _______   _______ .______   _____.
\  \ /  /|  ||  \ |  |\   \  /   //   \    |       \ |   ____||   _  \ /     |
 \  V  / |  ||   \|  | \   \/   //  ^  \   |  .--.  ||  |__   |  |_)  |   (--`
  >   <  |  ||  . `  |  \      //  /_\  \  |  |  |  ||   __|  |      / \   \
 /  .  \ |  ||  |\   |   \    //  _____  \ |  '--'  ||  |____ |  |\  \--)   |
/__/ \__\|__||__| \__|    \__//__/     \__\|_______/ |_______|| _| `.______/

               ad88888ba   ad88888ba 888888888888   ,a8888a,
              d8"     "8b d8"     "88        ,8P' ,8P"'  `"Y8,
              Y8a     a8P 8P       88       d8"  ,8P        Y8,
               "Y8aaa8P"  Y8,    ,d88     ,8P'   88          88
               ,d8"""8b,   "PPPPPP"88    d8"     88          88
              d8"     "8b          8P  ,8P'      `8b        d8'
              Y8a     a8P 8b,    a8P  d8"         `8ba,  ,ad8'
               "Y88888P"  `"Y8888P'  8P'            "Y8888P"

             /  \
            / ..|\
           (_\  |_)
           /  \@'
          /     \
      _  /  `   |
     \\/  \  | _\
      \   /_ || \\_
       \____)|_) \_)
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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