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1999/1/20 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:15256 Activity:nil
1/19    OH MY GOD!  They killed <DEAD>!<DEAD>  YOU BASTARDS!
        The record industry strikes again as is seized by
        Swiss police.  Hmm... had about 100,000 visitors a day
        which means that the record companies just alienated a shitload of
        their customers.  Oops.  I certainly will never purchase a music CD
        again, and hopefully others will follow suit. FREE THE LYRICS!
1999/1/20 [Uncategorized] UID:15257 Activity:nil 75%like:15258
1/19    Censorship reversed.  Get a fucking life.
1999/1/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:15258 Activity:nil 75%like:15257
1/19    Censorship reversed.  Get a [censored] life.
1999/1/20-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:15259 Activity:high
1/20    If you know a person's IP address at which they're connected to
        the Internet, is there some sort of way to find out what kind of
        computer system they're using?
        \_ newest release of nmap will do this reasonably well by
           examing differences in tcp/ip stack.  There is another
           prog called queso that does this as well.  See also
           latest issue of phrack if you care about implementation
           details.  --sky
           \_ of course there's like a 90% chance they're running some wintel
              machine, so you could skip all that and try the wintel hacks
              to see what works.
              \_ esp. since nmap/queso can't distinguish btwn 95/98/NT...
                 \_ actually, 95 has fucked up timestamps.  Its about
                    the only way to distinguish btwn 95/NT -sky
           \_ Are nmap or queso installed on soda anywhere?
              \_ I doubt it...and even if it was, it uses raw ip
                 so you are not 31337 enough to run it. -sky
                 \_ ~sky/bin, but you can't execute them
        \_ BTW, how come "nslookup -q=hinfo <ip addr>" doesn't work?
                \_ maybe the dns admin didn't bother putting in the information
                   there?  I dont know of many how do that any more. Its a
                   minor security risk.
                \_ Lotsa dns admins don't even know about it.
                   \_ Some even fake the data there.
                        \_ GASP!  Fake data on the net?!  Heavens, no!
                           \_ the net is always right. Your perception of
                              reality is wrong
                                \_ Adam?  I thought you went to M$ and became
                                   a borg.
                                   \_ once again, your perception of reality
                                     is wrong. -- notAdam
1999/1/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15260 Activity:nil
1/19   First crypto-porno:

       "The film includes porno staples like girl-on-girl love scenes,
       oral and anal sex, and sex clubs. It also features cameo
       appearances and production assistance from half a dozen
       real-life cypherpunks."
       \_ hmm.. they filmed sameer's S&M parties?
1999/1/20-23 [Uncategorized] UID:15261 Activity:low
1/20's portal site has an adult area.
        \_ get a life.
        \_ ...that explains a lot: adult content at cable modem speeds...
           \_ Uh, isn't that the Playboy channel?  Or Skinemax?  --sowings
1999/1/20-23 [Industry/Jobs] UID:15262 Activity:nil 50%like:14892
1/20    Great full-time job opportunities in Redwood City --
1999/1/20-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:15263 Activity:kinda low
1/20    A quick question: how can I create a link in html or javascript
        so that whenever user clicks on the link, it will launch an
        executable program? One solution I have in mind is to wrap the
        executable into an ActiveX control. But is there any other way
        I can do it? Otherwise, how can I wrap the executable into a
        Active X control? I'm fairly new to ActiveX and VB, any help are
        appreciated. -bkong
        \_ So do you want a general solution or a windows only solution?
        \_ I'd be really scared if this was actually possible to do.  Think
           of all the webserver based security hacks you could do!
           \_ it's totally possible to do.  It's also incredibly dangerous.
                remember the "Outer-Limits" control that erases your hard
                drive and opens your CD-ROM, saying "here's your cup holder"?
                No joke.  It really happened.  It can happen.  Courtesy of
                MS OLE.
        \_ Wrap it inside any CGI program or a servlet.  Have your CGI
           program or servlet make a system call to the executable.  Your
           link will just point to the CGI/servlet wrapper.
           \_ I'd have to agree.  Writing server-side logic is the far superior
                solution.  Plus with servlets you can whip up a fast little
                program.  If you have the time, code yer CGI in C.  The
                NCSA has a bunch of publicly-available CGI libraries, all
                in ANSI/ISO C, very sexy.   -brain
                \_ and these run on the client machine and not the server?
                        \_ ummm... no.  You'll have to use hidden form fields,
                           Java Applets, or JavaScript to retain state.  It
                           need not be a very large client presence.  But
                           this gets you:
                                * runnability on older and non-MS browsers
                                * security
                                * smaller downloads than ActiveX components
                           ...but if you really need complex things running
                           (like too big for the client) then you can always
                           slap some Java IDL or Enterprise Java Beans
                           technology onto the application. The client gets
                           downloaded, makes a request to the component on the
                           server, which does all the work...   -brain
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