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1999/1/19-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15252 Activity:nil
1/18    I'm sorry to repost this, but I lost the motd answer two months ago.
        Here is my question. In regular shell scripts, I can do `nohup prog &"`
        or simply `prog &`. However, in Perl, it seems that when I exit the
        parent Perl program, ALL the children exit as well! How do I make it
        behave like any other shell scripts, without using fork? Thanks.
        \_ `prog &` doesn't normally make sense -- backquotes mean to capture
           the output of a program, but the programs you want to run in the
           background don't usually generate any output.  Perhaps you wanted
           system "prog &"?
           \_ AH that works! No wonder when I kill my parent process, the
              children dies (cuz I'm waiting for their output). THANKS MOTD!
1999/1/19-21 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15253 Activity:high
1/18    Is there any serious consequence of changing my root shell from
        the default /bin/bash to /bin/tcsh?
        \_ No. -tom (presuming you mean linux; consequences otherwise vary
                     but probably are minor).
        \_ do root shellscripts that run as "#" and not "#/some/shell"
           run as your default shell?
           \_ Only if you run them from your default shell.  If you're
              referring to /etc/rc.d/*, etc. no.  -tom
        \_ This is a bad idea, some of the init scripts assume that you
           are running /bin/sh. You need to make sure that all your scripts
           have a #!/bin/sh at the beginning.
           \_ thanks, I'll just leave root as bash and learn stupid bash
                \_ bash is great, you'll be happy you did. --aaron
                   \_ EXPLANAVUE, aaron?
        \_ None of the init scripts assume you are running /bin/sh when
           they're run at boot.  When you run them yourself, you can
           run them with "sh script". -tom
1999/1/19-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:15254 Activity:nil
1/18    Trolls deleted.
1999/1/19-20 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:15255 Activity:low
1/18    I've seen adapters that convert old style sun/sgi monitor plugs
        into the conventional vga/pc cable plug, but will somebody
        tell me if that makes a sun/sgi monitor usable on a intel box?
        \_ Or where to get such connectors?  -leblon
           \_ I have bought these connectors from UltraSpec. Depending
              on your sun monitor, you may not be able to get it to do
              multiple resolutions. The connectors cost about $35. Look
              on the ultraspec page ( for an exact
              price. ----ranga
                \_ THANKS, found exactly what I needed, well... I found
                   what I think I need. What I want to do is use a Jamm!!
                   on a spare sun monitor I have. The Jam!! is a little
                   peripheral that lets you play console games (n64/playstation)
                   on vga monitors. Is a 13w3->15pinVGA adapter all I need?
                   what is multiple res? multiple-sync? -nolram
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