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1999/1/18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15248 Activity:very high
1/17    My phone disconnected while I was using pine. How
        do I recover my message?
        \_ Chances are, Pine recovered the message. Check for any existing
           Pine processes running, and kill them to have Pine save
           your interrupted message.
        \_ Use a (mostly) stateless email system like mh.  mh won't destroy
           your mail folders when the phone line drops unlike some lesser
           email systems.
          \_this does not appear to have happened. am I completely
          \_probably.  you should use Ctrl-O more often.  or use Eudora.
            \_ I've tried using Eudora, but can't send any messages for
               some reason.  It always tells me the email addresses I'm
               sending to are invalid.  help?
                \_ soda's sendmail configuration is broken; if you're dialing
                   up from an ISP, you will be unable to send mail using
                   soda as an SMTP server.  You will also probably be unable
                   to send mail from your ISP's SMTP server with your soda
                   address.  -tom
                \_ tom for VP
                \_ been there, done that.  -tom
                  \_ besides, isn't he ineligible now? --oj
                        \_ that was my point
1/today everything from pre-1/15 cleaned up.  none of those threads were going
                \_ I can't be VP, but I can provide the VP with sendmail
                   rules which are not broken, which I did.  He can
                   refuse to install them and kick me off root, which he
                   did.  -tom
                  \_ Do we detect a subtle note of bitterness?

1/today everything from pre-1/16 cleaned up.  none of those threads were going
1999/1/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/HW] UID:15249 Activity:high
1/18    What is the procedure for making a hardware donation to the csua?
        \_ drag it into the office when no one's looking and leave it there
           with no note
1999/1/18-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15250 Activity:moderate
1/18    Anybody know the exact procedure of getting married in CA?  I'm
        not sure how a marriage license, blood test, marriage certificate
        and all that stuff is tied together.  This is a civil marriage, BTW.
        \_ You don't need to get a blood test.  Just go down to the
           county courthouse, with ID and about $80, and get the
           license.  The license is good for something like 60 or 90
           days.  I don't know how to schedule a civil ceremony.
           \_ You need to see if you can be put on the schedule for the
              county ceremony. Check up with the County Clerk. The one
              in SF is done underneath the dome in SF City Hall, which
              is better than a windowless room in the basement.
        \_ "Civil marriage"?  What other kinds of marriages are there?  Thx.
           \_ Uncivil marriages, of course.
           \_ Church marriage ceremonies.  You still need the "civil
              marriage" part, which generally consists of doing all the paper-
              work, but when people refer to civil marriages, they mostly
              mean having a judge/notary/non-priest-type person perform
              the ceremony.  -John
           \_ Same sex marriage?
              \_ Not in this theocracy.
                 \_ Thank God.
                 \_ Thank God. (God is always there. You may think you have
                                gotten rid of Him, but that is just an
1999/1/18-21 [Uncategorized] UID:15251 Activity:nil
1/18    screen question. If I have shadow password install, how do I make
        "screen" lock possible? Thanks
        \_ screen needs to be able to read the shadow passwd which can
           be done with setuid-ness.  you could do just the passwd part
           with appropriate setgidness but you still need setuidness
           for some of the tty/pty stuff
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