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1999/1/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15211 Activity:very high
1/11    Everyone hurry up and mock the new SGI Sellout line of NT/intel
        workstations before SGI dies a merciful death.
        \_ Intergraph Wildcat           210 CDRS        new
           SGI 540                      198 CDRS        new
           HP Kayak, Visualize FX6      190 CDRS        1.5 year old tech
           unless SGI thinks they can match or surpass -existing- HP
           or Intergraph technology on Windows NT, they're in trouble.
           \_ Okay, maybe dumb question.  What's CDRS?
        \_ if they're using intel chips then at least you can replace the
           operating system with a real one like Solaris, Linux, or FreeBSD.
        \_ Sellout?  Yeah better for them to keep selling machines that no
           that mob ties explain a lot about success,and also strategy.
           one will buy.  At least they'll still have their pride if not
           their jobs and stock.
                \_ you think going from being a real company to one
                   repackaging MS/Intel products is a way to keep pride?
                   \_ Nope.  Back to Reading Comp. 1A for you.
                      \_ "At least they'll still have their pride" in
                         respsonse to the announcement that SGI is using
                         an NT/intel combo.  I don't know what the hell
                         kind of education you got but you seem like the
                         one who needs to take Reading Comp. 1A.
                         \_ As I said.  Back to Reading Comp. 1A.  You still
                            have failed to read a simple English paragraph.
                            Hell, it wasn't even long enough to be a real
                            paragraph and you're still unable to read it.
                            You have it completely ass-backwards.  Try again.
                            \_ Actually, you've got it wrong.  Perhaps
                               you meant to say "they'd" instead of
                               \_ No.  I said _exactly_ what I meant and meant
                                  _exactly_ what I said.
           \_ What's the point?
        [ Idiotic arguement about English sytax deleted. ]
        \_ the idiot-grinning picture of Richard E. Belluzzo, the CEO
           of SGI, looks like a mobster. Actually, look at his name.
           Then consider he's in cahoots with redmond. Then consider
           that mob ties explain a lot about [m$] success,and also strategy.
           \_ Say what?
              \_ agreed.  what are you babbling about?
1999/1/12 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15212 Activity:high
1/11    Anybody know of environmental organizations that needs volunteers
        to plant trees year round, and not just on arbor day?  I want to
        volunteer for such an organization. Any web site or other pointer
        would be greatly appreciated.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Friends of the Urban Forest do it here in SF: -ausman
        \_ there's going to be an International Volunteer Conference on Feb 6,7
           Im sure they'd have info on tree volunteer stuff.    --sly
            From: Cal Corps Public Service Center <>
            Community Service Around the World Conference and Expo
            February 6 & 7, 1999

            Register early or at the door on February 6th. To preregister,
            email and request registration

            EVENT LOCATION
            MLK Student Union Building, corner of Bancroft and
            Telegraph on the UC Berkeley Campus

        \_ Thank you all for the pointers!
1999/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:15213 Activity:nil
1/11    Would someone post the email/url of a "certificate authority" who
        has a QUICK turn around time.  I'm in kind of a rush.  (What would
        it take for me to set up a cert. authority myself?)
1999/1/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:15214 Activity:very high
1/12    Go PacBell!  ADSL for everyone!  Fresh panties all around!
        \_ That $39 figure is deceptive. It is more like $80/mo once
           you add in phone and inet costs. It is still a cheap though. -ausman
           you add in phone and inet costs. It is still cheap though. -ausman
              What is missing from that $49/month price? (this price was
              $90 just a couple days ago)
              \_ Cost of phone line.
        \_ Does this give you a STatic I.P. address since it is "always
           on"  (or will it still issue a new i.p. address  anytime the
            connection reset)? -crebbs
            \_ yes.
        \_ I heard you get one static IP.  I am totally psyched as I
           already ordered it and was prepared to pay $89 a month,
           and now I can get it for cheaper installation price,
           and $49 a month!!  -ax
           \_ they said it'll take 48 busines hours for them to figure out
              if i'm in available range of a DSL office. Damn.
              \_ so do those of us who already have DSL get screwed or do
                 we get a price cut ? -ERic
        \_ check
              It tends to be too conservative, though.  -ax
        \_ Fresh panties?
1999/1/12-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:15215 Activity:high
1/12    Oracle (aka. Debacle) REALLY SUCKS.     -new Debacle employee
        Warning: The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and
        do not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.
        \_ You should've been listening to the MOTD, with those near-monthly
           diatribes and complaints on all DB companies.
        \_ I've interned at M$ in 97, and sadly to say, the people at Debacle
           have IQ that is 1/10 of the people at M$. Now that is really
           pathetic                                     -new Debacle employee
        \_ I work for Debacle...those girls are cute.
           \_ is Debacle hiring?
1999/1/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:15216 Activity:nil
1/12    Never believe anything you read in chain letters.  Nuff said.
        \_ Pass this on to 7 people within 7 days or you'll regret it.
1999/1/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:15217 Activity:nil
1/11    Are textbooks for Spring 1999 available at the big 3 bookstores
        (Ned's, CTE, ASUC) now? Thanks. -slow
                \_ It looks like the ASUC has a lot of them on the shelf
                   already.  Have not peeked into the other stores yet.
1999/1/12 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:15218 Activity:nil
1/11    Does anyone know who sells either caller id boxes that will view
        caller id blocked calls, or boxes that strip the privacy bit off
        the call so a normal caller id will display it?  an url
        with comercialy available boxes, plans, or executeables would be
        greatly appreciated.  i know such boxes exist, and while its easy
        to find technical data on caller id, i dont want to have to design
        a box from scratch.  thanx.   -lafe
        \_ Dumbshit, if someone went to the trouble to block caller id, you
           could have a tiny shred of respect for their privacy.  I know how
           to do this but won't tell you.  Do it yourself, scumbag.  There's
           no valid use for this.
           \_ post your name, pussy.
              \_ Yawn.  Ok, here goes, "your name, pussy."  How's that?
           \_ idiot. If someone wants to hide their phone privacy, they
              wouldn't be calling random people at home who they don't know.
              \_ Who said at home?  If the ID is blocked, don't answer.
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