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1999/1/7-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15183 Activity:high
1/6     Is there a mail program on a unix machine (say, soda) that uses
        pgp automatically when you read a mail in a mailbox file.
                \_ the latest versions of elm do
                   \_ How?  Can't find mention of pgp in man elm.
        \_ Why, do you fear the power of root cow?
        \_ modify the sending-filters entry under pine.
                \_ the latest versions of elm do
        \_ You could easily write a program to watch your mail file for
           changes, and encrypt it to a new file when it does change.
           In fact you could just hack up biff to do it!
           \_ My hacking fu is not strong.  Is there a way to use pgp
                within pine?  I just want to do pgp message wise like
           \_ My hacking fu is not weak.  Is there a way to use pgp
           And if you are root, then just hack your incoming mail program,
           not that hard.
           \_ My hacking fu is weak.  Is there a way to use pgp
                within pine?  I just want to do pgp message-wise like
                some MIME encoding.  BTW, what does pgpdecode and pgpencrypt
                do?  Can't man them.
                \_ sigh. do this:
                  "pgp -kg"
                  The rest is self-documenting.
                  Oops. After you set your o)ptions to be an intermediate
                  instead of beginning user in elm, that is.
        \_ What is up w/ PGP for UNIX anyway.  How come for Windows & Mac,
           you can get PGP6, w/ 4096-bit keys, but UNIX world continues
           to plod along w/ 2.6.2 w/1024-bit keys.
  for latest versions.
                      \_ you lose
           \_ I think the only difference is the key generator.  Just use
              the inferior OS version to generate your 4096 bit key but
              use pgpi to actually send and receive.
                \_ mutt has much better pgp support than elm.  -tom
                   \_ but i like elm better
                      \_ you lose  the popularity contest,
                                   but win a better mailreader
1999/1/7-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15184 Activity:nil
1/7     Love perl? Need a FT job with great benefits? Mail marco.
1999/1/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:15185 Activity:high
1/7     What does the expression "go postal" mean?  Thanks.
        \_ It means go crazy or something like that.  Now you want to now
           what FoB stands for I assume. j/k
        \_ My friend visited Hong Kong awhile back. He came back and said
           "My gosh, the teenagers are such FOBs there." The sad part was,
           he didn't see anything inherently contradictory in that statement.
           \_ So what DOES FoB stand for?
        \_ (a) There's the stereotype of the 'disgruntled postal worker',
               who would go out and shoot up a post office and a half dozen
               co-workers. This happened about a half dozen times, hence,
               the phrase.
           (b) FOB - Fresh off the Boat - new immigrants, perceived as
               clueless in their new surroundings.
               \_ Not to mention gaudy dressers
                \_ I love my clothes!!! - FoB
                \_ Oh yeah? What about SODs? Still on the
               \_ Friends of Bill. Often heard in Washington DC during Clinton's
                  first term. Used to refer to people who were especially close
                  to the Clintons and therefore especially influencial. Not
                  heard much today.
                  \_ Prolly cuz they all somehow died.
                     \_ or caught something
                        \_ Or committed suicide by shooting themselves in the
                           back of the head.
           (c) FOB - Furbies of Bill, furry beaked creatures that compel
               presidents to desire blow jobs while being investigated
               by special prosecutors, these creatures never learn.
                \_ I thought he broke off his affair before the investigation.
                   Is this incorrect?
                   \_ Which investigation?  Which affair?
        \_ I love how this thread grow...:)
1999/1/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:15186 Activity:high
1/7     Are there any happy users of an application that takes
        batches of word97 docs and converts them into HTML?
        I've tried webconvert, very buggy app, any other recommendations?
        \_ Use macros, VBA, VB to stimulate keystrokes.
        \_ shut the fuck up, cmlee.
1999/1/7-8 [Reference/Celebration] UID:15187 Activity:nil
1/7     Happy Birthday, Rob Meyers
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