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1999/1/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:15162 Activity:nil
1/1 clinton's love child gets dna tested.  results
        not yet known... whee!
        \_ Actually, it's
1999/1/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:15163 Activity:nil
1/1     Has anyone worke at the following companies: Vantive, Siebel, and
        Broadvision? Please comment. Thanks!!!
1999/1/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:15164 Activity:high
1/2     I don't think people should be allowed to comment going backwards.
        If you run out of space, you should write vertically down the right
                                                             Who asked you? _/
                \_ Ditto.
                        \_ Ditto.
                                \_ Ditto.
                                        \_ Ditto.
                                                \_ Ditto.
                                                        \_ Ditto.
                                                                \_ Ditto.-t

You've got mail!
1999/1/2-4 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:15165 Activity:high
1/2     It isn't indented.  Tough shit.
    The Sunday New York Times magazine had an interesting brief comment
on the origin of Christmas.  They were interviewing Roger Highfield,
science editor of the Daily Telegraph in London, and author of the book,
"The Physics of Christmas".

    Q: You say that mushroom-induced hallucinations may have contributed
    to the Christmas.  How?

    A: Patrick Harding (Univ. Sheffield) says Santa's color scheme, red
    and white, matches the color scheme of the flyagaric toadstool,
    which has a red cap with with white dots.  This was used in rituals
    by shamans in Scandinavia, who lived in villages consisting of
    yurts with combined chimneys and doors.  You can imagine these
    shamans visiting someone who was ill, entering the yurt through
    the chimney and taking flyagaric to commune with the gods to find
    out how to cure their patient.  The shamans might feel as if they
    could fly.  You could even add reindeer to the equation.
    Throughout the generations, shamans have learned to take this
    potent hallucinogen more safely by drinking reindeer urine.
    If you found a reindeer that had been munching away on the
    mushrooms, once it had passed through the reindeer you could
    indulge in the yellow snow.  The reindeer acted as a filter of
    toxins.  "Ho, ho, ho" could in fact have been the euphoric
    laughter of someone tripping.
You've got a bleeding asshole!
        \_ Yeah, which explains the frequent paleolitc epidemics of
        \_ Yeah, which explains the frequent paleolithic epidemics of
           yurts becoming uninhabitable because of the strong smell of
           charbroiled stoned shaman permeating the hut, after they became
           so whacked off their gourd from drinking too much shroom-munching
           reindeer urine that they slipped while climbing down the chimney
           and did a bellyflop into some poor caveman's chestnuts roasting
           on an open fire.  I would think the "ho ho ho" most likely comes
           from primitive villagers watching some tripping village priest
           chasing a very nervous-looking reindeer.  -John
You've got a bleeding asshole!
1999/1/2-4 [Finance/CC, Computer/Rants] UID:15166 Activity:high
 1/2    I got a $2000 credit on my MBNA credit card bill listed as
        "PMT From Bill Payer Service".  What is a bill payer service?
        \_ It might be a scam.  Maybe you should ask MBNA?
        \_ sounds like an EFT payment happened.. possibly by mistake.. -shac
                \_ What's an EFT payment?
           \_ yup.  Maybe you should spend it all and close the card.  :)
                \_ max out your credit cards and then visit Dr. Kevorkian
                   \_ then how will i pay the doctor's bill?
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