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1998/12/30-31 [Finance, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15141 Activity:kinda low
12/29   Does anyone know a hack around the free WordPerfect for Linux's
        "This program will expire in xx days - please enter a license"
        message?  --cheapo poor guy who can't afford to pay $40 for a word
        \_ If you're an 3L33T HAQR D00D, you can use the 5UP3R S3KR1T C0DZ
           page at <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Learn LaTeX - all the _really_ cool cs people use it.
           \_ So latex in the cs world doesn't refer to the material used
              in condoms but some nerdish program.
           \_ That's more than enough reason NOT to use it.
        \_ Uh, the license is free for personal use.
                \_ yes, if you'd read the documentation, you'd find there's
                   a web page to go to to fill out a form and get a license
                   number.  -tom
                   \_ Totally!  Go get 'em boy!  Sick'em!
1998/12/30-31 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:15142 Activity:high
12/29   Chinese hackers caught stealing money from a Chinese bank.
        Sentenced to death.
        Talk about unforgiving....
        \_ criminals needs to be punished, period. the reason criminals
           aren't afraid of the law in this country is the law protects
           them, one way or the other. China can learn everything about the
           west except their fraggin justice system.
           \_ So you think there's only one punishment for all crimes?  Death?
              Would you execute people for spitting on the side walk?
              \_ I'd execute people for posting inanities to the motd.
                \_ Starting with yourself?
1998/12/30-31 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15143 Activity:nil
12.29   Does anyone know a good automatic spelling corrector for UNIX? -jnat
        \_ There is no such thing as an "automatic spelling corrector" -
           computers can spot words that it doesn't know, but not how they
           should really be spelled.  If you want a spell checker, try ispell.
                \_ Sure there is.  The accuracy is just kinda low.  What,
                   you don't believe in AI?  Surely we can automate automation!
        \_ philspell
           \_ if phil<whatever> is so great, shouldn't every phil program
              just be one program? like phildoit. word processor? phildoit.
              email? phildoit. quake2? phildoit. webbrowsing? phildoit.
                \_ No, but PhilOS is currently under development.
                \_ uh, phillip writes for Unix, not Winblows.  -tom
                   \_ Tom, the original writer was looking for a UNIX program.
                      Where did you see "Windows" or "not UNIX" in there?
                      Maybe quake2 confused you?  I don't see why phil can't
                      port quake2 in a few minutes with philport.
                        \_ Only MS (and to an extent Netscape) thinks that
                           putting everything in to one enormous package
                           is a good idea.  -tom
                           \_ *bzzt!*  Take a closer look at HP-UX and try
                              again.  Monolithic kernel, and something like
                              a half-dozen utilities (with nine zillion
                              hard links to them) that decide what they are
                              at runtime by checking arg[0].  If you've
                              got access to the sources, get some Pepto
                              Bismal in you before reading.
                          \_ Only?  Well well, The Tom Hath Spoken, Thus It
                             Shall Be!  All Hail The All Knowing Tom!
           \_What's the FTP site?
1998/12/30-31 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15144 Activity:nil
12/28   How does the AMD K6-2 chip compare to Pentium II, realistically?
        \_ (not sure
           on the last one exactly but anandtech has a link to them).
           \_ I hear it performs very well but you will have a harder time
              trying to overclock it without nasty things happening.
              Tperiod >= Tcko + Tp + Tsetup + Thold
               -- former eecs150 student.
1998/12/30-1999/1/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15145 Activity:high
12/28   Why do phrases like "the City of Berkeley" and "the State of
        California" refer to the government bodies rather than the city/state
        as a whole?  Does it relate to something in our Constitution?  Thanks.
        \_ It's synecdoche.  --pld
        \_ They're notional places, but when someone says that they do
           something, or that something is done to them, the default
           referent is the government.  "The State imprisoned..." "...sued
           the State" "City assessed taxes..." etc. but "I live in the City
           of Berkeley", "the fastest computer in the whole State of
           \_ I always thought that when you say state or city then that
              means the state or city.  But when you say State, or City
              then it becomes the government.  E.g. "I live in the city of
              Berkeley, and the state of California."  Besides, it's just
              another way for the government to screw with your heads.
        \_ Putting it another way: how else would you say you got fucked over
           by a particular government entity?  It's just easiest to refer to
           the entity as a person.  Like so, "Berkeley fucked me for selling
               \_ And so in this country now, Corporations (legalized organized
                 crime) have the rights of a person where many people still
                 do not.
           crack to kids last week."  And, "The United States bombed those
           fuckers again".  Or, "The State of California has a primary so
           late that their primary votes are meaningless".
                \_ So what does it mean when we say "People vs. Larry Flynt"
                   \_ Since in theory, the government is of/by/for the people,
                      when the gov. takes action, We The People are taking
                      that action.  It happens in all of our names. So, the
                      Government = The People and vice versa.  We're here to
                      help you.
           \_ No it's not.  It is *metonymy*.
                \_ These two terms are often interchangeable. Metonymy
                   is just a slightly more general description.
           \_ The current state government makes me feel all icky.
                   Odds are that if the original poster knew what synedoche
              Where can I get a synecdouche?
           \_ Mass qtys of motd crap can be replaced by one word.
                \_ But only if pld comes up with it.  -John
                \_ You mean you deleted clear English explanations and left
                   the motd with a single word to look up in a dictionary?
                   Odds are that if the original poster knew what synecdoche
                   meant they wouldn't have asked on the motd, you moron.
                        \_ Better living through a college-level vocabulary!
                           \_ kwyjibo - it's a big dumb bald ape, kwyjibo.
                           \_ Better living through clear communications.
                              If a fourth grader can't understand your
                              writing then you're over writing.
                                \_ "Know your audience," you mean.  (Wouldn't
                                   it make sense to assume a CSUA audience
                                   would have a better vocabulary than your
                                   average group of 4th graders? Or is the
                                   common denominator really that bad?)
                                   \_ No.  It wouldn't make sense.  When I
                                      said 4th grade, I meant it.
                                        \_ And yet you refuse to substantiate it.
                                           \_ Yeah, so what?  Your point? Have
                                              you put me in my place or
                                              something with that comment?  I
                                              suggest Prozac.
 I didn't intend for that to be a putting-in-place sort _/
 of comment, it just came out all wrong. I just wondered
 why you chose to make such a strong statement, and what
 evidence you might have for it.  I know the schools are
 bad, but I hadn't dreamed they were as bad as that
 statement would imply, if I understand you correctly.
        \_ Oh.  Well excuse my nasty reply then.  In any case, yes, even
           Berkeley, the shining gem of the UC system has deteriorated to the
           extent that IMHO it is no longer the place of higher learning and
           thought it once was.  Mostly, it's "gimme my degree, I'm gone".
           For those about to contradict me with "Well, I'm not!", please note
           the word "mostly".  You can look it up.  ;-)
                                        \_ Delete it all you want, twit.
                                           It won't change the fact that if
                                           a college student won't or can't
                                           acquire a decent command of
                                           English vocabulary, he probably
                                           isn't worth talking to.  -John
                              I deleted nothing.  I always judge people _/
                              by their vocabulary.  Because as we know, a big
                              vocabulary means you're a worthwhile person and
                              a lesser vocabulary means you're a worthless
                              scumbag.  I base all my friendships on
                              vocabulary size.  John, I love you but you're
                              not making sense.
                                \_ To clarify:  I was talking about willing-
                                   ness to learn, i.e. use a dictionary,
                                   when someone uses a word you don't know.
                                   I had no idea what "synecdoche" meant, so
                                   I looked it up.  Maybe that is too much
                                   to expect from university students.  -John
                                   \_ Had someone not deleted the rest of the
                                      motd, you would not have needed to look
                                      it up.  Hence my original gripe about
                                      scrubbing the simple English description
                                      that was posted.
                        So how do you account for the success of the  _/
                        New York Times, or of the Wall Street Journal,
                        or even of the San Jose Mercury News?
                        \_ Easily.  They're written for grade school level.
                           I read 2 of those 3 and you'll *never* find words
                           like that in those papers.
        \_ I'm stunned.  Are you people seriously arguing against clear
           writing?  Where did you learn that it's a good idea to use big
           words when explaining something to someone?  Would you be happy
           if your Professors used "college level vocabulary" while explaining
           class concepts?  I think not.
                \_ They had damn well better use "college level vocabulary".
                   I didn't pay tuition to learn academic concepts from
                   "Bow-wow the Dog and the Differential Equation".  No one
                   cares if you talk heap big word, but I'd sure prefer
                   people using descriptive terms if possible.  -John
                   \_ So you want them to smother you with 'big words' you
                      need to look up while trying to learn about Diff.Eqs.?
                      Most of your Profs have sufficiently larger vocabularies
                      that you'd learn lots of new words in class but no new
                      concepts.  While teaching a new concept, it should
                      always be in terms already clearly understood.  I didn't
                      come to Berkeley for an in-class vocabulary lesson.  I
                      came here to learn.  Vocabulary is rote memorization
                      which any 4th grader can master.
        \_ Well, sure, if you are explaining synecdoche to someone whom
           you suspect has never encountered the concept before, you're
           not going to just randomly say "Well, that's synecdoche" and
           walk away. But if you think that, as in the example above,
           it might be effective to point out that calling the government
           of the City of Berkeley "the City of Berkeley" is the same sort
           of literary process as ones that the person may have
           encountered before when reading, e.g., Shakespeare, why not
           make a stab at it? It can save paragraphs and paragraphs of
           typing, and one well-chosen word can often serve your purposes
           better than hundreds of clumsy examples. I personally don't
           think that the tradition of American anti-intellectualism (said
           tradition which gives rise to the epithet of "using big words")
           is one that I want to have any part in upholding. And you're
           actually quite wrong about what I expect from my professors; I
           want them _not_ to talk down to me. (They're often the only ones
           who don't, and I have never found it to be an unrewarding
           experience to make the effort to try to understand them.)
           \_ No one mentioned Shakespear.  Someone simply stated, "It's
              synecdoche" without further explanation.  Whether or not
              further explanation was necessary we can't know unless the
              original poster tells us if that was useful to them, but since
              others had already typed out multi line common English
              descriptions with examples, why not just leave them?  Again, I
              say that IMHO you'd be really pissed off if the Profs all packed
              their lectures with those 'big words' and you spent your lecture
              time flipping through a dictionary instead of learning a new
              classroom concept.  Since when is speaking in common English the
              same as 'talking down' to someone?  There's no correlation
              between 'big words' in the classroom and enhanced learning.
              God, please don't let any of these people teach my children in
              anything other than a 4th grade English class.  Vocabulary is
              little more than rote memorization and I didn't go to Berkeley
              and pay all that tuition and spend all that time to enhance a
              skill I had mastered by the fourth grade.  Oh, btw, I was wrong
              about the newspapers.  They write to an 8th grade level.  :-)
              \_ Shuddup John. You graduated years ago. One of the requirements
                 of old-fart-dom is to not make "back in my day" comments, at
                 least not in front of the children.
                 \_ 1) Not John.
                    2) John didn't graduate so long ago that he can't have a
                       valid opinion on the subject.
                    3) Yes, the writer has graduated but there isn't a single
                       "back in my day" comment in there.  Had I said, "I don't
                       go to Berkeley and pay all that tuition..." the rest
                       would remain factually correct.  The tense of my
                       phrasing doesn't change the facts.  You copped out.
                    4) I would like to say that back in my day, the students
                       wouldn't have made such a ridiculous comment/reply, but
                       their reading comprehension was no better than yours,
                       to everyone's detriment.
1998/12/30-31 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:15146 Activity:kinda low
12/28   Help crack DES again. http:/
        \_ oh boy how exciting.  Get a fucking life.
           \_ If you don't like tech projects, don't read the soda motd.
                \_ Crunching random numbers over and over again is not
                   a tech project.  -tom
                   \_ You tell 'em Tom!  Crush their will, destroy their ego!
                      You, truly, are the only one who knows anything!  Lend
                      us a tiny fleck of your vast wisdom!
           \_ Although I think the DES cracking project is ridiculous, I don't
              see anything wrong with others participating.  It isn't as if
              these people are sitting there putting in real effort instead of
              having lives.  They just run the client and hope to get lucky
              and see their name in lights.  What's wrong with that?
              \_ Plus, hopefully the government will realize the futility of
                 their cryptography export restrictions when DES is cracked
                 in a short enough time (its down to 2 days).
                        \_ Highly doubtful.  The previous cracking attempts
                           merely resulted in the US govt. convincing most
                           of Europe & Asia to join in the encryption export
                           stupidity, to make it harder for us to import
                           software.  (Besides, most congressmen wouldn't
                           know a DES crack from the giant holes in their
        \_ It hasn't started yet, it was just announced.  It starts in
        \_ Sillyness about http syntax deleted.  It was too silly even for
           the motd.
1998/12/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15147 Activity:nil
12/28   Linux pre2.2 released.
1998/12/30-31 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:15148 Activity:high
12/28   How often should I change the air filter on my car?  Thanks.
        \_ This should be in your manual.  Call the dealer if you don't have
        \_ Every 30k miles or so, but it varies a lot with driving conditions
           such as dusty roads, SoCal smog, and the like.
           \_ 30k miles a about a quarter of the average life of a car.
              Eveery 3k seems more reasonable.
        \_ There's only one way to filter the air with your car: DON'T DRIVE!
           \_ Kinda ironic that the same filthy air that your car creates
              needs to be filtered for your car to run smoothly.
            \_ It isn't ironic.  You can't survive breathing the same air you
               exhale any better than a car can.  Stop trying to be deep and
               Politically Correct.  Go wear a black turtle neck and down a
               few triple mocha espresso lattes south side if you're feeling
               clever or superior.  Come back when you're done.
           \_ Uh oh, the anti-auto "My only tool is a hammer" geniuses got
              out of their cages again.  While you're ragging on cars, let's
              talk about the amount of perfectly good water the chip industry
              spoils in their chip fabs.  Let's all stop using computers.  Do
              you read the newspaper?  Any clue how many trees that kills?
              Eat meat?  Slash'n'burn in S.America plus insane over crowding
              in chicken boxes in the US.  Are you veggie/vegan?  Where do you
              think all the funky veggie foods come from?  They get shipped in
              by some oil burning ocean going tranport.  What went into the
              production of that transport and the trucks that carried the
              food from there to the store?  Clue time people: ALL human
              activity is destructive to the environment.  Stop fooling
              yourselves.  The _only_ way to stop breaking the planet is to
              leave it (or just kill everyone off quietly).
              \_ Your argument is short of idiotic, sorry to say. The goal
                 of public policy is to limit things that are enivronmentally
                 distructive.  Chip fabs spoil about 0.0000...001% of all
                 the water in this world which is a miniscule amount whereas
                 automobiles emits millions of pounds of waste and toxins
                 every year.  No one ever said we should wipe cars off the
                 face of this earth but to limit the amount of emissions by
                 mass transportation, car pools, ev's, bicycle, hybrid cars,
                 cleaner burning cars, etc...
        \_ I check it periodically (often when I change oil) and if it
           looks overly dirty then I change it. Works better than some
           arbitrary number of miles. --dim
1998/12/30 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:15149 Activity:nil
12/28   Sorry for the length of the URL.  This is what it is.  Anyway,
        "German kills pitbull with his bare hands".  Don't mess with those
        German dudes....
1998/12/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Industry/Startup] UID:15150 Activity:nil
12/28   Is there no end?
        10:00 AM Microsoft has acquired FASA Interactive, developers of
        MechCommander and the forthcoming MechWarrior IV, according to
        sources at the company.  Several key members of the company have
        confirmed the deal, and are already making plans to move closer
        to the Redmond, Washington software giant.
        \_ Indented for clueless newbie.
           \_ Thanks, but frankly, I knew and just didn't give a damn.
                -apathetic to your hobgoblinish little needs
        \_ I like Saturday Night Live's Microsoft skit on Micrsoft aquires
           Christmas and will rename the holiday to either Micromas or
        \_ first you forgot to indent, second, why is this news
           we should care about
           \_ I didn't.  I cut'n'pasted it.  Who appointed you the Miss
              Manners of the Motd?  Secondly, if there was a minimal interest
              criteria for motd posts, then we should disable this entirely
              since all of it is crap by your "standards".
1998/12/30 [Uncategorized] UID:15151 Activity:nil
12/28   Everytime you nuke the whole motd, you'll get this again:
       \_ hopefully, since this is only part of the motd...
          [stupid chain letter deleted]
          (btw, it's "every time", moron)
          \_ OH MY GOD!!! A TYPO!!!  WHAT A MORON!!!  OH PLEASE KILL ME NOW!!!
             \_ It's MYSELF, you idiot. A typo is different from a grammatical
                   THANK YOU!! THANKYOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOO!!
                \_ Every time your sister gives me head, I will crow
                   about it here.
                \_ I luv Berkeleee.....
                   \_ I love you...nited Airlines.
1998/12/30 [Uncategorized] UID:15152 Activity:nil
12/29   tom put in place for being loud mouth know it all braggart egotistical
        twink that he is.
1998/12/30 [Uncategorized] UID:15153 Activity:nil
12/29   tom returns to the motd
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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