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1998/12/19 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:15125 Activity:very high
5/15    What do people think of 164 with Rowe this semester?
        \_ Rowe didn't teach 164 this semester, Aiken did. Rowe taught it
           in the Spring, and he's a pretty good professor, mostly because
           he isn't too hard and is a nice guy (but he was a bit unorganized).
        \_ I had an easy A with Rowe.  -- cm1ee
        \_ Better than 162 with Smith!
           \_ You will soon receive the doctor's bill for treatment of the
              aneurism i suffered upon your mentioning of that class.
              (And I had just started to figure out how to tie my shoes
              again.  Bastard.)
           \_ Anything is better than 162 with Smith.  Unfortately with
                        just him & Harvey teaching 162 now, everyone's
                           \_ mmmmmmmm, getting screwed....sounds like fun
        \_ If you want an A with Aiken... hehehe... forget it. Either you have
           to sell your soul to the Evil Red Dragon or sleep with Aiken's wife
           \_ Aiken's wife looks like a man
                   \_ Whatever happened to... uh, I think it was Anderson?
                     \_ David Anderson?  He's CTO at a startup in Berkeley
                        \_ Which startup?  I took his 162 and he's good.  Last
                           I heard he went to San Rafel to write Mac audio
                        \_ Tom Anderson.  He was the best instructor for
                           the course.  He left a few years back for
                   \_ Harvey doesn't really teach, per se.  He preaches his
                      religion to unsuspecting freshmen and chows on the
                      potstickers and is pretty much just worthless.
                      \_ is he still sleeping with Randy?
                          \_ Randy Katz?  The dept. chair?  I don't think so.
                      \_ INFIDEL!!!  HERETIC!!1!  I fondly remember taking
                         162 from bh.  Especially those nights when we'd all
                         gather around the big, silent bulk of the PDP-10 in
                         the machine room, heads bowed to its greatness . . .
                         then bh would pour the vodka, and we'd munch on
                         potstickers and talk for _hours_ about the imminent
                         coming of the Glorious People's GNU-LISP Revolution
                         that would sweep like a cleansing wave!  Some nights
                         we'd watch Animanics and listen to the Beatles until
                         dawn.  Then we'd shatter our vodka glasses against
                         the wall and weave our way home, staggering up the
                         middle of Hearst singing Russian peasant drinking
                         songs . . . I didn't learn much about operating
                         systems, but damn, I learned about _life_.
                         \_ the person he was supposed to be sleeping with
                            was a Brand(i?y?) I think.  and I seem to remember
                            from various sources that although everyone
                            thought otherwise there was no actual sex invloved.
                      \_ Fˣ  HʮTǡ1   fl rmmbr tkg
                         162 frm bh.  sll ths ghts wh w' ll
                         gthr r th bg slt blk f th -1 
                         th mh rm hs bw t ts grtss . . .
                         th bh wl r th vk  w' mh 
                         tstkrs  tlk fr _hrs_ bt th mmt
                         mg f th Glrs l's G-S vlt
                         tht wl sw lk  lsg wv  Sm ghts
                         w' wth ms  lst t th tls tl
                         w.  Th w' shttr r vk glsss gst
                         th wll  wv r w hm stggrg  th
                         sgs . . .  't lr mh bt rtg
                         sstms bt m  lr bt _lf_.
                         \_ And stop unbrking it!
                         \_ Ah, for the days when the Revolution seemed so
                            vibrant, so _alive_!  Now I just sit at home,
                            talking to my bust of Stallman and wondering
                            where we all went wrong.
1998/12/19 [Uncategorized] UID:15126 Activity:nil
12/18           Why can't the media be consistant about when Ramadan
                starts.  It starts when the new moon is sighted.  This will
                be on Sunday night in Iraq, yet even CNN has claimed, or
                quoted others as saying that Ramadan started Friday night
                and that it starts on Saturday night.
1998/12/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:15127 Activity:very high
12/18   Why can't the media be consistant about when Ramadan
        starts.  It starts when the young crescent moon is sighted.
        This will be on Sunday night in Iraq, yet even CNN has
        claimed, or quoted others as saying, that Ramadan started
        Friday night and that it starts on Saturday night.  Friday
        night in Iraq, it wasn't even new moon yet, and the crescent
        moon can't usually be seen until a day or 2 after it is new.
        \_ wanna see my moon?
        \_ Muslims not welcomed at CSUA. Fuck off
           \_ you racist. get the hell out of berkeley.
                \_ Don't be stupid.  Berkeley is the most racist place I've
                   ever been.  Orange County was less racist and they were
                   far less hypocritical about it as well.
1998/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:15128 Activity:nil
12/18   for you entertainment and amusement, the TenDRA c/c++
        compilers have been installed.  man tcc for a brief intro.
1998/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15129 Activity:moderate
12/18   in an .rhosts file how do you give access to your account for
        multiple computers on the same subdomain (like all the computers
        that end with without having the specifiy every
        computer in soda hall)
        \_ Don't be stupid.  This is painfully wrong.  Do not do this.
           Use ssh and setup an authorized keys file.
        \_ The voice of root intones, "Please read /csua/adm/doc/ssh-howto"
           \_ You feel foolish!
        \_ Setting *.cs or *.eecs in a .rhosts would be a really bad idea
           even if you could do it.  (Think about this:  I install linux
           or *BSD on my laptop, take it down to the second floor labs,
           plug it into one of the net connections there, create an account
           matching yours on my machine and login as you.  There's also
           dozens of *.cs/*.eecs computers you don't have accounts on that
           people you don't want to have access to your account have root on.
           Many students have root on many research machines.)
                \_ PS.  This is also why chmod is pointless on the EECS-inst
                   cluster.  Anyone can read any file on any NFS-exported
                   filesystem, and write any file on any filesystem exported
                   writable.  Have fun editing your final grades!  (Too bad
                   Secure NFS isn't available on HP-SUX 10.20)
                   \_ Really?  Just because they have an open net as described
                      above or is there something additionally stupid about
                      the *.cs/*.eecs setup?  -alum without *.cs to check it out
                      the *.cs/*.eecs setup?  -alum (no *.cs account)
                      \_ Because they use NFS on an open net.
                      \_ Because anyone with a UNIX laptop can create an
                         account with any UID they want and non-secure NFS
                         trusts the client to be who they say.  (If they
                         dumped the non-Solaris machines they could use
                         Secure NFS which requires a valid kerberos ticket
                         or NIS+ credentials to prove identity.)  In short -
                         NFS sucks.
        \_ If you really want to setup .rhosts to be able to rsh from any of
           your account, type '+' in your .rhosts file.
                \_ The EECS-Inst machines have cops set up to detect and
                   disable stupid rhosts.  (But it may take a week before
                   it runs and tells you how stupid you are.)
1998/12/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:15130 Activity:low
12/19   What is the dial in number for Berkeley's modem pool?
        \_ (510) 642-9600
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