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1998/12/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:15047 Activity:insanely high
12/1    Does anyone have any information on a good Bay Area surgeon who
        does vaginal tightning? I'm asking for my friend. Thanks.       -lila
        \_ Boy, you've got to be really brave to ask a question like that
           on the motd and then sign your name.
        - Well, that also shows how good of a friend lila is by risking
        making a fool of herslef to help a friend... this could also
        be a forged motd posting too you know..
        \_ anyone trying to forge as me should realise that i never use
           capital letters in such a forum.  i also know how to spell.  -lila
        \_ just so ya know, realise is the british spelling of what we
           'merkins call realize -brg
         \_ The British are Stupid. We totally kicked their ass 200 years ago
            \_ We also saved their asses in WWII.  -mlee
               \_ Yeah, but as a sideeffect / consequence, we also saved
                  the French.
        \_ Does anyone have any information on a good Bay Area surgeon who
           does penis enlargement?  I'm asking for my friend. Thanks.  -kchang
        \_ Does anyone have any information on a good Bay Area surgion who
           does penis reduction?  I'm asking for me.
        \_ Didn't anybody tell you?  Only one of you have to undergo surgery
           in order for your lives to improve.  -mlee
        \_ So, now, what would someone have to have been doing to demand
           that their cunt be more puckered? -(fucker)
            \_ it's all your fault, seano, don't you know.  -lila
        \_ You know, I've finally figured out what this whole lila vs. kchang
        thing reminds me of.  It's like an Ayn Rand novel, where the
        principals (for some Objectivist superhuman reason not immediately
        apparent to us mere mortals) spend their days doing everything in
        their power to completely destroy one another -- and then they spend
        their nights meeting in secret and having hot, raw, animalistic sex.
        I _think_ that's what's happening here, except lila isn't a famous
        journalist or a railroad mogul, and kchang isn't a hyper-
        intelligent scientist or architect.  (And what would Ayn Rand know
        about hot animal sex, anyway?  Judging from the picture on the back
        cover of her books, it doesn't look like she ever got any.)
1998/12/1-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:15048 Activity:nil 62%like:15027
12/1    CSUA ALUMNI! Come to the CSUA General Meeting on December 2 at 5:30
        pm in 306 Soda. There will be a general reunion, and foodP and
        drinkP afterward. If you arrive late, just check the motd or wall to
        learn where we are.
1998/12/1 [Uncategorized] UID:15049 Activity:nil
        Tactical nuke incoming --->
1998/12/1-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:15050 Activity:low
12/1    RMS speaks tomorrow at SVLUG meeting at Netscape, see
        "" etc.  -- schoen
                \-you should ask him to sing some Xmas carols. --psb
        \_ Anyone else still around who played netrek on RMS's Berkeley account
           after getting kicked out of the labs?
           \_ Of course!  Actually it was much better in the planetary cluster,
              because they weren't banned until 11PM like the Web was.  Plus
              the machines weren't quite as lame.  -tom
1998/12/1-2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15051 Activity:high
12/1    Zelda 64: a game that actually lives up to the hype. I'm having way
        too much fun with this game.
        \_ Betcha can't get that Song of Storms out of your head.
           Go around!  Go around and around and around!
           \_ A-Down-Up-A-Down-Up
           \_ What's up with that Sheikah and his lame-ass harp??
        \_ where are the stupid chickens??? =)
           \_ have you tried firestorming them? fucking hilarious.
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