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1998/11/16 [Uncategorized] UID:14965 Activity:moderate
        Oh. My. God.
        \_ It's a game... it's only a game... relax.  Count down from 10.
1998/11/16-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:14966 Activity:high
11/15   Anyone know any good links to cd rippers and mp3 encoders for linux?
        No, of course I'm not pirating music, uhum.
        \_ Use a search engine.
        \_  Usually the links for players have good ripper
           links.  -John
        mp3 encoder:
        I've been using cdda2wav , though paranoia should be beter.  Let
        me know how it works if you use it.  -ERic (eagerly waiting for
        paranoia to be ported to free/net bsd)
        \_ This is the first thing I've ever ripped but it seems to work
           fine.  I'm not sure what distinguishes a good from a bad one
           but I'm fine with it.  It does actually rip a track a lot slower
           than it would to actually listen to that track.
        \_ I thought freebsd could handle linux binaries.
          \_ Emulation on any platform can only take you so far.
             \_ but this isn't emulation.  Same architecture, different
           \_ then again you should be able to compile it on free/net bsd.
            \_ cdda2wav uses a linux scsi api that is not supported under
              free/netbsd.  The binary runs but fails to work under emulation.
              The source fails to compile, badly. I briefly looked at porting,
              but it was just easier to rip on some spare linux machines I
              had lying around.  -ERic

                \_ isn't this illegal :) jk...
                \_ kind of ironic: "Free Os for Free Music!!!"
                        \_ What is a ripper?
                           \_ street term for software that converts
                              cdda (compact disc digital audio) to wav. --sly
                              \_ cdda and wav are both PCM. rip just means
                                 transfer from CD to your hd. --aaron
                               \_ Is PCM, pulse code modulation? --sly
                                \_ I stand corrected.
                                 So, what is pcm, and while on the topic, what
                                 do you guys think of Diamond's Rio
             \_ Anybody know if this is legal. You own a cd it gets destroyed
                or stolen. You find the same music on the net and you download
                it. Is this still legal? If you can make a copy for yourself
                then why wouldn't it work in this case. I am taking this from
                the same view point as rom rippers who have notices that say
                if you don't have the originals or have ever owned the
                originals then destroy these copies after a day or so.
                Just curious...
                \_ Umm, that argument would imply that you've bought a
                   general license to listen to that audio. I'm guessing
                   it's more like you bought a license to listen to that
                   audio as embodied in that medium. You can, by law,
                   make copies for personal use (e.g. tape a CD to listen
                   to in the car), but I'm not sure courts would interpret
                   downloading someone else's backup off the net as being the
                   same as using your own.
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