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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1998/11/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14959 Activity:kinda low
11/14   mehlhaff, what is the script you use to archive the motd periodically?
        \_ why didn't you email the question?  its basically motdwatch -e
           'co -l motd ; cp /etc/motd motd ; ci -u motd'
           Or were you just trying to publicize my motd archive  in
           ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd*  -ERic
           \_ i fig that everyone would benefit anyway so i might as well
              post it on the motd
1998/11/15-16 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:14960 Activity:nil
        Why you don't want to buy a writeable DVD drive
1998/11/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/California, Science/Electric] UID:14961 Activity:high
11/14   It's winter time and my gas furnace and gas water heater is eating a
        lot of gas. My gas bill jumped by a lot, as expect. However, I thought
        my electric bill would go down since the only thing that eats
        a lota electricity is my frig, but NO, my electric bill jumped a
        shit load, with some new charges like "Transmission, distribution,
        nuclear decommissioning, competition transition charge, trust transfer
        \_ You didn't vote on election day, did you?
        amount." What the fuck are these new charges and why the fuck is my
        electric bill so high now??!??!?!?? Do you guys see it as well???
        \_  Hey PEOPLE did you vote YES on 9?  Well, if you didn't
        that's too bad, you should have, just like you should have
        seen it coming with all those ads saying 9 was bad for CA.
        Who exactly pays for those ads?  Answer: whoever has the most
        to lose.  Who's that?  Answer: the UTIL cos.
          \_ No, no, no.  Prop. 9 was GOOFY!  It would make everyone run
             backwards.  Everything would be happening in reverse if Prop. 9
             had passed.  Don't be silly!
                \_ What was prop 9?  -- can't vote but has to live with it
        \_we live one astronomical unit from a pretty good fusion reactor.
          PG&E can't change that.  quit bitching and get off the grid.
1998/11/15-18 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14962 Activity:nil
11/14   A while ago someone was asking about good file viewers for linux.
        Here's a really kick ass looking one I found (but unfortunately
        in development)
        which was basically a link from the site. Can't seem to
        figure out what wm he's using. It sure beats the hell out of explorer
        \_ presumably, the gnome wm? and/or KDE?
1998/11/15-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14963 Activity:high
11/15   The Star Wars Episode I trailer will be shown on Tuesday, 11/17
        at Jack London Cinema with Meet Joe Black and The Waterboy. After
        that, the trailer will open to the public starting 11/20.
        \_ Trailer online at a variety of places. official one @
           ***IF*** you can even get into the site.
        \_ Igonore all the flamage below this line and go to:
        \_ The complete list of theatres is available at
        \_ It's a movie... it's only a movie... relax.  Count down from 75.
           \_ It's not just a movie!
                \_ It's just a movie.  Son, you need to count down slowly
                   from 1 million, taking a valium after each 10,000.
                   \_ infidel!!!
                   \_ I thinik you have the valium dosage too low, it should
                      be at each 100.
                        \_ You're right.  I didn't realise this wasn't even
                           the movie, but a trailer for a movie.  We'll start
                           him off with 5 valiums to start and then just do
                           an IV drip until he's at the edge of OD.
                           Dangerous, I know, but it may be the patient's only
                           \_ " Help me, Obi-Motd.  You're my only hope."
              \_ It's only a _trailer_.  Even worse.
                        \_ it's only a MOTD entry.  Just slit your wrists for
                           responding to it.
                           \_ it's only my asshole.  now shut up and lick.
        You don't realize how many times this line was shown on ____/
        the 306 Soda projection screen during the Help Session
        today... I mean, yeah, sure, people are allowed to say what
        they wish and to make themselves out to be as loudmouthed
        and stupid or as cultured and educated as they want, but

        \_ I just saw it. Oh. My. Fuck. Ing. God.
        does it really *have* to be the case that the soda motd
        and wall are seemingly-infinite sources of tastelessness
        and pointless flamage? Might not this sort of babble be
        part of the reason that newbies are turned *off* to walling
        and the motd? In order to make my point stick, signed: --brg
        \_ Yo Mr. Genius, heard of a .hushlogin file?  And no one is
           impressed that you're willing to sign your high horsedness.
        \_ -rw------- 1 brg csua 0 Sep 7 1997 /home/digital/brg/.hushlogin
           I wasn't teaching the help session. Sign your name;
           you're not "everyone". Besides, my complaint is not that
           blocking it out is impossible; incidentally, 7 Sept. 1997
           is also the day I got my CSUA account. The complaint is that
           anyone who chances to see it thinks "Holy shit, the CSUA is
           full of three-year olds!" As officers of the CSUA it seems
           like we should be working to make the CSUA less obviously
           full of cliquishness and rampant pointless screaming and
           more like a place and a community where CS undergrads who
           *aren't* already part of the CSUA feel like they could join
           in without getting themselves toasted the first time they
           try to say something by some vengeful tenured undergraduate
           they've never met and never will meet who happens to have a
           chip on his shoulder. The fact is that the core group of
           active CSUA members (and by that I mean outside of soda the
           machine) is pretty darn small these days, and "come get a
           soda account so you can wall" is something I can only barely
           say with a straight face to someone I don't think has a skin
           thick enough to classify them under the species of Armadillo
              dirty words on the motd.  -John
           or Tortoise. --brg
           \_ As far as I remember, the "active" membership hasn't been much
              bigger.  Active wallers, same thing.  Just because the old
              members are still around doesn't mean there's no new blood.
              And if there isn't, it's probably due to factors far beyond
              dirty words on the motd.  I think that having an informal
              online environment, in addition to public machines in the
              lounge, donut runs, help sessions and stuff like that actually
              would increase the csua's attractiveness.  -John
           \_ Ok, you've proved you're a genius.  Now you can go and apply
              that genius to changing the personalities of everyone you
              think is a loud mouth on soda.  Good FUCKING luck.  When
              you're older maybe you'll understand you can't change people.
              Having a dinky title like "CSUA Librarian" doesn't give you
              either the power or the authority to change anyone, much less
              the right to try.  I suggest you jon the Star Wars fans in the
              Valium IV Drip Club.  You're not just the President, you're a
              client.  -- not a whining bully like brg
                \_ Too, I have noticed the resounding lack of new blood
                   in the CSUA, and until the day we can all join hands
                   and sing, let's take this to the next logical step.
                   What are some ways we can attract more people to
                   enliven this community?  Are there ways we can agree
                   on?  Do we necessarily want new blood, because if
                   not the name-calling, purported levels of eliteness,
                   and ass jokes will continue!  - tpc
                   \_ I kill all of you. - danh
                   \_ It's time for . . . Happy Point!
1998/11/15-23 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:14964 Activity:nil 58%like:15002
11/15   Dealing with people who get their passwords sniffed is a waste of the
        CSUA's time. Learn to use ssh -- read "/csua/adm/doc/ssh-howto". -brg
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