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1998/10/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:14771 Activity:nil
10/13   I made this!     -brg
          (But really... I'm planning to do dumps Saturday 10/17, as well as
           bring some more of Soda's disk online. Expect Soda to go down.)
1998/10/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:14772 Activity:moderate
10/13   Why are there CS and Chemistry programs under L&S while there are
        already EECS option C under the College of Engineering and BS Chem
        under the College of Chemistry?
        \_ Mainly, EECS is a way for chair-bound CS majors to take a bunch of
                physics courses and lower their self-esteem even further.
    \_ you obviously didn't go to the L&S CS panel, twink.
        \_ L&S = more flexibility in electives, less required courses
           Engineering/Chemistry = prestige, more paperwork, B.S.
             instead of B.A., better chance of scholarships, grants, if you're
             hot-sh*t some advisors will do good things for you
        \_ Liberal Arts edcuation versus Engineering education.
           CoE is more structured (corollary to L&S => more flexibility)
           L&S CS started out as an extension of the math department and
           EECS started out as an extension of EE.  Similarly, there are
           two physics programs, one in L&S and Engineering Physics in CoE.
           For the Chem programs, the CoE/BS program has more noteriety
           but for other programs, the reputation is based on the professors
           in the field and quality of people coming out of the classrooms
           and not on the college sponsoring a specific program.  --jon
                \_ The above are the excuses.  The truth is history, politics,
                and inertia.
1998/10/14-1999/5/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:14773 Activity:moderate 57%like:15562
12/15   Troll deleted.
        \_Very nice - you CS major you :)
           \_ Troll deleted II.
                \_ Why do you delete my opinions?
                  \_ I don't delete your opinions, I delete your trolls.
        \_ hey , I didn't get to read the troll & flame him (ok 1% chance her)
                              But it is correct English to use "him" _____/
        \_ put it back you twink.i want to read it.
        \_ I tell you what, I don't like anonymous censors even more. -jctwu
                \_ jctwu needs to be sodomized.
                   \_ I don't know what to say, other than if there are
                      ppl that reasonlessly trash mogul and like every
                      other innocent post on the motd, there is somebody
                      who would say "jctwu needs to be sodomized". -jctwu
                      \_ mogul is too powerful, and we fear him
        \_ Thanks Tom!  I'm that much safer now!  My mind is clear of unpure
        \_ if you delete all the trolls, the motd will be empty!
          \_ If trolls are made illegal, then only criminals will troll.
        \_ in many cases, that would be an improvement.
          \_ turn off brain, go to sleep. Life without conflict is death.
        \_ again??
        \_ yes, amazing that the idiot keeps putting his stupid troll back.
        \_ Why do you care that anyone trolls the motd?  If morons didn't
           take the bait every god damned time, there'd be no trolls.
1998/10/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:14774 Activity:insanely high
10/14   Sorry, but EECS is hardcore, and CS isn't. It has much more presteige,
        and the recruiters know it - that we EECSs have been abused by
        Hilfinger (willingly) and deserve a few pennies more per year to make
                \_ Dumbshit, I wasn't even CS and I willingly took Hilfinger's
                   classes.  Oh woe is you, the EECS major, boo hoo.  Grow up.
        up for it. Go to hell EECS, and go to hell Berkeley CS proffs.
        who think we should have no lives.
        Go to hell all those of you who drop courses after getting a B on
        the first midterm to f-ck up the curve for the rest of us.
        \_ Gee, if I had been in EECS/C the only difference would have been
           taking EE40 instead of 42.  Oh, and I wouldn't have gotten to
           take as many elective, I expect.  That's why I switched OUT of CoE
           Who says LSCS lusers can't take Hilfy?   --pld, 2x Hilfy vet
                \_ Did you take Physics 7ABC? Math 53, 54, 55
                   or did you take 45 sci/design units?
                        \_ EECS finally realized the sci & design units
                      wells as Math 50AB, 55, 110, 121.  And that's in L&S.
                      Oh, and don't forget CS60ABC, 162, 164, 170, 174,
                      188, 184 and of course the lowly EECS42.  On the side
                      I took Spanish 25, and Vis Studies 181 (photo).
                      Could I have done that in EECS?
                           system was so fucked up they threw it out.
                   \_ Actually, I took Physics H7AB, 7C, 105, 110A, as
                      wells as Math 50AB, 55, 110, Stat 101.  And that's in
                      L&S.  Oh, and don't forget CS60ABC, 150, 162, 164,
                      170, 174, 184, 188, 294 and of course the lowly EECS
                      42.  On the side I took Spanish 25, and Vis Studies
                      181 (photography).  Could I have done that in EECS?
                   \_ you want an L&S pecking contest?
                        Try: 162. 164. 170. 182. 184. 284. 288. 294,
                        slavic, cogsci1, cogsci101, pacs, swing-dancing!
                        -eecs major1
                   \_ okay, I gotta get in on this one. Try: Physics H7ABC,
                      Math 50AB, 55, 110, Stat 185, Chem 1AB, 8AB, 120A,
                      Bio 1A, MCB 100, 122, 130L, 160, 165, H196, CompLit 1AB,
                      185, English 104, 112, CS 60ABC, 150, 162, 164, 170, 172,
                      188, 29x (some compbio seminar), German 1. MCBIII/CS
                      double. And 5-years (3 NCAA rings) playing waterpolo.
                      No shit. --spegg
                        \_ yow! I think you won. Your penis must be HUGE!
                           Can you spare an inch or two?
        \_ If EECS is so fucking hardcore, why are CS majors required to
           take CS150 when EECS weenies can skip the fucker?
                \_ the only way an EECS major can skip 150 is to take many
                   extra courses for the sci/design units...
                        \_ Compared to "no way for a CS major to skip 150".
                           I would've happily taken 10 non-150 courses
                           \_ hell no, cs170 is the bitch ass class you want
                              to skip. 150 is probably the most bad ass
                              class i've taken at berkeley.
                                \_ 170 was merely annoying.
        \_ Look, obviously you have a small penis.
                \_ Or no penis but desirious of one.
        \_ That's why I was an English Major.
           All I did in college was fuck and play video games.
           Now I work in the CS field, best of both worlds!
                \-I laugh at all of you. --psb
                \_ I was in L&S, fucked my way through school (video games?
                   bah!) and now I _manage_ all the little geeky boys who
                   think "CS is k00l!1".  I don't know anything about CS and
                   don't want to, thanks.
        \_ L&S rocked. I got a 3 on the Chem AP in high school.
           Didn't have to take science classes in Berkeley.
           Got to take Folklore and Children's Lit. --vchang
        \_ If you want to do software, employers don't give a rats
           ass if you were EECS/C or L&S CS. All that matters is that
           you know your shit. Having a CS (either one) degree from Cal
           gives you a big leg up on the market. If you actually know
           your shit, then you'll really do well. -atom
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