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1998/10/13-15 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14768 Activity:high
10/12  Meet Eric Allman, creator of Sendmail - Wednesday, Oct. 14th
       Sendmail Info-session, 5:00pm Wozniak Lounge.
       Pizza (Zachary's I think) and raffle, Bring your resume!! -- chucky
                                             \_ or your gun . . .
       \_ Give me a B!  Give me an E!  Give me a N!
          Give me C!  Give me an O!  What's that spell?
          Louder!  I can't hear you!
                                             \_ or your gun . . .
        \_ It's a little weird to envision being _hired_ by Sendmail.
                \_ Why?  It's just another software computer company.
                   \_ It's also a legendary part of Unix -- imagine being hired
                      by Cron or something.
        \_ It's funny how the most widely used mail routing softwrare has
                        \_ Yeah whatever.  Get your head out of the clouds.
                           It's a software company like any other.  Perhaps
                           I simply lack your point of view.  I'll leave it
                           at that.
        \_ It's funny how the most widely used mail routing software has
           been the most critcized for security flaws.  The guy at Cornell
           who wrote the worm that infected a third of the internets computer
           exploited a little hole in the software.
           \_ It's the intertia thing.  Who wants to learn a new mail system?
           \_ No one finds bugs in software no one uses.  Netscape, MSIE,
                Windows 95/NT, and plenty of UNIX software have also been
                found to be riddled with security flaws.
                \_ Yeah, but in the unix world holes get fixed.
                        \_ Which is why 10 years after the Internet worm,
                        buffer overflows are still being found since
                        individuals holes are fixed, but no one learns.
                        Look how long it's taken to get snprintf() support
                        in all the major unix flavors.
                        \_ 20 years from now, NT 11.8 will be on service pack
                           14beta and it still won't work right.
                           \_ Windoze will crash and burn before reaching
                              version 11.8.
                                \_ We can only hope.
                                   \_ see, m$ keeps all their source code
                                      for NT on some computer running NT.
                                      now when that computer starts crashing
                                      enough times the file system will be
                                      corrupted and the vioala, no more source
                                      code for Windows NT...and then the
                                      world rejoices!
                \_ sendmail hasn't had any new security holes in quite
                   some time.  It went through a security audit a while back
                   that appears to have caught a lot of the potential
                   problems.  -tom
                   \_ now if only they could fix that durn performance problem.
                        \_ performance isn't a serious issue for 99% of the
                           machines out there.  The fact that it's a pain
                           to set up and use is.  -tom
                           \_ Yeah just throw more hardware at it, MS style.
                        \_ MS clearly didn't invent that strategy.  -tom
                           \_ no, they invented the virus disguised as an OS.
1998/10/13-15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Security] UID:14769 Activity:low
10/12   Is there a web site for the Spanish channel Ch14?  Thanks.
                   \_ But that's a company called VisiCom which makes video
1998/10/13-15 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:14770 Activity:kinda low
10/12   Can anyone recommend any sources for basic mortgage / real estate
        advice?  We want a 2nd $50K mortgage but everyone has a sh*tty
        credit record except me so my parents are considering selling
        the deed to me (and getting a new interest rate).  Never understood
        what "points" are.
        \_ Points are upfront charges that the bank gets which get tacked
           onto the loan.  So a 8.9% is the same as a 6.9% with 2 points.
           \_ thx!
        \_ Check out which explains pretty much
           everything there is to know about real estate.
           \_ thx! DOLBY!!
                \- "buysing a home in calif" or soemthing like that from
                Nolo is not a bad book. explains what "points" are, what
                "escrow" is etc. --psb
                \_ escrow, isn't that the predecessor to lucifer?
                   \_ No that's Microsoft you fucker
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