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1998/10/7 [Politics/Foreign] UID:14744 Activity:insanely high
10/06   Lila is unfit to be root.
                \_ Mr Anonymous is, of course, the ultimate authority.
                   We should trust him.  He will lead us out of the darkness.
                   \_ Let's give Mr Anonymous root!
        \_ sodomize lila!
                \_ Already did.  What of it?
        \_ Lila is the coolest.  It is not acceptable to diss Lila.
           In the old country, our people would put a cap in the ass
           of anyone who disses Lila.  I've been very happy with the
           way Lila has performed as root.   -thepro
           \_ But who cares what "your people" would do in the old country,
              because the closest thing the old country has to a computer is
              a 1952 Burroughs mechanical adding machine that your cousin
              Guido stole from the US Embassy's trash heap.  And "root" is
              something that they dig up at the stroke of midnight and rub
              on warts to keep witches away . . . YOU'RE AN AMERICAN NOW,
              LIKE ONE.
                \_ I didn't write the above, but I'd like to enlist
                   whoever did in the Buchanan brigades with me.  -ax
1998/10/7-8 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:14745 Activity:very high
10/6    The Cato Institute, which is sending libertarian activist David Boaz
        to appear with Kennedy at the Spitfire tour on the theme of "personal
        responsibility", desires to give away free tickets for Spitfire (which
        otherwise costs $18?) via campus libertarians.  It looks like I am
        going to receive a number of these tickets to give away, and Cato
        specifically says that they don't care how they are given out, so...
        does anyone want to go to see the event on October 18?  (If you feel
        compelled to flame Cato, David Boaz, libertarians, the LP, etc., I
        suggest private e-mail over the motd.)  -- schoen
        \_ Cool! It's so nice to see people who advocate the defunding
           of the arts offering free access to the cutting edge of
           American culture. What next? Does public support for
           community theater get replaced with free tickets to "Let
           Them Eat Cake: The Myth of Class in American Society"
           (brought to you by the Safeway Bakery)? Support for public
           schools get replaced by the charitable distribution of
           "Bobby Starts a Home Business" coloring books? Do
           government funded rape crisis centers get replaced with
           condom vending machines (and free pamphlets entitled "Date
           Rape: Personal Irresponsibility and Its Consequences"--
           brought to you by Trojan).
           \_ Hmmm, I think this counts as "flaming Cato", etc., but OK:
              for Cato and many other participants, Spitfire is a political
              event, not a cultural one.  It has no pretensions of being a
              cultural event, just an allegedly worthwhile exchange of ideas.
              Cato exists for politics, and other entities for other purposes,
              unless you want the local Symphony Orchestras to start holding
              protests on Sproul.  The Spitfire Tour is just appearing in
              Zellerbach because of the size of the venue (and perhaps the
              ASUC's access to it).  -- schoen
              \_ if you don't want flames stay away form the motd dumbass
                 \_ I didn't notice him complaining about it, he was doing
                    this thing known as "replying" to it.. silly concept,
                    huh, dumbass?
                        \_ dumbasses like you are disgraces to our
                           race.  You know who you are you  lamer.
        \_ give them to the homeless on Telegraph. i bet they'd enjoy
           a free lecture on personal responsibility
               \_ They probably would. Some of those guys get
                 public assistance and they still pan handle.
                 Others seem to be high school age kids who
                 suspiciously wear the latest in torn up jeans
                 and nice sneakers. My hunch is that maybe only
                 maybe one in ten pan handlers on Telegraph is
                 actually desperate and can not find a home
                 even if they tried. A few people are really
                 in need and just can't find jobs. The rest
                 probably need a lesson in responsibility. -fab
                 \_ i think 9 out of 10 people on telegraph
                    with facial tattoos are actually desperate
                        \- damn kids need a beating. --psb
1998/10/7-8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:14746 Activity:insanely high
10/07   Any comments on speakers, like Yamaha, Bose, Polk, Mission and
        other brands, for music ranging from classical to rock/pop?
        \_ I must recommend the Polk floor-standing. You can probably get
                the RT12s (2 6.5" drivers and 1" tweeter) for about $400/pr
                even at the good(bad) guys.
                They'll say that they're $800/pr, but it's on sale for 400
                once every few weeks - and they're the best for the $$$.
           \_ Which store has the lowest prices?  I thought the good guys
              match any price.  (I am on the east coast, where there is no
              "good guys.")
        \_ i heard bose wave radios were pretty bad ass considering how
           tiny they are. In terms of qualitly/price ratio I personally
           like Aiwa speakers.  They get pretty good bass and are usually
           very clear.
        \_ Bought B&W DM602's for $500 a couple years back. Love them.
           Avoid Bose.
                \- 1. for "sufficiently good speakers", they should be
                good for many kinds of music, since they are not supposed
                to color the music really ... for cheaper speakers, you
                may want to spend you money reproducing explosion or female
                2. need to decide what kind of speakers [floor/bookshelf]
                and budget before comparing speakers. The budget obviously
                should be affected by the total stereo hardware budget.
                3. some recommendations: a. visit b. get
                robert harley's stereo guide book. [it is like $20 ... i dont
                remember the exact title. am sure you can author search on
                amazon]. c. PSB has good speakers from $200->$2000. --psb

                        \_ is psb the #1 PSB fan?
                                \_ Don't be daft.  --psb #1 Fan
                \_ Another "hifi" brand you should consider is NHT.
                   The SuperOnes have been highly recommended by goodsound,
                   and the SuperTwos have just come out.
        \_ It's hard to recommend speakers until you tell us what your
           price range is, and what size speakers you are interested in.
           \_  Price range is like $400 and below, preferabbly lower.
                Dunno about speaker size.  BTW, what is digital dolby?
                \_ I have an Aiwa ET700. It's 4 years old and it's really
                   small yet it still beats the crap out of newer
                   speakers that are three times its size. And it was much
                   less than $400.
        \_ My entire system cost me $299 at costco.
           It's a Panasonic and I've had it since 8th grade.
           The sound quality is muffled and it doesn't get loud.
           The windows rattle when I throw my speakers at them.
        \_ Magnepan MMGs.  $500.  Probably the best speakers you can buy
           at the price for classical music and jazz.  Not recommended
           for rock.
        \_ I second that NHT recommendation.  For considerably less
          than $400, you can get the NHT Super-Zeros (should be $200-250).
          They have no bass, but for frequencies above 85hz, they are
          *extremely* clean and accurate.  They are far superior to other
          speakers in that range, like the PSB Alphas (though the alphas
          have better bass).  Take the $200 you save and put it in the bank
          until you can add a few hundred to that.  Then, with the money
          you've got, go out and buy an NHT subwofer to have a first
          rate sound system throughout the frequency spectrum.
          \_  Which receiver/amplifier + CD player would do justice to
                NHT?  What did you use?  What's the street price on a NHT sub
                and a mail order company that carries it?
       \_Klipsch makes some really nice stuff.  They're not cheap though.
         (I've got a pair of Klipsch Fortes that I really like.)  The best
         advice I can give would be to shop around--i.e. go to stores and
         listen to the various speakers.  What sounds good to one person
         doesn't necessarily sound good to another.  When you do go listening,
         bring along CDs that you are familiar with--that way you're sure
         that you're hearing the speakers and not the new music.  -icrew
         \_ I just wanted to say that I find icrew to be so hunky and
            attractive (in a raw, animalistic, purely sexual kind of way)
            that even if he recommended Kraco or Emerson speakers, I'd buy
            _three_ pairs and use them _all the time_ in the hopes that
            he'd notice and draw closer to me!!!!!!
1998/10/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14747 Activity:high
10/6    How come the "loadhigh" command doesn't work on the NT command prompt?
        \_ cuz NT is not a dos OS.
1998/10/7 [Uncategorized] UID:14748 Activity:nil
10/7    Publisheo's Clearing House is so annoying, at first they trick you into
        subscribing to they free trial issues, then they kept asking you to pay
        for the issues, and they don't even have a 800 number for customer
        service i can call to cancel the subscription.  I wonder if I just do
        not pay them, will my subscription get terminated automatically.
        \_ Or they will send a collection agency after you.
1998/10/7-10 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:14749 Activity:high
10/7    Brand New Acer Aspire 3060 Minitower w/ AMD K6-2 350MHz, 10.2GB HD,
        32X CD, 56K modem, 16-bit audio card with 3D stereo sound, on board
        ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP with 4MB SGRAM Video memory, MPEG video playback.
        Plus 64MB SDRAM at 60ns , and one year warranty for $950.
        \_ 4sale I presume. Does that come with a monitor? Who R U?
          \_ no monitor --
        \_ No RAM?  Forget it!
          \_ hahaha my bad, I thought I wrote in 64MB, obviously someone
             removed it.

   Bo hid behind some bushes as thirty women stampeded by him.

   "Shit!" he said as they were all past. "What the hell am I gonna do? I
   can't get laid, I can't stay safe, and damn it, my mom wants me! Gag!"

   He stood up slowly and looked around.

   "There he is!" somebody cried.

   "Oh fuck, man!" Bo yelled,and sprinted away.

   He had to get help. This wasn't what he wanted at all. This sucked.
   He'd just wanted good sex and to be adored by women. He didn't want to
   be rampaged by sex crazed sluts. What was he going to do? Mick. That
   was it. Mick could help him. He would be able to get him out of this
        \_ no penis
   \_ Where's this from?
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