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1998/10/3-5 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:14724 Activity:moderate
10/2    Is there any advantage multitasking-wise of a system with N processors
        over a system with one processor that runs N times as fast?  (Of
        course there are other factors like N-slow-processor systems can be
        available before the N-times-fast processor itself is, and maybe N
        slow chips are cheaper than one fast chip.)  Thanks.
        \_ MP's are worthless unless you have an OS that supports SMP or
           something along those lines.  Solaris supports it, Linux does
           too but I don't know how well, FreeBSD will pretty soon, and
           NT does but we all know how reliable that is.  If you're using
           Win95/98 don't bother with more than one proc. -jeff
        \_ The more you scale a multiprocessor system the more bus traffic
           you'll encounter so it will only scale up to a certain point.
           This can be fixed with a larger cache on each processor but this
           simply results in more cache incoherency causing even more bus
        \_ The fast processor can simulate the N chips in just about all
           situations. Whereas N chips cannot simulate the single fast
           chip in all situations.
           On the other hand, if you have really really good I/O subsystems
            if due to more
           designed for multiprocessor,
           and lots of multitasking, the N processor system can be a win.
           Assuming they have good cache, etc.
           \_ you must be this tall...
        \_ this question depends on your workload. yes, there can be an
           advantage due to saved context and keeping your TLBs. if the work
           can't be parallelized you may end up losing on an MP. none of
           this really matters unless you are doing serious crunching .-aaron
        \_ it depends on why the single processor is N-times faster.
            If due to more execution units, N procs gives you more regs,
            if due to more registers, N procs gives you more exec units,
            if due to higher cache bandwidth, etc. etc. There will
            be situations where the N processors have the upper hand. -nick
1998/10/3-5 [Industry/Jobs] UID:14725 Activity:kinda low
10/2    I just go a job offer from AMD. I know they make cool chips but for
        those that have worked there what did you think?
        \_ what's the salary like?
        \_ I could've swore they were in a hiring freeze....
           \_ There's "hiring freeze", and then there's "we're not going
              to give you(the manager) any more money."
              The second is more important.
           \_ Most hiring freezes mean "no new reqs."  Dunno about the
              specific AMD case tho. --nevman
1998/10/3-5 [Uncategorized] UID:14726 Activity:nil
10/2    Free a cappella show Sunday afternoon in Mountain View at Cafe Iris
        (Build 5) at the SGI complex.  My group will be singing in a showcase
        of 4-5 local groups.  Hope to see y'all there. -chaos
        \_ at what time does this showcase start?
1998/10/3-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14727 Activity:nil
10/2 (kill kenny on your n64)
1998/10/3-5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:14728 Activity:nil
10/3    Has anyone bought stuff from InDirect? They seem to have really
        cheap prices. How about Hi-Tech USA? I don't really give
        crap about customer service. I know exactly what I want
        \_ if you don't care about service then why are you asking?
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