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1998/9/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14682 Activity:high
9/26    Anyone know of a free LAN<->Internet routing software for win98.
        only one i can find is WinGate which isn't exactly freeware...
        \_ Linux
           \_ No money for another box...and we want to keep all the
              machines running windoze...
              \_ then you deserve what you get. if you're running windoze,
                 you should be used to paying for software. Unless you're
                 pirating, in which case, again, you deserve what you get.
              \_ ick.  And more Linux developers have a free software
                 mentality: since others shared code with them, they more often
                 want to share code with others.  A very small percentage of
                 the best software for non-free platforms is free.  You will
                 probably find a free (WWW) proxy, but probably not free
                 masquerading.  But this has been in the Linux kernel for
                 several years, at a cost to you for $0 per seat.
             \_ go dumpster diving - for just a gateway machine a 386 or 486
                will work
        \_ Yes, a peecee un*x box would fit the bill, especially since you
           can get away with a cheapo one for this purpose.  But for
           strictly Winbloze platforms, what is it about WinGate that doesn't
           suit?  It's pretty much freeware if you're just using it around the
           house, like to have two peecees connected to the net.  Are you
           doing this at a commercial site or something?  --sowings
           \_ i was under the impression that "1 user" literally
     user..  from the way the "readme" described it..
              it said only 1 user can be on the net at a time in this
              mode...  for more than 1's pay...
              \_ Actually, when they say one user, they mean one user, not
                 counting the actual wingate machine.  So if your network will
                 only consist of 2 machines, then it'll work, and it's free..
                 but again, a Linux box is probably a better long term
1998/9/27-29 [Computer/HW] UID:14683 Activity:kinda low
9/26    Whats a good web based PC place that lets you really configure
        your own PC? - seidl
        \_ Maybe a stupid question, but why do you want a web-based
           place? Local outfits like UC Computers or Hi-Tech USA do
           good work at great prices, with everything configurable
           from the ground up.
                        \_ Hi Tech USA?!?  MUahahahahhahaha.  Fool
                        \_ sHIt-TECH rewls!!!
                            \_  Sure if you don't really want to buy
                                computers or computer parts. They carry
                                empty boxes and, well that's it.
           \_ because in Colorado, where I am currently located, there
              are MANY fewer good places.  Last year when I went looking
              for an ATX power supply, I kept being told it didn't exist.
              - seidl
              \_ in Boulder, I asked some of the local undergrad CIS folk:
                 "Do you have computer shows... where do you get parts?"
                 Mostly mail order. -jctwu
1998/9/27 [Uncategorized] UID:14684 Activity:low
9/26          ::::::::: :::::::::  ::::::::    :::   :::    :::
             :+:       :+:    :+: :+:    :+:  :+:+: :+:+:  :+:
            +:+       +:+    +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+
           :#::+::#  +#+    +:+ +#+    +:+ +#+  +:+  +#+ +#+
          +#+       +#+    +#+ +#+    +#+ +#+       +#+ +#+
         #+#       #+#    #+# #+#    #+# #+#       #+#
        ###        ########   ########  ###       ### ###
1998/9/27-29 [Computer/HW] UID:14685 Activity:kinda low 50%like:14686
9/27    How (where) do I find the subnet mask, gateway ... of a *nix machine?
        \_ reboot it and watch the startup messages.
        \_ netstat -rn
             \_ for most, 'cat /etc/hosts' for DNS server information
           \_ What about finding the local domain name server?
             \_ for most, 'cat /etc/resolv.conf' for DNS server information
                'ifconfig -a' for interface subnet masks  ( or  netstat -i to
                get an interface list, and then ifconfig on those interfaces,
                if you're so unfortunate as to be on a unix that doesn't have
                \_ /etc/resolv.conf for DNS servers
                a -a option to its netstat).
                'netstat -rn' for routes. -ERic
1998/9/27-29 [Uncategorized] UID:14686 Activity:nil 50%like:14685
9/27    How do I find out the list of printer names on a *nix machine?
        \_ check /etc/printer(s)|printcap
        \_ SysV: lpstat -t, BSD: lpq -a
           \_ 'lpstat -a' is better on SysV, IMHO. --dim
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