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1998/9/26-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:14680 Activity:high
9/26    Does anyone know where on the web I can get source information for
        CS264 (Graham's graduate PL class) this semester, especially a
        sylabus and what the class is covering?  The department web page
        seems lacking. - seidl
        \_ I took 264 and 265.  They're good classes... about half of
           264 dealt with basic compiler mechanics, kind of like 164,
           but faster and more intelligently.  The rest of 264, and
           all about 265, was about optimization and code manipulation.
           Very good stuff.  (This was with Graham that I took them,
           maybe 4-5 years ago... who knows if the classes have
           changed though.)   -- blojo
           \_ My trouble is Jon, that Oct 8th I'm supposed to be giving
           \_ My trouble is that Oct 8th I'm supposed to be giving
              what I'm supposed to cover.  I know I'm going to talk about
              the lecture in the class, and I have very little idea of
              what I'm supposed to cover (or even what room the class is in).
              I know I'm going to talk about
              my research some, and our ASPLOS paper, but as for the rest,
              I'm not sure what to cover. - seidl
                \_ If you are too stupid to mail Sue Graham, I can only
                   conclude this lecture will be lame or you are trying to
                   show off.  And that isn't an exclusive or.
                   \_ If you dont spend anytime in the CS department,
                      I can all of a sudden understand how you think
                      getting a hold of Sue Graham is as easy as sending
                      her mail of any sort.  And Matt Seidl hardly needs
                      to show off. --Jon

                      \_ simpering lapdog!
                  \_ Mailed her and no response.  I'll poke her again, but
                        \_ *I* wouldn't pole her.  Not my type.
                     Since I'm head out to eh BA on Wednesday, I kinda
                     need info ASAP. - seidl
              \_ In terms of outside lectures, I remember them being
                 pretty free-wheeling.  Just talk about what interests
                 you most about your current work.  The class is full
                 of smart people, so they'll get a lot of it, and what
                 they won't get is still okay, because a lot of the
                 class is like that.  -- blojo
        \_ unless she overhauled it in the past year or so, it's mostly
           a drawn out recount of lexing&parsing through her heyday
           all the way to about 1981.  in the next few weeks the people
           who are still breathing will hear about runtime systems (though
           the survivors probably already poked around on their own to
           fend off boredom). as said above, talk about your stuff
           and don't worry too much about staying within her trajectory.
           the students will be thankful.
        \_ seidl needs to be sodomized
                \_ He was.  It was a good one.  Buy the "I raped Matt Seidl"
                   video for $19.95.
1998/9/26-28 [Recreation/Computer, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:14681 Activity:high 66%like:14987
9/26    Nuclear Launch Detected
        \_ Look for the red dot!!! For God's sake look for the red dot!!!
           \_ COMSAT!
           \_ damn those ghosts! if it's not lockdown, it's the nuke!
           \_ How plausible is it that you nuke a bunker, and all the people
              inside survive without a scratch?
        \_ Details?
           \_ You don't want to know anything beyond "someone needs to cut
              back on playing Starcraft and get a life."
              \_ What's wrong with having some fun? CSUA a fun-free zone?
                \_ there's a difference between having an interst in having fun
                   and being obsessed.
                   \_ Granted. But the above statements are far from obsessed,
                      imho. Then again, it is hard to read into something
                      without context (facial expressions, voice levels, etc)
              \_ Don't play co-op LAN Rainbow 6.  It's too much fun. :O
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