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1998/9/21 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:14637 Activity:high
9/20    Anyone know where I can get a free linux based word processor?
        Better yet, anyone know where I can get linux WordPerfect for
        free?  No, I will not use Word.
        \_ TeX.  it rules.  -dpetrou
1998/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:14638 Activity:nil
9/20    fucking coward.
1998/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:14639 Activity:nil
9/21    Come ask your homework questions on the wall (wallall y)!
1998/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:14640 Activity:nil
9/21    Help me name 2 female chinchillas.  One black, one gray.
        ~john/chinchilla.               -John
1998/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:14641 Activity:nil
9/20    2632 -
        \_ Forget home runs, this is the record that counts.
           \_ Sorry, I think most World Series championships is a more
              notable record.
1998/9/21 [Uncategorized] UID:14642 Activity:nil
9/20    Any recommendation on a good (secure, low noise, and long range)
        digital cordless phone?
        \_Panasonic (I think) just came out with a 2.4GHz cordless phone,
          which supposedly has a much longer range than the 900MHz ones.  I
          haven't tried them though.  Of the 900MHz ones I've tried
          I haven't noticed much difference between them.  -icrew
          \_ I love Panasonic phones.  Their UI on the year-ago models
             sucks, but I drop the phones all the time, the sound quality
             is excellent, and I don't get any cross-channel blabber.
1998/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:14643 Activity:nil
9/20    fucking coward.

  Judge Starr, Members of Congress, people of America, I
  banged her. I banged her like a cheap gong. Which is not
  news, folks, because if you think Monica Lewinsky was
  the only skin flute player in my orchestra, you haven't
  been paying attention.

  The only babes in D.C. I haven't tried to do are the
  First Lady, Reno, Albright, and Shalala, mostly because
  they're a little older than I like and they have legs
  that former Houston Oiler Earl Campbell would envy.
  Which isn't to say I don't appreciate Hillary, I do. If
  not for the ice-water coursing through her veins, I'd be
  pumping gas into farm equipment in Hope, Arkansas, and
  she'd be married to the President.

  So, let me set the record straight. I dodged the draft,
  hid FBI files, smoked dope, flipped Whitewater property,
  set up a new Korean wing in the White House, fired the
  travel staff, paid hush money to Hubbell, sold the
  Lincoln bedroom like an upscale Motel 6, and grabbed
  every ass that entered the Oval Office. Got it? Good.

  Six years ago, there's not a man, woman, or child who
  didn't know I was as horny as Woody Allen. But, you
  elected me anyway, which turned out to be a good move on
  your part. Your other choice was Bush, an aging baseball
  player and part-time resident of some place called
  "Kennebunkport" who thought he could bomb his way into
  the White House.

  Before him, it was Reagan, who left the office with the
  same Alzheimer's he came in with. There was Carter
  before him who brought you a 17% prime interest rate,
  smiling the whole time like his lithium drip had just
  kicked in. Nixon before that coined, but never really
  understood, the concept of 'plausible deniability,' and
  almost got a one-way ticket to San Clemente for his
  crackerjack style of governing. Johnson was an inbred,
  power-mad war criminal whose major contribution to
  American society was Agent Orange.

  And John Kennedy, who was a little naughty himself,
  didn't hang around long enough for America to spot that
  curious atavistic tic for "beaver-wrestling" shared by
  at least a dozen former residents of the White House.
  Which brings me back to my point.

  Since I have been strumming the banjo here at the White
  House, government is doing more for less. The budget is
  balanced for the first time since JFK did a one gun
  salute to Marilyn, a fact the press didn't seem to care
  about, evidently. Unemployment is so low today a blind
  felon can get a job as a night-watchman. And the stock
  market is higher than a D-student on a full gram of
  dumb-dust, and anyone with a degree from a junior
  college who can spell 'internet' has enough money to
  ponder the annual maintenance cost of his boat, instead
  of where his or her next meal is coming from.

  Bottom line: I'm running a country here and I'm doing it
  with my pecker showing. What I'm asking for is your
  support, not a date with your daughter, unless, of
  course, she's a hotty with thin ankles, and then I'd
  like to discuss it.

  In the meantime, think about where you are today and
  what kind of life you're living before you get too
  interested in where I'm parking the Presidential

  Thank you, good night and God bless America.
1998/9/21-22 [Reference/Religion] UID:14644 Activity:moderate
9/21    update your life entries - The Life God
        \_ I challenge the life god to a cage fight.  My penis is bigger.
        \_ huh?
           \_ /usr/local/csua/pub/life, ye who is only but a babe
              \_ alas, ye phat and greeeeeeeeeasy citizens,
                 /csua/pub/life is a shorter yet sufficient path.
                 trainest thou harder.  thy fu is as the gossamer
                 \_ hey, my fu is special.
                    \_ Your fu is girly fu
1998/9/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:14645 Activity:nil
9/21    Anyone have the old source to Biffspeak that lived on uh
        Soda MKIII I think it was?  If anyone has any idea where it
        may be found, please let me know.  Thanks!
        \_ ~jwang/public_html/src/b1ff.l
1998/9/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14646 Activity:nil 88%like:14635
9/21    MOTD scrubbed.  Day Three of the why-censorship-hurts-us-all
        lesson.  (The repeated deletion of this only further makes my
        point and will lead to that many more motd cleanings.)
        \_ tom has no penis
1998/9/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14647 Activity:very high
9/21    I joined CSUA + SODA for 2 reasons: community, and email.
        Let's be honest here, why 90% joined is email alone, and 10% community.
        Can we just keep the CSUA motd for helping each other? information and
        technology sharing - and perhaps even social announcements? -noah
        \_ can't we all just get along?
                \_ fucking hippies
                \_ won't someone please think of the children!
        \_ Just use soda for harassing women like everyone else and
           be happy with that.
        \_ If you want community join a gang! CSUA is for little dicked
           weenies who need some kind of stomping ground in which they
           can display their superiority to other weenies.
        \_ I  joined it for the hot babes. Boy have I been disappointed.
        \_ I'm here for the job connections.
           \_ I like soda because it has all the cool things:
                gifs of nekked gurlz, walls, figlets, motd flame wars,
                rootcows, explosions, irc bots, high technology, gifs of
                nekkid gurlz, revenge, twinks, h0zers, and gifs of nekkid
                gurlz, farm animals, and b1ff.
                And gifs of nekkid gurlz.
                ... and gifs of nekkid GUYZ
                \_ Where are gifs of nekkid gurlz on soda?
                           \_ Gurlz, not guyz.  BTW those links are not found
                        \_ locate .gif or goto
        \_ Those who just want email, go to uctwink or ocf.
           \_ Nice thing about soda accounts.  They don't expire. -cal alum
              \_ Speaking of which, where should CSUA donations be sent?
                 Surely some of the alums can pitch in?   -soon to be cal alum
                 \_ CSUA Treasurer
                    c/o CSUA
                    343 Soda Hall #1776
                    UC Berkeley
                    Berkeley CA 94720-1776
        \_ Me too.  But for good or bad, the MOTD has a tradition of being
        used for flame wars.  This is inevitable and not necessarily a bad
        thing.  No one has to participate.  No one has to join a flame fest.
        No one has to read the MOTD, just like most people don't read the
        wall.  My only objection re: the MOTD is people who delete someone
        else's comments because they disagree with them.  I feel people
        should either counter-comment in a constructive way or ignore it.
        \_ No, i delete them because in some people's attempt to sound
           half intelligent they come up with something totally idiotic.
                \_ But who are you to decide another point of view is idiotic?
                If something is idiotic, it should be self evident and not
                require someone to protect the rest of us from some form of
                intellectual contamination.
        \_ Surely someone could devise a way to make the motd append-only,
            and  some sort of automatic garbage collection scheme.
            \_ Why bother?  It's just the MOTD.  You can read it or not at
               will.  Nothing forces you to read it.  Nothing forces you to
               reply to anything on it.
            \_ speakin' of garbage collection, how's yer dad doing in his
               new job?
            \_ And then when someone lovingly posts the eye of argon or the
               complete starr report, everyone is forced through a meg of
               crap when they login
               \_no, only the twinks who don't know to do 'touch ~/.hushlogin;
                        \_ CVS would be silly for this application. is PRCS
                 cat "more /etc/motd" >> ~/.login'
            \_ FreeBSD does have append-only files.  But ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v
               is pretty useful, too...
               \_ I wonder if I should document it enough for RCS newbies to
                  figure out...  -ERic
                  \_ RCS/CVS sucks.  They need to create a better front end.
                     \_ So use PRCS.  And whoever has been using pico to
                        edit the /etc/motd, stop it damnit, pico does auto
                        line wrap which is really fucking goddamned annoying.
                        \_ CVS would be silly for this application. How is PRCS
                          so much better that it would justify me rewriting my
                          quick motd archive hack to use it instead of RCS?-ERic
2018/03/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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