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1998/9/13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:14584 Activity:high
9/12    Urgent: Have to sublet my appartment/studio because of emergency.
        Prime location, furnished, $500 rent see webpage for discription:  Please if you know
        anyone who needs housing, have them contact me. -hitran
                \_ Your web page image (and english) are badly broken.
1998/9/13 [Uncategorized] UID:14585 Activity:nil
9/12    I have never seen so many old white men smoking cigaretes before.
        Man, I'd hate to live in Nebraska.
        \_  Yes, actually the amount of smoke in Nebraska is enough
        that a layer of it lies over the entire state, engulfing anybody
        and everybody residing or visiting the state, instantly giving
        them lung cancer.
        \_ If your mascot is a cornhusker you must be a red neck.
1998/9/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14586 Activity:very high
09/13   Does anyone have Quickbooks that I might borrow it...uh... to, you
        know, *try it out* before I *buy* it (Win98)?  - seano
        \_ You can get a trial copy off the web site. Works for something
           like 50 transactions.
         \_ I'd like to try it out for a few years.  I'd also like to copy
            the docs and burn off a few thousand copies to sell.  -seano
            \_ What a pathetically obvious forgery.  Note the lack of ' '
               after the '-' before "seano" to be consistent.  Note the
               extra space indent before the \_.  Sheesh, what is simple
               forging coming to?  -not seano
             \_ Uhm, wtf are you talking about?  -confused that you give a shit
                \_ Dear confused. I advise that you examine your feelings of
                   anger, confusion, and rejection.  Why do you feel this way?
                        \_ I'm not angry or rejected.  Just confused.
                   You may come to realize that these negative emotions are
                   unnecessary to your health and well being, and are holding
                   Feel your feelings, and be happy. - fake seano
                   you back from being true to yourself.  Let it all out.
                   Feel your self, and be happy. - fake seano
                        \_ I NEEEEED MY PAIN!  -JTK
        \_ wtf are you using win98 anyways, you cum-tasting whore?
           \_ Cum tastes gooood! especially after you eat lots of fruit
                \_ meat (especially red meat) makes nasty-tasting cum, so
                        if you want more blowjobs, become a vegetarian
                        \_ Get someone less prissy to suck your cock.
            the docs and burn off a few thousand copies to sell.
        \_ Okay, it looks like I have to set the score straight for you
           unfortunate abortion mishaps: I don't want a trial copy of
           quickbooks. I do want to try it out for an unspecified length
           of time. If there is a SunOS 5.yadda version, I can use that
           A WIN PARTITION DON'T I, MR. CUM-CONNAISSEUR. Finally, I don't
           care when losers forge my name because I'm a megalomaniac
           impressed by instances like this that illustrate how lesser
           people actually spend time concerned with me. -(fucker)
           \_ then why didn't you just ask if anyone had a copy of
              Quickbooks for you to try?  I'm sure someone would have
              \_ whatever flora is stuck in your rectum compliments well
                 the fetid shit in your head... what sorry ass reason do
                 you have for your problem with the way I asked the
                 question and what makes you think no one responded? You
                 are the kind of fool who would be markedly improved by
                 \_ You seem somewhat distraught.  Try pot.
                 repeated stomping to the head/neck/genital areas. -(fucker)
                 \_ like i said, if you asked politely someone might
1998/9/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14587 Activity:high
09/13   I've written a script to convert etext to LaTeX, but I'm still
        working out bugs.  If interested, read /csua/tmp/
        (Of Human Bondage) and report errors in or suggestions
        concerning orthography/typography to me.  -dpetrou
        \_ what is etext?
        \_ You need a script to convert from your legacy unixware to something
           universal like MSWord.
           \_ MSWord sucks!  WordPerfect Rules!
              \_ Well, at least WP runs on >2 platforms...
                \_ Wasn't someone working on a GNU word proc?
           \_ Labeling MSWord the universal format is like labeling chinese
                the universal language.  Just because more people use it than
                any other, doesn't mean it's the most useful to the largest
                number of people.
                \_ The very fact that more people use it than all others
                    combined does in fact mean it is the most useful format
                    for the largest number of people.  Hello?  Anyone home?
                    Tried a basic logic class yet?  Passed?
                    \_ hello? anyone home? "the most useful" is not
                       synonymous with "most used". Get a dictionary.
                       "useful" ~= greatest POTENTIAL use, fulfilled or
                       otherwise. If everyone inexplicably started to use
                       typewriters again, that still doesn't make them more
                       useful. Just more trendy/popular.
                       As for "universal format", that would have to
                       be unformatted ANSI text, seeing as how just about
                       everyone on the planet with a computer can read it,
                       with a minimum of garbage.
                        \_ A typewriter isn't a data format.  It is a device
                           that print letters to paper.  This is a spurious
                           example.  ASCII text is the most useful for the
                           simple transmission of (mostly) unformatted data.
                           MSWord is the most useful for the transmission
                           of formatted computer data.  I won't get into
                           FAX machines and such as they don't allow the
                           creation of data, only the retranmission of a copy.
                           Your k-k000l etext may be s00per k00l but if only
                           you and your 3 super k000l friends can use it or
                           are likely to in the future then it's general value
                           is zero (+4 geeks).  Most used = most uesful
                                \_ ASCII text is the most used format in the
                                   computer world.  Almost every single
                                   computer made can use it, compared to the
                                   small fraction that have MS Word installed.
        \_ Trolling deleted.
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