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1998/9/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:14571 Activity:high
9/11    If there's a callug shouldn't there also be a BSD users group?
        After all, aren't we (Cal) the original creators.
        \_ the problem with that idea is it makes too much sense.
                \_ there is a FreeBSD User's Group getting started very
                   slowly by jon & jwm - see <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ it's kinda fun trying to get off my ass to do this.  Lemme
           get back to you after math104/110/113, work, CSUA, UCSEE,
           and that sorry excuse for a life I have. --#1 jon clone
                \_ sounds like time to make #2 jon clone then
                   \_ Call it CalFuc.  Cal. FreeBSD User Coalition
                   \_ Also, CalLUG and Jon and BSD users may start an umbrella
                      group for free software advocacy, tentatively called
                      "CalFROG" (freely redistributable OS group).  -- schoen
                        \_ Doesn't it violate some law of nature for Linux &
                           *BSD people to talk to each other, much less
                           co-operate and work together?
                           \_ No, that's (Linux + BSD) vs. Winblows. We
                              real OS people stick together (don't you
                              watch the Simpsons?)
                              \_ I hate it when waffles stick together.
1998/9/11 [Uncategorized] UID:14572 Activity:nil
9/10    Has anyone heard of the problem "the rollover of GPS time from
1998/9/11 [Consumer/GPS] UID:14573 Activity:nil
        8/21/99 to 8/22/99"?  What's that?
        \_ Some rocket scientist in the DoD defined GPS to only have a 1024
           week counter, starting in 1980, which rolls over to 0 again at
           midnight on 8/22/99.  For more info, see:
           \_ Older GPS receivers only allotted 10 bits to the calendar
              function. Those receivers will rollover again in like 2018.
              Most GPS receivers in military use and deployed on
              spacecraft do not have this problem. --dim
1998/9/11-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:14574 Activity:nil
9/10    Room in 4br house in Belmont. Awesome house. Mail ali.
1998/9/11 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:14575 Activity:very high
9/11    Why do we need a rail line on the new bay bridge "to reduce car flows"?
        Doesn't BART already cross the bay?
        \_Maybe to accommodate Amtrak, freight and other commuter line
        trains? Such a solution would help divert some car and truck flow.
        \_BART's resources are already somewhat maxed out, as any BART
        commuter can tell you.  We're packed like sardines in there during
        peak commute hours.
        \_ They're trying to pack more trains in, but I don't think it
        will work that well.  People still need to enter/exit at stops and
        the trains stop in the tube often already.
        \_ BART is non-standard rail, for one thing.  It's also run
           incompetently and, as noted above, is near maximum train
           capacity already.  A train line over the bridge could, for example,
           hook up with CalTrain's tracks and provide a way to get directly
           to the Peninsula or San Jose from Oakland, for example.  -tom
        \_ BART's train spacing could be much shorter, tho.  And, you would
           have to replace 20%! of the bay bridge traffic, shifting them
           to mass transit, to even break even, which I find highly doubtful.
           \_ if you put a new rail line in, you double the person-capacity
              of the bridge.  If car traffic gets worse, there is impetus
              to use more responsible means of transporation.  -tom
                \_ No, they should provide cars, since that is the most
                 responsible way to get around.  Remember, consumption
                 keeps our economy strong.  Buy stuff.  Work your ass off.
                  eat stuff.
        \_ I wish the new bay bridge had double the lanes as well.  Car's
           rule!  I don't like waiting in line to go to the northern
                \_ Umm, the new bay bridge only goes from oakland to
                   treasure island - what would the point of double the
                   lanes be?  Get to treasure island fast, then wait there
           \_ No, they should have a conveyor belt instead that runs at
                50mph.  That way cars could cross much faster.  And for
                pedestrians they should have a giant catapolt and a net on
                the other side.  Those damn civil engineers don't know
                what they're talking about.
              \_ Me too, but without the net.
           \_ On the side of ludicrousy, there should some mass relocation
              of where EVERYONE lives so 90% of all people are within 5 miles
              of where they work. But I really do want to see the catapult
              idea implemented.
                \_ Better yet, we should build really tall sky scrappers
                   so that way the entire bay area lives within a few
                   blocks of each other.
\        \_ It's for the psycological impact. To get people sitting incars to
            be forced to watch the people in the trains grinning at them as
            they whiz by.
1998/9/11 [Health] UID:14576 Activity:high
9/11    Who likes short shorts?!
        \_ We like short shorts.
                \_ In certain cases.  I saw bh in short shorts once and have
                        been scarred for life ever since.
                   \_ Oh fuck! Sorry, man. My sympathies
                   \_ I suggest a lawsuit to cover medical expenses and pain
                      and suffering.
1998/9/11 [Uncategorized] UID:14577 Activity:nil
             _____ _   _ _______   __  __  __ ___ ____ _   _ _____
            |_   _| | | | ____\ \ / / |  \/  |_ _/ ___| | | |_   _|
              | | | |_| |  _|  \ V /  | |\/| || | |  _| |_| | | |
              | | |  _  | |___  | |   | |  | || | |_| |  _  | | |
              |_| |_| |_|_____| |_|   |_|  |_|___\____|_| |_| |_|
               ____  _____    ____ ___    _    _   _ _____ ____
              | __ )| ____|  / ___|_ _|  / \  | \ | |_   _/ ___|
              |  _ \|  _|   | |  _ | |  / _ \ |  \| | | | \___ \
              | |_) | |___  | |_| || | / ___ \| |\  | | |  ___) |
              |____/|_____|  \____|___/_/   \_\_| \_| |_| |____/
                        \_ or they might be Dr. Spock's backup band
1998/9/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:14578 Activity:kinda low
9/11  So clinton had refused to go down on lewinsky because "he didn't know
      her well enough".
      \_ no, he refused to "leave her a souvenir", so to speak. He never went
         down on her, never offered, and was never asked to. as far as we know.
                \_ You didn't read the full report where it says he was going
                   to, but she stopped him for "physical reasons" (on the rag).
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