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1998/8/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:14491 Activity:high
8/21    I can't believe berkeley is tied #1 with Univ of Virginia.
        \_ What are you referring to? --dim
           \_ Well, definitely not college rankings... or sports...
              maybe specific academic fields... or #1 in the Worst
              Quality of Women.
                \_ Actually it's academic rankings - UCB & UVa are
                        tied as #1 public universities in the latest
                        US News and World Made-up Statistics Report poll
             \_ Come on, there are enough good looking girls on campus
                already, stop being so picky unless you've already had it
                with all of them.
                \_ All I ask is for a girl without a mustache - is that
                   too much to ask?  In Berkeley, apparently so.  -wombat
                \_ Quantity-wise, maybe that's true. But relative to
                   number of students @ Cal, blah.
                \_ Go take more psych and am-scam classes.
                     Just thinking about them get my panties in a bunch.
                   \_ I've taken plenty of psych classes.  Don't bother.
        \_ That's right. Virginia is a much better school than Berkeley
1998/8/21-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14492 Activity:high
8/21    Hi.  Does anyone know how to change the default X-Windows manager
        on a Solaris system?  Please give solutions, not alternatives.
        \_ If you're using CDE, add "SESSIONTYPE=xdm" to your ~/.dtprofile
           and it will run your ~/.xsession instead.
                \_ Thanks.
        \_ what window manager are you trying to run? There's mwm, twm,
           fvwm, wmaker (and then there's CDE).  Just add that to your
           .xinitrc file (echo exec wmaker >> ~/.xinitrc)
                \_ Thanks.
                   \_ WindowMaker is pretty bad ass.  In order to get it
                      on your account run /usr/sww/GNUstep/bin/wmaker.inst
                      which should put the right files in your home dir.
                      And make sure you have SESSIONTYPE=xdm in .dtprofile
                      (Only runs on Solaris machines though)
                        \_ And if you're not on an EECS-Inst machine,
                           completely ignore the above garbage.
                                \_ Not true! It ought to work on any (Solaris,
                                   apparently) machine with SWW mounted.
                                        \_ Inst SWW != "real" SWW
                                           The Solaris x86 Inst SWW is
                                           especially far off from the real one
                                           \_ For instance, there is no
                                                WindowMaker on the real sww
         \________        ____  __   _____ ___  ____  _______     _______ ____
          |_   _\ \      / /  \/  | |  ___/ _ \|  _ \| ____\ \   / / ____|  _ \
            | |  \ \ /\ / /| |\/| | | |_ | | | | |_) |  _|  \ \ / /|  _| | |_) |
            | |   \ V  V / | |  | | |  _|| |_| |  _ <| |___  \ V / | |___|  _ <
            |_|    \_/\_/  |_|  |_| |_|   \___/|_| \_\_____|  \_/  |_____|_| \_\
            \_ twm is too complex and clutters up too much of your screen
               with frivolous decoration.  _I_ use 9wm, the Plan 9
               window manager.
                        \_ Only on EECS-Inst Solaris/x86 machines you mean,
                           which is a very small %age of "Solaris machines"
            \_ Is there any webpage that summarizes features of each wm and
               compares them?
               \_ Yes, there are a couple.. just do a websearch like
                  +X11 +window-managers +comparison
               \_ Try
1998/8/21-22 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:14493 Activity:very high
8/21    My supervisor asked that everyone in the office release their
        e-mail password to her.  I don't feel comfortable doing that, and
        was wondering if there is some sort of UCB e-mail policy about
        not releasing passwords that I can quote in response to her request.
        \_ Your boss has no right to require that you give them your
           password.  root has the right to have full access to your
           account but that's a different story.  Don't do it.  Tell him
           shoove it up his ass if he forces you to.
                \_ root has the ability, but not necessarily the right, to
                   full access to your account.  (If at a UC or ISP, root
                   is prohibited from reading your e-mail for instance.)
        \_ Just say "NO WAY IN HELL"
           \_ You are F..I..R..E..D!!!! (do I smell million dallar law
        \_ Is it your personal email account or work account?  Either one,
           you have to right to not to.  You should ask her her reason for
           knowing password.
                \_ It is my csua account which I also use for work.  What
                   I am looking for is some sort of csua or ucop rule that
                   says I am not obligated to give her my password.
                        \_ CSUA policy forbids you from allowing anyone
                           else to have your password or use your account.
                           If she wants a password to your work e-mail,
                           make her give you a work e-mail account. --root
                           \_ in fact CSUA root will turn your account off
                              should we find that this is the case. --jon
        \_ Employers have a legal right to access to your office workstation
           and business related accounts.  That does not extend outside the
           office.  Forward your mail outside and tell her to shove it.
           If they forbid you from forwarding your mail outside the company,
           be very careful what email you do with your business address.  BIG
                      UC Policies. --jon
           BOSS is WAtching YOU. -ERic
                \_ But the UC/UCB e-mail policy protects the privacy of
                   UC employee e-mail - see
                        \_ Your *e-mail* is protected, but your *password* is
                           not.  In fact there is a campus policy that
                           your supervisor *must* have all the passwords you
                           use for business purposes (if you're UC staff).
                           They just can't look at it except under the
                           situations outlined in the e-mail and other
                           policies.  -tom
                           \_ No, root never knows what your passwords
                              are. Having passwords stored anywhere on a
                              computer comprimises security.  Passwords on
                              /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow are one way
                              encrypted so there's no way to derive
                              the original passwords without a password
                              cracker and a high performance computer.
                                                \_ A 386 is powerful enough
                                                   to crack many passwords.
                                \_ I didn't say root, I said "your
                                   supervisor".  -tom
                   \_ Boy imagine that, UC managers who do not understand
                      or are not aware of UC Policies. --jon
                      btw, if you want a wider discussion, there is also
              I am sure some of the more
                      security minded denizens of that newsgroup will have
                      some interesting opinions on this topic.
                  \_ Well its nie the the UC at least grants some expectation
                      of privacy to employee email.  I'm just pointing out that
                      in the 'real world' of employment, it can be very
                      different. -ERic
        \_ I think she likes you!
          \_ I think so too!!
                \_ She's married and I'm a girl.  Hence, I don't think so.
                        \_ She could be bisexual.
                        \_ How about giving me your password.  I am not married
                           and I am a guy and not gay.
                  \_ which company is this?
1998/8/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:14494 Activity:moderate
8/20    They should just hire a hit man and waste that sucker instead of
        spending millions of dollars on missles.
        \_ Clinton's finally learning that wars and conflicts deflect
           attention from his extracirricular activities.
                              \- Hmmm, I think that would be extraCURRICULAR,
                                you dope.
           \_ Are you REALLY that brain dead?
              \_ Ok, next time I write a joke, I'll put (this is a joke)
                 at the end so there's no confusion. Sheesh.
           \_ Your bandwagon wag-the-dog theorizing bores me sick the
              way you're nothing more than a mindless fuck repeating
              what you hear paying no heed to the eventuality that even
              a feigned display of having a spine by our pathetic
              president may be sufficient to prevent foreign psychos
              from bombing our embassies, not that you'd think of
              something like that, thinking being one of those things
              your Barbie dolls are better at than you are, you walking
              waste of carbon; may you be more useful in death as a
              fossil fuel than you could ever be in life.  -(fucker)
              \_ Geez, are you that humor impaired?!? Shit, does anyone
                 really believe the above statement? Besides, when's the
                 last time anything serious was said on this motd
              \_ The problem is that in fighting terrorism, we risk
                 becoming terrorists ourselves.  Were any civilians
                 killed in this exercise?
                \_ Your point is...?
                        If I had a point in abusing some poor ratfucker
                        for being a moron, which I don't in a painfully
                        obvious manner, you wouldn't get it anyway cause
                        you're just the type of inbred 'coonstuffer who
                        needs the meanings and points of things beaten and
                        hammered into your rediculously impotent brain
                        much in the same way lead pipes and other large
                        metal objects should be.  -(fucker)
                    \_ if you have to ask...
        \_ he's like a half-billionare.  it'd take about $20m for the reward.
        \_ Yeah, and it'd save the cost and embarassment of an impeachment
           hearing...oh wait, wrong sucker....
1998/8/21-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14495 Activity:nil
08/20   The Match Game!  Your celebrities are Richard Dawson, Mary
        Tyler Moore, and Charles Nelson Reilly.  "Hot Dang, them
        ______'s good eatin!"
1998/8/21-22 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:14496 Activity:nil
        \_ old news.
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