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1998/8/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:14463 Activity:kinda low
8/17    I heard that Entertainment Tonight (tonight) will be airing
        clips & info about the next Start Trek movie. Set your
        \_ Screenshots:
1998/8/17-18 [Finance/Investment] UID:14464 Activity:very high
8/17    Dear Mr. Motd, I keep hearing about internet stocks..
        Are they a good investment?
          \_ Mr Motd, are you related to Mr Mott the barber on STTNG?
          \_ They're almost as good an investment as your local state lottery.
             \_ Wrong. With lottery, you have at least the chance to get rich.
        \_ 6 months ago.
        \_ Mr Motd, are you related to Mr Mott the barber on STTNG?
        \_ They're almost as good an investment as your local state lottery.
           \_ Wrong. With lottery, you have at least the chance to get rich.
           \_ Au contraire. if you had bought, say, search engine stocks
              about a year ago, you would have made a crapload of
              moolah. Similar results with ISP stocks. As with any
              stock, buy low, sell high.
              \_ how about "buy overpriced, sell way-overpriced"?
1998/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:14465 Activity:high
8/17    I need to run a Linux ELF binary ( sorry no source for this :-( )
        My machine is currrently running Freebsd.  Are my OS choices to run
        Linux-Elf binaries only Linux or NetBSD/386, or is FreeBSD 2.2.7
        capable of this? -ERic
        \_FreeBSD 2.2.7 is capable of running linux elf binaries
          if you "brandelf" them first. -daveh
          \_ I run Linux ELF binaries under freebsd all the time, and have
             never had to run brandelf on them..  --dbushong
          \_ brandelf? what's that?
             \_ Keebler and Co.?
                \_ "These aren't the brandelfs we're looking for." - tpc
1998/8/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:14466 Activity:nil
8/16    Is WebTV selling well?  How can I find out such info (number of
        units sold, etc.)?  Thanks.
1998/8/17-18 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:14467 Activity:kinda low
8/16    What is "PCI-based interfaces"?  Thanks.
        \_ Probably someone referring to AGP, the video slot standard
           which Intel is pushing.  AGP is apparently very similar to
           PCI, but it uses some extra tricks to get more perf.  --PeterM
           \_ AGP is directly related to PCI.  It is a design that allows
           \_ AGP isn't directly related to PCI.  It is a design that
              videa cards direct access to main memory and forcing video
              cards to rely on main memory than a local video buffer.
              This actually has the unusual effect of making some video
              operations slower while making others that are heavily
              memory intensive much faster.
        \_ peripherals compenent interconnect.  It's the name of the
           really complicated bus architecture that was designed to
           replace the old ISA, EISA, Microchannel, and Vesa Local bus.
           You can tell if a slot in your computer is PCI if it white,
           small, and has a lot of pins (i know that sounds kind of
           generic and vague).  ISA slots tend to be black, larger, and
           have less pin count.
           ISA          8 bit   8 mhz
           EISA         16 bit  8 mhz
           Microchannel 16 bit  10 mhz
           VESA         32+ bit 33+ mhz (3 devices max on local bus)
           PCI          32+ bit 33+ mhz
1998/8/17-18 [Reference/Tax] UID:14468 Activity:very high
8/16    When I go to these job infosessions I keep hearing 401k plan.
        What the hell is that?
        \_ Retirement funds.
          \_ its a sneaky way you can set aside some of your money for
            retirement, before the IRS can get their greedy hands on it.
            they tax it later, but havig it put away pre-tax makes it a
            much better deal.   some companies match some 401k contributions
                \_ Not sneaky at all.  It's been tax code for nearly 20 yrs.
                You're deferring a percent of your salary into a retirement
                account sponsored by your employer and not being taxed on
                it until you withdraw.
            \_ Plus when they tax it after you retire, they'll apply a lower
               tax rate to your total contributions over the years plus any
               profit generated from investments with your contributions.
               \_ Not exactly. They'll apply whatever tax rate your income
                  would stipulate. If you become fabulously wealthy
                  between now and then, you could actually pay more taxes
                  at the time you withdraw it. --dim
          \_ What happens to my 401K account balance when I switch jobs?
                \_You can cash it out, in which case you lose a huge
                  chunk (~40%) of it due to taxes, or you can roll it
                  directly over to your IRA or new 401k, in which case
                  you wouldn't lose anything.  Or, depending on old company
                  policy, you can keep your 401k at that company, or the
                  company may cash it out for you automatically if you
                  don't roll it over by a certain time after you quit.
                        \_ If you roll it over into your IRA, does it
                           count toward your $2K/yr max contribution?
                           \_ No, it doesn't. That money has already been
                              tax deferred. The $2000/year limit is how
                              much taxable income you can squirrel away.
                              401k money isn't taxable income. --dim
                  \_ can you roll it into a Roth IRA, and get the money to
                     escape the tax man altogether?
                        \_No. The best you can do is roll it into a
                        an ordinary IRA and then convert it to Roth and
                        pay the taxes.  1998 is the best year to convert
                        as you can stretch the tax bill over four years.
          \_ At least where I work, you can put up to 20% in 401k, with the
             first 4.5% matched by the company. Putting as much into 401k
             is the best way to get the most money overall out of a company.
             \_ I think there's a limit of $15,000 per year imposed by
                the government. So, 20% of your income up to $15,000 is
                more correct. --dim
                \_ last time I checked it was $10 ...
                   \_ For 1998 it is $10K for most people.
                \_ does this 10k limit include employer contributed
1998/8/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:14469 Activity:nil
8/16    If you'd like to donate to the XFree86 project, their address
        The XFree86 Project, Int.
        21 Hinds Lane, Suite 23L
        Pelham, NH 03076-3013
1998/8/17 [Uncategorized] UID:14470 Activity:high
8/17    Why would someone want to post a resume in  Anyone
        out there can see it.
        \_ Isn't that the idea?  If you're looking for a job, you probably
           don't want to hide your resume under a rock in the bottom of a
           salt mine . . .
        \_  --chris
1998/8/17-18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:14471 Activity:very high
8/17    Why does iMac contain both Nevigator and IE?  Why would Apple want
        to help MS's business?
        \_ Does $500M in stock ring a bell?
           \_ You mean MS pays Apple to put IE in iMac, not the other way
              round?  I see.
                \_ why would anyone pay for IE?
                \_ Not exactly.  MS owns $500M of Apple stock.
                   \_actually, it's $150M in stock.  When MS bought the
                     \_ seen AAPL's price lately?  It's alm"ost $500M now.
                     stock (around this time last year, they signed an
                     agreement that:
                        -Cross-licensed all of the patents held by both
                         companies.  (Hence ending the legal problems
                         of MS "stealing" the Mac OS interface.)
                        -MS agreed to make feature-equivalent Mac
                         OS versions of every rev of MS Office for the
                         next 5 years.
                         \_ which means they'll be discontinuing the development
                            of MS Office for a better package.
                                \_ Heh...
                        -Apple agreed to make MSIE the "default" browser
                         on the Mac OS
                        ...among other things.       -icrew
                        \_ there is something rotten in the core of apple.
                                \_ There is a worm whose name is Steve.
                                        \_ there are bad puns being made.
                                        \_ I BELIEVE IN STEVE
                                           I BELIEVE IN STEVE
                                           I BELIEVE IN STEVE
                                           \_ and i believe that steve
                                              believes in claude
                                              that's me...
1998/8/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:14472 Activity:high
8/17    So how does Stella get her groove back?
        \_ with a stud-bucket cabana-boy, son-of-a-surgeon half her age?
1998/8/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:14473 Activity:high
8/17    I posted an article to, then I canceled it using
        "trn".  Then I tried to post it again, but the second posting bounced
        back in my mail because it thinks I am posting the same article within
        14 days.  Now I am stuck.  What should I do?  Thanks.
        \_ Don't look for a job as a news server administrator?
        \_ Not look for a job as a news server administrator?
1998/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:14474 Activity:moderate
8/17    Does anyone remember how the theme song to Perfect Stanger goes?
        \_ Does anyone know the title or artist of the Bosom Buddies song?
1998/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:14475 Activity:moderate
8/17    what books do people recommend for learning to write GUIs in MFC,
        assuming I know C/C++?
        \_ /csua/pub/cs-books
             \_ no.
                \_ no. there is no relevant information in there. if
                   anyone makes relevant comments here I will be
                   happy to add them to that file.
2018/03/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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