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1998/8/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14457 Activity:high
8/14    Does anyone know of any good linux file viewers.  Something
        similar to MacOS finder or BeOS desktop.  I want something that
        DOES NOT look like MS Windows Exploder.
        \_ Try IE4.0 with ActiveDesktop.  Can't go wrong.
          \_ They ported it to Linux???
                \_ MS is everywhere.
        \_ Try kfm, it comes with KDE.  Its sort of like the Windows
           Explorer and the MacOS Finder rolled into one.  Another
           alternative would be to install "Crappy" Desktop
           Environment and use dtfm.  I've heard that GNOME and
           GNUstep have nice file viewers, but I have not used these
           myself.  As a former mac user, I find xterm and ls much
           more pleasing than the finder.
1998/8/14 [Consumer/Camera] UID:14458 Activity:moderate
8/13    Woohoo!  Sony develops see through clothes video camera!
        \_ I heard it on AM740 too.  Any URL?
        \_ You're late.  They already took it off the market.  This was
           "news" 3 days ago.  WAKE UP OUT THERE!
                \_ There are still some 80 thousand(?) of them floating
                   around, so the next time you are walking around
                   Fisherman's Wharf and a tourist aims his camera at
                   \_ I deck him and have him arrested.
1998/8/14 [Uncategorized] UID:14459 Activity:nil
8/13    What's Classical Princeton Architecture?  Why is it called
        "Classical"?  Thanks.
        \_ Because it's old and yech architecture for old and yecky fucks.
1998/8/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:14460 Activity:high
8/14    I don't want to find where to put my Clinton comment down below
        but if you held every president to that high of a moral standard
        then you've eliminated the vast majority of Americans as
        candidates for president.  Who hasn't done something illegal.  Yet
        people think they can hold presidents to standards that they
        wouldn't even expect of themselves.
        \_ Most grown married men do not go off and have affairs with
           with 21-yr olds who work for them, or with lounge singers
           for that matter.  Clinton adheres to lower moral and ethical
           standards that most americans.
           \_ get laid.
              \_ yeah, 'moral standards' are just a weak cop-out escuse for
                 the losers jealous that they're not "gettin' some"
           \_ I'm pretty sure that the same group of people who are trying
              to get the president impeach for infidelity probably are
              guilty themselves of the same crime.  What irony.
           \_ $40 million we could have spent on schools, cancer/aids
              research, (and for those militant republicans, weapons) but
              no, we had to spend it on revealing one person's personal
              life.  Shows how we have our priorities straight.
           \_ It seems unsual that in the common workplace employers get
              sued for prying into their workers personal life.  Yet we
              find nothing wrong with exposing something that the
              president does outside the job.  If you want to evaluate a
              servant you evaluate their job performance.  Anything that
              that the president did wrong not related to the job should
              be handled by Hillary.
        \_ It's nice to see that America has sunk so low that people don't
           *expect* their leader to measure up to a higher standard than
           "the vast majority of Americans".  Damn straight I'll hold our
           President to a higher standard than I'd expect of myself -- but
           at the same time, I'm never planning on being President.
           \_ If America has "sunk so low", why did we not care about
              such things as much in the past?  Why did we not pay $40M
              to find out who slept with who with Kennedy or Harding.  Why
              are you so taken in by the tripe you're being fed by "upstanding"
              "moral bastions" of the Right?
              \_ Why are you so taken in by the tripe you're being fed by
                 the Left?  NEENER-NEENER!!!1!  DOODYHEAD!!!!
1998/8/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:14461 Activity:high
8/14    Has anyone else had problems using float in Java? i.e.
        calculation on big numbers is way off?
        \_ Check out the research project known as "Borneo" if you need
           Java + IEEE floats. It's run by the master of IEEE floats himself.
        \_ Java is believed to not implement fp correctly.  I believe the
           most recent version has fixed this but I'm not sure.  Ask your
           61b prof.  I think the've eliminated the 2 implicit guard and
           round bits because it is a hardware implementation. ?
           \_ I believe that this was one of the problems "fixed" by
              sun in 1.1.6.  At least I don't notice math calculations
              screwing up anymore.
1998/8/14 [Uncategorized] UID:14462 Activity:nil
8/14    POOPIE!
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