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1998/8/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14417 Activity:high
7/31    what will a shell script containing  $0&$0  do? I'm afraid to try.
        \_ Please don't run such a shell script.  It does this:
           $0               &                   $0
           run this file    in the background;  run this file
           it's also called a fork bomb, and just starts hundreds of copies
           of itself, which will slow down a system incredibly.  You can lose
           your soda account for running that script.
           \_ Then would a script containing only "$0" be a fork bomb also,
              only slower?  -- yuen
              \_ No because you just press Ctrl-C and it will stop.  Once
                 the fork bomb goes off it gets worse exponentially and
                 there's no way to stop it.
                 \_ You _might_ be able to stop it with killall (rarely),
                    and since this one depends on the filesystem, you can
                    stop it by removing the script itself.  However,
                    it is still really not a good idea to run it at all:
                    you might not have enough CPU time left to do those other
                        \_ You'd get the cpu time _eventually_ but this is
                           still a really bad idea anyway.
                           \_ Eventually may mean "after your admin deletes
                              your account". :-)
1998/8/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14418 Activity:high
7/31    Latest M$ claim:
        The company said the following in court filings: [...] It
        planned to integrate its Internet Explorer technologies "long
        before" Netscape Communications even existed, refuting the
        government's claim. In a conference call, Microsoft
        said that it has been working since as far back as late
        1993 on this project.
        \_ I've seen IE on the Win 95 beta (code name Chicago) in summer of
           1994.  It wasn't called IE then.  At that time, I had no idea
           what WWW is.
           \_ I remembered when Chicago was being presented.  It was
              the days of NCSA Mosaic which was about the same time that
              Netscape was about to start.  www wasn't as big but it was
              still there.
        \_ is really doesn't matter what m$/gov claims on the ie issue.  in
        the end gov will define clearly what an o/s is and is not, and what
        an app is and is not for the software industry because the software
        industry is either incapable or unwill to do it.  just compare it with
        the development of the tv rating system.
                \_ I thought the IE/OS issue has already been settled by some
                   court.  The issue now is whether M$ has participated in
                   anti-competitive practices such as designing OS to purposely
                   destroy its competitors (Netscape, RealNetworks, Caldera,
                   \_ That decision was decided by judges who knew jack
                      about what an OS and web client is.  M$ can make the
                      \_ What the judges say, ignorant or not, is what
                         will happen.
                      ridiculous argument that merging OS/IE improves
                      performance because it allows it to load up faster.
                      the icon it won't take as long.  Hell, might as well
                      When you think about this really means that Win98
                      loads up most of IE so that when you double click
                      load programs into memory because it will already be
                      the icon it won't take as long.  Hell, you might as well
                      load up every other program on your computer at boot
                      time while you're at it.  That way you won't have to
                      load programs into memory when you really need them
                      because it will already be
                      there.  The fact is Active Desktop SUCKS, and so
                      does IE, and your computer is not a fucking web
                      page.  You don't internet explore your hard drive.
                      \_ The best thing about the Active Desktop is that
                         you still have the option to turn it off. --dim
                      \_ IE not only loads faster, it runs faster than
                      \_ Here's the deal.  Windows 98 is faster than
                         than Windows 95 with IE4 integrated.  BUT, Windows
                         95 without IE4 (i.e., not integrated but as a separate
                         app or just running Netscape) is FASTER than both
                         Windows 95+IE4 integrated AND Windows 98.  --pcjr
                           \_ In what way? Java? That's because they
                              changed the specs to be M$ pseudo java.  I
                              wonder how netscape and IE compare to each
                              other on a unix box where it's fair.
                              \_ Netscape beats the crap out of IE on a solaris
                                 box.  Despite netscape extermely slow load
                                 uptime, it is still faster than IE which uses
                                 all that MainSoft crap.  And IE won't run on
                                 anything less than an ultra, netscape will run
                                 just fine on an SS2.
                        \_ *I* IExplore(tm) my hard drive!  Bill said it was
                           the best way!  Everything is a web page!  All data
                           is best represented as a web page!  BILL! BILL!
1998/8/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:14419 Activity:insanely high
]7/31   Homefinders is not proving to be very useful in finding a place
        for me to live, IE: everything very far away or too much money.
        Anyone have any experience with Berkeley Connection?
        \_ they can't find what doesn't exist.
           \_ There is no housing, only Zuul.
        \_ The Coops are calling you, my friend.
1998/8/1-3 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:14420 Activity:high
7/31    Say I wanted to create a special account with special privledges
        other accounts but I don't to make it user root or have a uid less
        than 100.  How would I do that?  For example, the accounts cs61a,
        cs61a-ta, cs61a-tb,... can su into other cs61a accounts and read
        there files even though they don't have permissions set by the
        individual users.
        \_ I heard that the kernels on the instructional machines needed
           to be hacked for this to work.  -- yuen
                \_ As if root@cory has source to the HP-SUX, Digital Spewnix,
                   and Slowaris kernels to hack it into...
                        \_ At least they finally killed Ultrix
           \_  wouldn 't be too hard to hack that into su
               with sudo you would 't even need to hack it
        \_ tasu
           \_ so there's no way to create some kind of hiearchial user
                \_ You can write a version of su that does.  Since su runs
                   setuid root, it can implement any security policy you
                   want it to.  I think sudo already has that functionality.
        \_ run afs.  duh.
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