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1998/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:14318 Activity:nil
7/11    For a good time call 642-0070
        \_ Which is what?  A campus emergency number?  UCPD?
                \_ hmm that is the 1200 baud campus connection.
                        \_ Why are they wasting a perfectly good phone
                           line on that?
1998/7/13 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:14321 Activity:nil
7/13    Is there some place MOTD's are archived or do I have to start
        my own background process to save a copy every once in a while?
        \_ If you want to keep the motd from being nuked create a
           background process that checks the size of the motd.  If it's
           larger than it was about a minute ago then back it up.  If
           it's smaller then copy the backup to /etc/motd.public.  That
           way the motd can never shrink.
           \_ That's a good start, but what if someone replaces the MOTD
              with a larger file filled only with X's ?  I think some
              kind of diff'ing or manual backups are necessary.  Another
              idea would be to manage the MOTD with RCS or CVS.  Then
              if someone nukes it you could just check out a previous,
              uncorrupted version. -emin
           \_ how do you create a background process that will always run,
              even when you are not logged on?
                \_ cron
                        \_ is there any other way?
                                \_ nohup???
1998/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:14322 Activity:nil
07/13   Another SCSI CAM panic, it looks like. Film at 11.
        \_ Quotas for several hundred users are hozed, and will be fixed RSN.
           \_ Quotas are being redone (possibly increased!), should be
              ready by ~3pm --frantic-root-people-in-csua-office
1998/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:14323 Activity:nil
           \_ because dipshits like you keep nuking the motd
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