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1998/7/11-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:14319 Activity:nil
7/10    Does anyone know any good sources of info about getting
        through a digital (altavista) firewall. (not socks 5 compatible)
        \_ Hammer the admin until he gives in.
        \_ From which direction?  In either case, the hammer approach
           will often produce results.
           \_ good question.  I am behind the firewall and want to get out
                to the (un)real world. -crebbs
        \_ Is this a firewall or a bastion host? If it is a firewall, try
           a port scan from a machine likely to be allowed out (like the
           mailserver, or an ftp server). If it's a bastian host set-up,
           either get on the bastion host, or fuggettaboutit.
                \_ It's Hammuh Time!
1998/7/11-13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14320 Activity:nil
7/10    How do you turn off that beeping sound when you use write/nwrite?
        There isn't a setting in my terminal program.  I've tried setting
        nobeep variable at the shell level, but no help either.
        \_ Read the man page for nwrite, under ".nwriterc"
        \_ Beep?  I don't get a beep.  I didn't know it beeped.  Seriously.
           Is my computer defective?
           \_ there's obviously a problem in the monitor-keyboard interface
           \_ New stuff at the top.
                \_ Top of what?  The motd?  I'm *replying* to something here.
                   New topics at the top of the motd, new sub-threads of a
                   current topic at the bottom of the topic.  Clear now?
                   Anyway, everything else beeps just fine.  Maybe my
                   telnet client is filtering or something.  Thanks anyway
                   for trying.
                   \_ This entry is dated 7/10, below 7/9 entries.  Twink.
                        \_ English lesson: I didn't write the original post.
                           I wrote that I never get beeps.  Shove it up your
                           fat ass, moron.  I'm *replying* to something.  I
                           don't know or care who posted the original on
                           whatever date, you asshole.  If you're going to be
                           a MOTD Cop, at least do it right, idiot.
1998/7/11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:49814 Activity:nil
7/10    A quick and dirty  spam filter i wrote:
        I'm not really sure how well it works and it might even filter out
        real mail.
        \_ You expect us to run a binary without source or do you expect
           that a shell script can be run if an arbitrary user's process
           can't read the shell script to find out what shell to run on
        -rwx--x--x  1 jefe  csua  2490 Jul 11 00:57 /home/j/jefe/.nospam
           \_ There is no binary involved.  It's all perl script as
              stated at the top #!/usr/bin/perl.  Your procmailrc file
              will automatically invoke it if it has:
                | $HOME/.nospam
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