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1998/7/10-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:14311 Activity:high
7/9     who wants my $650/mo studio on channing near dana? --aaron
        \_ no, but i'd like your $650
        \_ no, but i'd like your sex  -John
           \_ his dog is named sex
           \_ I've had John's sex.  Anyone want it?  I'm done.
        \_ what would make any studio worth $650?
                \_ any studio near campus is at _least_ that much.
                        \_ I pay less for my 2-bedroom near campus.
                           \_ If you pay less than $650/mo for a 2 bedroom
                              then you must live in a shithole.
                                \_ He's sharing with 3 other people or
                                   something.  Economic reality comes to
                        \_ Only if you're stupid or too lazy to shop around.
                                \_ you must not care about the conditions
                                   you live in...  i've _rarely_ seen a
                                   habitable studio for less than $600
                                   that's near campus.
        \_ Live in the Co-Ops. $400/mo, food included.
                \_ If you call that living.  I call it a form of punishment.
                   Our prison system is more humane and sanitary.
1998/7/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14312 Activity:moderate
7/9     Beware Windows 98's File Deletion Bug!
        \_ Boycott Windows.  Get BeOS or Linux.
                \_ BeOS == Be, Linux != RedHat.
                   \_I was only trying to give out helpful pointers. Not
                     point to official pages.  Speaking of which there's
            <-- get your $2 cd here
        \_ just tried this. yucky, keyboard navig in win98 explorer
           semi-br0ken from win95. mebbe I will replace win98 with a Linux
           variant, but how can I be sure my Okidata Okipage 6e printer
           (funky printer where OS does a lot of the computation through win95
           specific drivers) would still work? Ack.
           \_ I found my Cannon bj4000 printer on the filter list.  If
              you have a postscript printer then you're in luck because
              you won't need any special filters.  You can just send
              postscript documents straight to the printer.  Half the
              laser printers out there are postscript.
           \_ It might not; this is one way that Microsoft locks people into
              its operating systems.  "WinModems" and such.  Try asking on
              comp.os.linux.hardware if it's supported anywhere.
              \_ Is anyone trying to set up a compatibility API so that
                 MicroSquish drivers can be used under linux and whatnot?
1998/7/10 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:14313 Activity:high
7/10  See Lethal Weapon 4 ! See Jet Li beat up Mel Gibson at least once
      (though, unfortunately, Jet Li plays a bad guy and, of course,
       thus has to lose at the end.)
        \_ Asian guys always lose at the end. This is an white country.
           WHITE POWER!!
           \_ Print your name so we can flame your racist ass.
           \_ "This is AN white country."  Check your grammar you idiot.
           \_ Not in Hong Kong movies :)
1998/7/10 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:14314 Activity:nil
7/9     How do you change the Reply-To address in pine when you send
        outgoing mail.
        \_ Type Ctrl-R when in any of the header fields will expand headers

        \_ go to the setup configure menu.  it's easy to find the reply-to
           header option.  it's near the bottom i think.
        \ By using real mail program
          \_ I don't understand this religious fervor over mail programs.
             What can other mailers, such as mh, do that pine can't for the
             _average_ user? And don't start naming off 1001 features that
             Joe Blow won't ever use, cuz I don't deny they do have more
             features than pine.
                \_ how about "not using 3*mail spool space in RAM"
1998/7/10-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:14315 Activity:high
7/9     I have the following problem. I have call waiting, however
        whenever I'm online, the phone just rings and rings for the person
        trying to call me. I was wondering if there was something I can
        do, like changing modem settings, so that I can be automatically
        disconnected whenever someone is trying to call me? Any help would
        be great. --sheuy
        \_ You can try to turn off error correction but in my experience
           all new modems won't disconnect from call waiting.
                \_ Disenabling error correction seems to work, except for
                   the occational garbled stuff on the screen. After a few
                   rings, my screen is full of garbled stuff.
        \_ I dunno about disconnecting, but if you want to give them a busy
           signal, type "*70,,555-1234" for your outgoing phone number.
        \_ I was trying to figure this out for x years until I finally
           gave in to $40/month of a 2nd line.  Error correction has gotten
           so robust that modems don't disconnect you anymore from call
           waiting blips.  An old 28.8K Cardinal I had would hang up,
           until I put in the connectivity flash ROM upgrade.
           I was beginning to look into voice modems (with call waiting
           detect?) before I gave up ...
        \_ I read a news report a few weeks ago that Lucent is working on
           a product that will tell you on your computer if someone is
           calling you and will give you the option of disconnecting
           from your ISP. The report sounded like it was going to be a
           software product, but somehow I suspect that some hardware
           will be required (or else someone else would have done this
           already).            -- sagarwal
           \_ Lucent is a hardware company so probably.
        \_ I got the followng response about the problem from the tech.
           people at 3Com. I haven't tried it out yet though so I dunno if
           it works:
           Go into a terminal program like Hyperterminal, Quicklink,
           Terminal, or RapidComm. The initialization string should
           appear, followed by OK.  Underneath OK, type AT&FS10=3&W and
           hit enter. This will increase the modem's sensitivity to
           line noise. --sheuy
                \_ &F has nothing to do with it.  For a Hayes modem, S10:

                Sets the duration, in tenths of a second, that the modem
                waits after loss of carrier before hanging up.  This guard
                time allows the modem to distinguish between a line hit, or
                other disturbance that momentarily breaks the connection,
                from a true disconnect (hanging up) by the remote modem.

                While we do not recommend connecting the modem to a line
                with call waiting, if you have call waiting you may wish
                to adjust this setting upward to prevent the modem from
                misinterpreting the signal for a second call as a disconnect
                by the remote modem.  A better alternative is to contact
                your phone company to find out how to temporarily disable
                call waiting.
                        -from USR Courier v.everything manual
1998/7/10-13 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14316 Activity:very high
7/9     Is there a way to bounce mail from certain sites (ie. .forward?
        .filter? .bounce?)? Someone is subscribing my name all over the
        place. Thanks.
        \_ procmail --aaron
           \_ --smitty
           \_ the problem with using procmail to bounce certain spammers
              is that spammers frequently switch email addresses (even
              though they usually don't exist).
                \_ There are a lot of things you can do with procmail other
                   than filter on specific addresses.  For one thing, you
                   can bounce all mail from invalid addresses.  -tom
                   \_ How do you do that?
                                in the body to /dev/null -alanc-
                   \_ COOL! How do I do that tom?
                        \_ or file all mail containing "EMAIL MARKETING WORKS!"
                                to /dev/null -alanc-
        \_ the spam revenger. Once you've found the email address of the
        spammer send a giant email which might bring down the remote
        open(MAIL,"| mail");
        for(i=0; i < 99999999999999999999999999; i++) { print MAIL "fuck
           you\n"; }
        \_ This is really stupid.  Most spammers use fake email addresses
           anyways (usually of prominent anti-spam activists) so it is
           more likely you will just end up mailbombing someone innocent. -mel
           \_ If you cant trace it and they're advertising something, you
              can do a whois on the domain and mailbomb them!
           \_ Are you sure they are not using their own addresses?  Think
              opposit.  Maybe they just want people to back them up.
           \_ Call their number, and get them to tell you where they actually
              located. It's not that hard, I'm sure you can think of a way.
              Then get the Mob to do a random hit on someone who works there.
              Vito will do it for $5k, the crackhead across the alley for
              1/10 that. Of course, then you owe them one.  -wiseguy
                \_ The crackhead will do it for a dimebag.  You overpay your
                   crackheads.  Way out of market range for crackhead hitmen.
1998/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:14317 Activity:nil
7/10    I have an idle job I've had running for several days and I can't
        find a way to kill it.  How do you get rid of it?
                \_ How much are you willing to pay to get rid of this
                \_ zombie process? try 'kill -9 -1' to kill all process.
                worked for me.
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