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1998/7/6-7 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14290 Activity:very high
7/6  Yes I did a stupid thing-- installing Active Desktop just to see what it
     looks like. Now, how do I uninstall it? Please don't post anything like
     "format, install a real OS" or "install NT again". Thanks.
        \_ I think that formatting and re-installing Windows is your
           best bet.  Active Desktop leaves a lot of crap lying around
           and makes your computer much slower, even if it is uninstalled.
        \_ try hot sex on the carpet.
           \_ that only works if you're trying to make your roomate go
              away.  a m$ program is a lot harder though.
        \Nothing is as hard as I am when I think of psb -#1 PSB FAN
                \_ I always just recorded live video/audio and sold it on
                   the net.
        \_ Looks like you did the right thing.
        \_ Let this be a lesson to install linux.  Try finding someone
           \_ WTF does linux have to do with active desktop?
           who does have the IE4 uninstall option.  Then try copying the
           windows registry settings from their's onto yours.  It's a
           long shot but it might work.
           \_ Damn, if this isn't the most dumbshit advice I've seen on
              the motd in at least 24 hours....
        \_ you might want to try this because not only will it get rid
           active desktop but it will also give a you new clean registry
           which will make your computer go a lot faster.  Backup all
           your personal files and installs onto a zip drive.  Then
           reinstall windows and everything else you backed up.
            \_ He said none of that "install NT again".  He wants a real
        \_ Yes, you can disable Active Desktop. - William Gates
        \_ Thanks for all the enthusiasm. Are there any real answer? Thanks.
           (btw I can't uninstall under Add/Remove option)
           \_ Do you have admin rights?  I assume you do.  Did you install
              it as another user?
        \_ I haven't personally tried this but coworker says to
           uninstall IE4 completely and then reinstall IE4 without
           the active desktop feature.  --paulwang
                \_ Just tried, can't find IE program in the Add/Remove menu.
                        \_ Go to "Product Updates" in the "Help" menu in IE4
                                it will bring up a menu of IE4 components you
                                can add/remove
                                \_ I can add but can't remove. Try it.
                \_ Just in case, you have looked for Microsoft Internet
                   Explorer 4.0 in the Add/Remove menu right?
                   I have it in my menu and I'm pretty sure I've uninstalled
                   IE4 before.  -- paulwang
     \_ open My Computer, choose View, then Folder Options and then click
        on the General tab. Select the Classic Style radio button and click
        on Apply. Now click on OK. Next, choose View As Web Page to
        deselect Web Page view. For all practical purposes, this puts you
        back to the Standard Desktop.
        \_ Yes, you can disable Active Desktop. - Jennifer Gates
           \_ Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. - Sun Microsystems
                \_ what do you guys know?  You are Sun Microsystems
                   that is going nowhere but down.
                \_ Sun Microsystems learned how to "go down" from yer mom
                   if you know what I mean.
                   \_ I don't know.  Please explain in blow by blow detail.
        \_ But this doesn't uninstall it.  You're still clogged full of
           shit all over your computer.  You've only disabled some of it.
1998/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/House] UID:14291 Activity:high
7/6  how do you get dried hot wax out of carpet? - danh
        \_ if its died, why's it still hot?
        \_ Did you try boiling water & soap?  (Melt it out and have a
           surfactant or detergent to clean it out once it is melted?)
        \_ Put a paper towel on top of the spot where the wax is and
           then put a hot iron on top of the paper towel.  The iron
           will melt the wax and the paper towel will absorb the melted
           wax. -chrchan
           \_ This works but you'd best fold-over the towel a few times.
           \_ You might as well burn the rest of the house down while
              you're at it.
              \_ You might want to get neutered so you don't reproduce by
                 accident or something you fuckin cretin.
     \_ try hot sex on the carpet
       \_ but that creates different mess problems.
        \_ how do you know the wax wasn't from hot sex in the first
           \_ sploog is much harder to clean up than hot wax.
                \_ No it's not... just pretend it's not there and hope it
                   goes away
                   \_ I still think it's from hot sex with a candle.
                        \_ With a lit candle?  How would it stay lit
                           while you're getting fucked with it?
     \_ what do your housemates do for a living again danh?
        \_ banshee is a professional masochist, he was probably screaming
           like one when his master poured hot wax onto him.
                |_ what are the qualifications for professional status ?
                   \_ being paid for it.
1998/7/6-7 [Recreation/Media] UID:14292 Activity:high
7/6     That Simpsons episode last night sucked.
        \_ It was a rerun you idiot.
          \_ So? It still sucks you idiot. I never said I watched it the
             first time.
          \_ that just makes it suck even more.
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