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1998/6/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:14229 Activity:very high
6/22    Mulan was EXCELLENT. Also a lot of cute Asian chics in the theatre.
        \_ shut up aaron
                \_ i haven't seen it yet --aaron
                   \_ maybe not, but you will for the sake of scamming.
        \_ It is indeed excellent, but I don't see no cute asian chics
           in the theatre here in Waukesha, WI.  Many cute white chicks
               - in exile Berkeleyan
                \_  P.S. Asian girls kick butt, I love all of them.
               \_ Like you will find any in Berkeley.
                  \_ Don't be too greedy.  Try Waukesha, WI or Kokomo, IN
                     for a few years, and you will find the BA to be
                     heaven on earth.  What's with this explosion of
                     restaurants on Solano?
               \_ Asian girls kick butt, I love all of them.
                \_ especially in those spike heeled boots with fishnet stockings
                              Why? You have some connections to this pathetic
                    \_ Hey!  I need to stay in Waukesha, WI for some time, so
                       stop tempting me with this asian chicks stuff.  Let's
                       talk about white chicks.
                        \ Why ? Since when do any chicks; let alone asian's
                          go out with a soda guy?
                          \_ Haha.  Very funny. -Waukesha sodan.
                        \_ GE Medical Systems sucks.  -tom
                           \_ Good try but you are wrong.  My company is worse.
                              You have some connections to this pathetic
                                \_ I worked for GEMS for 8 years, and spent
                                   several weeks on projects in Waukesha. -tom

                                   \_ Does GEMS really suck?  For what's its
                                      worth, I am actually quite impressed
                                      during the interview, but turned down
                                      an offer cause I don't want to live
                                      in Waukesha, WI.

                                      You must be rich with GE stocks then.
                                \_ It sucks for geeks.  It's probably OK for
                                   pointy-haired types.  My GE stock is
                                   doing well, I would hardly say I'm
                                   rich off it.  -tom
                                   \_ Thanks for the info.  So, what's
                                      a good company for geeks?
                                \_ One without many pointy-haired types.  -tom
1998/6/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:14230 Activity:nil 50%like:14236
6/22    EE positions available - Circuit Design Engineers
        If interested please fwd resume in ascii -hkg
1998/6/22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Recreation/Sports] UID:14231 Activity:nil
6/21    How the hell is soccer supposed to make it in the US when
        they can't even beat Iran?
        \_ US team whined too much.  What is it with "We would have won
           9 times out of 10" and all that stuff?  If they lost, they
           should swallow the defeat, go home, practice hard, and come
           back 4 years later.  Enough with that sore looser crap.
           No wonder the world doesnt repect US soccer.
        \_ IRAN RULES, BABY!!           --azarm
1998/6/22-23 [Recreation/Sports, Health/Women] UID:14232 Activity:moderate
6/21    soda loser: "I am less of a dysfunctional corporate slave
        because I like soccer.  How about you?"
        \_ IRAN RULES, BABY!!           --azarm
        \_ Because of Iran's victory, the guy at Bongo Burger is
           giving out free humus to everyone who comes in and
           says Allah three times.    wombat
           \_ long live the revolutionary-guards/komiteh
           \_ It's more like "Team USA sucks, baby!!"
1998/6/22-23 [Finance/CC, Recreation/Dating] UID:14233 Activity:kinda low
6/22    These fuckers are going down. Help me do it:
        \_ Looking at online porn is nothing to be ashamed of.  Paying
           for it is.  Paying for it and getting screwed is even
           more embarrassing... :)   -John
           \_ And what did these people _think_ was going to happen when they
              unquestioningly gave their credit card number to some sleazy
              porn company over the net?  Like, duh.
          \_ Look now. I have given my credit card number to probably a dozen
             porn companies and none of them ripped me off. So your position
             is that if you buy porn, you deserve to be ripped off? Let me
             me guess, you're either a man-hating feminist or a religious
             freak, right?
             \_ Y3AH, D00D!!!1!  TH0S3 DYK3 F3M1NAZ1Z N" J3SUS FR33KS JUST
                D0N"T UND3RSTAND TH3 _N33DS_ UV _R3UL M3N_ LI3K U N" M3!!1!

             \_ Or more likely, an online porn consumer who was once
                ripped off.
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