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1998/6/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:14221 Activity:low
6/16    I have an old SVGA 17" Monitor.  Does anyone know how much this
        is worth?  Does anybody want to buy it?  Thanks. -- emin
        \_ How old?  What brand/model? What condition? Max resolution/freq.?
         \_ Less than $300
          \_ Could be less than that. My boss had a MAG DX17F conk out on
             him after 2 years of sitting on his desk. If I were other ppl,
             I'd go with a new one with a bonafide warranty unless the
             price was really right or it were a friend. -jctwu
             \_ Did it sizzle when it died?  My MAG died out a few months
                ago as well.  Same model and about the same age.
                \_ It clicked! Same clicking that you hear changing
                   refresh frequencies, except this time, the little ray gun
                   never came back. :(
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1998:June:17 Wednesday <Tuesday, Thursday>