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1998/6/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:14219 Activity:low
6/15    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've missed the last
        2 weeks' worth of B5.  Anybody out there have it on videotape
        and would be willing to lend for a day or two?
                           -- goldfarb
        \_ obligatory get-a-life
           \_ i'd rather "Fight the future", wouldn't you?
1998/6/16-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:14220 Activity:high
6/15    Any thoughts on "Truman Show"?  I haven't seen it.  Looking for
        \_ Pretty good flick. Some plot holes and absurdities, but easy
           to forgive.
                \_ Not the kind of absurdities you'd have in mind when
                   thinking about Jim Carrey's track record -- hardly any
                   slapstick at all.  I thorougly enjoyed it.
        \_ Definitely worth the money. The best parts were the underlying
           messages, such as "american mass media is the antichrist".
           makes you go, "hmmm..."              -Movie Critic
                \_ Where the hell do you get this?  Ed Harris's character's
                   name was Christof
           \_ I thought the underlying message was Ed Harris is God.
              What did I miss?
                \_ I said "underlying", Ed is God is obvious. -MovieCritic
        \_ I know that most people seemed to like it, but I actually found
           it quite boring, especially in the beginning.  I felt it was a
           great idea, but to long in the development, and not enough was
           given to his actions for what they did to him.
           \_ actually i thought it was too short...
           \_ Should he have triggered a global thermonuclear war?
              \_ Yeah, that would have been cool!  Death, Destruction, Anarchy
        \_ One word: Hollywood.
           \_ This sounds like a comment from someone who didn't see it.
              And if you did see it, that's one of the most common, and
              most obnoxious "criticism" people give about films.  Grow
              up or grow a few brain cells.
              \_ I saw it. On the first night, too. Let's see: good idea,
                 good acting, overblown sets, storyline ruined by excessive
                 "drama", predictable plot turns, happy ending. Hollywood.
                 \_ The "Hollywood" feel to the movie was intentional and
                    part of what made the movie so good. --dim
        \_ Excellent movie. It worked on so many levels. It should win a
           lot of awards. Best movie I've seen in the last couple years.
           Critics aren't willing to go that far, but what do critics
           know? Comparative crap (like Titanic, L.A. Confidential, and
           The Full Monty) was nominated last year. --dim
                \_ full monty kicked ass.  go stick yer head in a pig.
           \_ L.A. Confidential was a really good movie.  But so was The
              Truman Show, I agree.  -tom
                \_ Yeah and what the hell do you know about movies?
                        \_ go away cmlee
                \_ Yermom was in a really good movie last month. Want to
                   borrow the video
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