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1998/6/15-18 [Recreation/Humor] UID:14214 Activity:high
6/14    Boycott Mulan-- it is a distorted combination of fact and fiction
        and its views are overly westernized.
        \_ Uhm, duh, hello, it's a cartoon.  Like the lion king, little
           mermaid, robotech, invasion america, or any other cartoons
           from anyone have any reality in them.  OPEN SKULL, INSERT GRIP,
           CLOSE SKULL.  Thank you.  This message has been brought to you
           by the Get A Grip, You Dumbshit! Foundation Of America, a not
           for profit, public organization.  For more information, please
           see or your local /etc/motd.
        \_ It's the too-stupid-to-think fuckers like you do get offended
           by everything that make me smile only that you all do it too
           often... I guess cause you're just too stupid... such that I
           get tired of smiling all the goddamned time in an I-wanna-whip-
           -your-parents-with-your-useless-spinal-column kinda way. -(fucker)
        \_ So what is it with the round-eyed Japanese in all of those
           anime cartoons, anyway?
           \_ Japanese schoolgirl chicks are hot *drool*
        \_ ASIAN GIRL #1 YEAH BABY
        \_ Wow, how many different ways can disney keep telling basically
           the same story?
                \_ Every human life is basically the same story, fuckface.
                   \_ Dear god, I hope not.  If you had to go through what
                      we did to yer mom last night, you'd wish your lives
                      weren't the same.  (p.s. We'll be back for you tonight)
                      \_ thus proving all lives are basically the same since
                            be almost funny and running it DIRECTLY inro the
                         junior _is_ going to go through what his mom did.
                         \_ Sigh.  Do you enjoy taking something that could
                            be almost funny and running it DIRECTLY into the
                            \_ Yes, I do.  Why do you ask?
                      \_ It's funny to see geeks trying to talk tough.
                \_ How many mommies and daddies are willing to pay through
                   the nose to get their kids to shutup for 92 minutes?
                   You'll keep seeing Disney crap and clones for the rest
                   of your life, so will your grand children.
1998/6/15-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14215 Activity:low
6/14    Taos Mtn/SVLUG Tech Talk on the Future of Linux, with Linus Torvalds.
        Santa Clara, July 14.  Free registration required.   -- schoen
        \_ Free reg required?  I have to bring my resume to see Linus?
        \_ Danke, schoen!
        \_ There are 500 seats open to free registration.  If you want to
           go see/hear Linus and seats are no longer available off of
           open seating/you want better seats, let me know. --chris
1998/6/15-18 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:14216 Activity:low
6/12    What's a reasonable amount to pay for a Thinkpad 770-1AU (14"),
        with 160 meg of ram, 5.1 gb disk, and a DVD?  -phr
        \_ phr is a rich spoiled bastard. Everytime he posts he's always
           selling some of his old shit (which happen to be REALLY good
           for most of us out there) or he's getting the latest/greatest
           toy. Fuckin' rich bastard.
           \_ Oh shutup you whiney little dirt eating school boy and go
              get a job.  -not phr
        \_ wow, a computer that outperforms every computer at Soda Hall
                \_ I've got a p-90.  Same category.
        \_ I'd like to ask you: Who needs 160 megs of RAM on a LAP TOP?!
           Running multiuser environment?  On your LAP TOP?
           \_ No, you need that just to run Windoze 98.
           \_ You need to be able to load multiple porn images while on
              BART to pass the time.
1998/6/15-19 [Transportation/Car] UID:14217 Activity:nil
6/15    Can anyone recommend a car mechanic/shop in Berkeley for checking a
        used car I want to buy?
        \_ try precision peoples on san pablo near gilman, or AAA ($$$).
1998/6/15-16 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14218 Activity:high
6/15    My little brother got into Cal and Stanford, can you guys tell us
        pros and cons of your personal experience? Thanks.
        \_ Who will be paying for the schooling and what sorts of majors
           is he considering? --dim
        \_ If you can afford it and are white (or Asian), I would recommend
           Stanford because it's more prestigious, less competitive... that
                \_ Berkeley's 3.5 GPA equivalent to Stanford's 4.0.
                   Most Berkeley grads who got 3.5+ got 4.0 in Stanford's
           means you'll probably have a higher GPA and will be more attractive
           to grad schools and employers.
                \_ If he's ever planning to work in Europe, Berkeley.
                   Nobody here's ever heard of Stanford.  Seriously.  -John
                \_ Berkeley's 3.5 GPA = Stanford's 4.0.
                   Most Berkeley undergrads who got 3.5+ got 4.0 in Stanford's
                   grad program.  You draw the conclusion.
                   \_ URL to prove this fact?????
                      \_ I once spoke to a professor, and he does factor in
                         inflated Stanfurd grades while going through grad
                   \_ umm, grad school GPAs are higher everywhere
        \_ weather is much nicer in berkeley
        \_ If you want a challenging environment to prepare yourself for the
           real world, go to Berkeley.
           \_ If you want to learn how truly cruel and inhumane
              bureacracy can be, go to Berkeley and join the rest of
              the undergrad herd.
                \_ I dunno about you, but I feel far more prepared to face
                   "real world" assholes than some candy-assed spoiled
                   Stanford grad.  -John
           \_ i agree.  if you want to be challenged come to berkeley.  Be
              prepared to compete in a cut-throat environment and be
              treated like shit.  Because the real world is EXACTLY like that.
              Go to stanford if you're WEAK and need the extra attention from
           \_  Give me a break.  I don't know about Stanford because I spent
           both my under and grad years at Berkeley, and I know Berkeley is
           full of the product of fine American high schools and competition
           is almost nonexistent.
        \_ Easy choice. Go wherever the chics are. Go Bruins!!! Cal SUX!!!
           \_ Or go where the winning sports teams are. Enjoy the NCAA
              basketball tournament next year and root for the Card.
        \_ Aren't you supposed to decide which college to go to by May 1?
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