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1998/6/1-12 [Uncategorized] UID:14159 Activity:nil
05/31   Soda crashed and rebooted for unknown reasons today.
        Robert Stack has been notified.  (further investigation
        is underway)
1998/6/1 [Recreation/Music] UID:14160 Activity:nil
06/01   Does anyone know if there is a soundtrack available for John Woo's
        "The Killer" ? If so; would this be something I should look for in
        Chinatown ? --ramberg
        \_ there isn't an original movie soundtrack.
           however, it's possible to assemble the songs
           if you have the persistence of Sisyphus.
           do a search on for track listings. --jwang
                have fun.  -twaung
1998/6/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:14161 Activity:high
6/2     Vote early. Vote often. Vote no.
        \_ just be sure to take the time to vote against 226 please,
           thanks - danh
        \_ Vote _YES_!!!1!  Otherwise the jackbooted communist thugs will
           march in from over the state border and steal money from union
           workers, build highway bridges that cost three times as much,
           and force our schools to only teach children in Swedish.  At
           least that's what the TV commercials tell me.
          \_ As a conservative I have deleted the response previously in
             this space as it was either written by a leftist in an attempt
             to make the right look bad, or it was written by the bottom of
             the genetic barrel.  Either way, it wasn't worth the bits it was
             written with and the world, both left,right,and center, is better
             off without that sort of mindless stupidity.  -JAC
             \_ fucking nazi censor
             \_ kinda hard to fit all that on a bumper sticker
                   \_ If you _get_ a bumper sticker like that, you're
                      probably some kind of reactionary country-club pro-life
                      wealthy-from-exploiting-the-downtrodden-poor gun-nut
                      environment-destroying kneejerk arch conservative who'd
                      be much more likely to be driving some big-ass huge gas
                      guzzling SUV or ostentatious luxury car (as opposed to,
                      say, a Geo Metro or Ford Aspire).  Therefore, they'd
                      have enough bumper space, plus some extra to spare, for
                      a larger-than-normal bumper sticker.
                                       -- warm hearted, compassionate liberal
                                       (and in this case, I'm jealous, because
                                        there isn't enough space for _both_
                                        the "Save the Whales" and "You Can't
                                        Hug Children With Nuclear Arms"
                                        stickers on the top of my bike rack.)
                        \_ Typically, those who actually get rich from
                           exploiting the downtrodden poor are generally
                           too careful with their position to risk it with
                           such nonsense.  It's the pathetic incompetents
                           who WANT to be exploiters but don't know how
                           who waste time on such things. -mel
                           \_ You guys don't know what you're missing.
                              We have a socialist and a nationalist party.
                              Our politics are more fun.  We're invading
                              California next week, but in an eco-friendly
                              way.  -John
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