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1998/5/11-13 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:14074 Activity:nil 58%like:14013 52%like:14020
05/09   Dont forget the CSUA general meeting next wednesday at 5:30.
        \_ Make that 6:30 pm jon
1998/5/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:14075 Activity:nil
5/10    Psych grad student's looking for volunteers for a psych
        experiment. We're pretty desperate, so we're willing to offer the
        bribe of FREE PIZZA, drinks and snacks. The experiment entails
        watching video tapes and rating people's emotions. This coming
        Tuesday at 6 pm on campus. Email me if interested. -- reka
        \_ Are you CPHS-approved? - randomly curious
           \_ Yes. Are you interested? -- reka
                \_ Sorry, I'm only a comp sci major-- what's CPHS?
                  \_ It means he won't harm you or fuck up your head.
                  \_ I believe it stands for the Campus Policy on Human
                     Subjects or something to the effect. It's kind of a
                     a review process to ensure that experiments are safe
                     and all that good stuff.
1998/5/11-12 [Science/Space] UID:14076 Activity:moderate
5/8     Work for the company that has the RTOS monopoly on Mars!
        Java development position open. look at:
        \_ How can you have a monopoly on Mars if you're not selling it there?
           Oh wait, am I saying that Little Green Men don't need an OS? :-)
           Seriously, I wish our OS is running on Mars too.  Great job.
           --- someone that shares the same parking lot
           \_ :-)
                \_ :-< _!!!!!1!!!!!!!_
1998/5/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:14077 Activity:nil
5/8     A friend of mine is looking for someone to do some
        only-slightly-challenging Perl CGI work? there's $150 or so in
        it for them, negociable. Mail me if interested: -=aubie
1998/5/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14078 Activity:high
5/8     earn 25 bucks participating in CS research experiment.
        \_ I would have something to say about this thread but I took my
           prozac today.
        \_ I usually cost significantly more than 25 bucks.
          \_ No matter how you disguise it, its still illegal in this state.
                \_ So is smoking pot for non-medical uses but that never
                   stopped anyone.  So is driving under the influence.  So
                   is drinking alcohol under 21.  So is sex under 18.  So
                   are a whole bunch of other vices.  Your point is what?
                  \_ So legalize it!  If its a legal occupation, women can
                     sue if some guy attempts to kill her.  Morality is
                     another question...
                  \_ Legalize everything!  What kinda conservative uptight
                     police state are we living in anyway.  Big Brother is
                     ALWAYS watching.  Clipper Chips are in everything we own,
                     even yer calculator is tapped.  - CSUA Anarchist
                     \_ So if I multiply two subversive numbers, the government
                        will find out?  - another CSUA anarchist
                \_ it's only illegal if you get caught.
                  \_ it's only punishable if you get caught, it's still
                     illegal.  -CSUA Legal Assistance
                     \_ /etc/motd for CSUA Student Advocate!
                   \_it's only punishable if it's illegal.
                     \_ Ill Eagle - Some Government Dude
                     \_ The idea is that you break the law (commit an illegal
                        act) and the consequence is punishment.  What are you
                        trying to get at?
                        \_ doosh
1998/5/11-12 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:14079 Activity:very high
5/11    Living in Silicon Valley really sucks. In the past two years, I can
        just see that traffic jam gets worse and worse every day... and the
        cost of living just sky rocket. Crowding creates frustration man.
        \_ Then leave.  Move to Alaska or somewhere.
        \_ Did you learn to speak English on a fishing boat?
        \_ "immigrants"... 'nuff said.  Squirting kids out left and right
           and driving wages down.  Call me "un-PC", but as far as I can tell,
           it's fucking obvious.
        \_ Traffic jam:
           1) More and more people come into the Bay Area
           2) Cost of housing skyrocket because of skewed supply/demand, so
              more people have to live farther for affordable housing. Driving
              farther of course means more time on the road, and more time on
              the road means more traffic jam.
           The moral of the story, Silicon Valley does really suck.
           \_ move to Redmond.
           \_ The _real_ moral of the story: _you_ really do suck.  _Real_
           between them is 1 very slow and windy lane, which blocks the
           entire 92, 84, 237 lanes. Don't they know that the slowest element
           of any flow system bottlenecks the entire system? JESUS CHRIST.
              men and women don't live far away with an impossible commute so
           replace them with IEOR and computer scientists.
              that they can have a pretty little house with flowers and a
              barbecue . . . _REAL_ men and women work all day, and then
              sleep under their desks at night.  Pansy-boy.
        \_ So leave.  You, too, can make a difference . . . one person
           at a time.
        \_ Blame it on CalTran. They are good at building bridges, etc, but
           they know shit about queueing theory and control flow. They have
           built huge 92, 82, 237 highways that connect between 101 and
           80, but they are so stupid and incompetent that the interconnect
           between them is 1 very slow and narrow lane, which blocks the
           entire 92, 84, 237. Don't they know that the slowest element
           of any flow system bottlenecks an entire system? JESUS CHRIST.
           I think they should fire old and incompetent civil engineers and
           replace them with newer and younger IEOR and computer scientists.
           \_ IEOR and Computer Scientists?  Yeah!  Auren Hoffman and
              Scott Bonds -- building the Bay Area's next-generation freeways!
           \_ Speaking of stupid traffic exchanges, how about the whole
              580/80/bay-bridge/cypruss/macarthur-maze mess?
        \_ I just love the 5-10 minute traffic jams at the Bay Bridge toll
           booths on Saturday nights when they open only 30% of the booths
           \_  Funny how they talk about the new rate hike having made the
              bay bridge toll delays even longer.  Stoopid people not having
              correct change and what not even more often.
                   on the bridge between the island and SF. -ERic
           \_ That doesn't bother me half as much as the near-constant
              traffic jam around yermom
        \_ Ride bike!
          \_ I try but most of the bay bridges dont allow bikes, and BART
             has f*cking obnoxious bike-on-bart hours.  The bike-shuttle
             across the bay bridge is nice but has the same traffic problems.
             \_ try "motorbike"
                \_ try "organ donor"
                \_ You can die a slow death in traffic, or lanesplit on a
                   bike and play the odds.  I'm winning.
          \_ Do any of the new Bay Bridge designs under consideration
             include bike lanes?
                \_ They're all required to. But tat would only get you to
                   the island midway.   They would stil need to put bikelanes
                   on the bridge between the island and SF, so its sort of a
                   waste. -ERic
        \_ Ve haff high-speed, high-tech, high-gloss Autobahn you peon.
           Learn to build roads, Amerikaner Schweinehund pig dogs.  -John
           \_ But your roads were built by Hitler's minions to move tanks
              around the country.
                \_ and Eisenhower built ours to have 1 out of every 5
                miles of freeway straight enough to serve as emergency air
                strips in times of invasion.
1998/5/11-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:14080 Activity:moderate
5/11    How does one make servlet with jdk1.2 beta work with Apache
        1.2.x w/o any third party support or jserv from the Java-Apache
        project?  I've got the patch for mod_servlet.c, which, according
        to the documentation, should be distributed as part of the JSDK
        which is shipped with jdk1.2 beta.  But I can't find this file
        in my jdk1.2 beta I missing something?  Should
        I download the JSDK seperately?
        \_ No it doesn't say that at all.  You might want to re-read it again
           at  Basically the mod_servlet requires JSDK but
           you have get it either from JDK 1.2, or you down it as a separate
           package.  Btw, the latest version of JSDK is 2.0 now.  -- cm1ee
        \_ you can only use servlet with sun's java server or w3's jigsaw
           \_ Not true anymore.  There are now at least a dozen HTTP servers
             that supports the Servlet interface. See
           \_ That's not what Sun claims.
        \_ a "servlet" implies that the server has implemented the Servlet API
                framework. Now figure the rest out.
           \_ You meant a "servlet-enable httpd", Mr. Trying-to-be-smart.
        \_ Why the fuck don't you want to use jserv, idiot?
1998/5/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14081 Activity:nil
5/11    "OS War to Cure Cystic Fibrois" - support your favorite OS & help
        a worthy cause:
        \_ Cute idea, but I always labored under the (obviously mistaken)
           impression that Linux and FreeBSD were Unix.  Where's
           Solaris?  AIX?  SunOS?  VMS?  I get the feeling that if they
           put links to those up they'd get way more money from geeks.
           \_ MS causes memory loss.
1998/5/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:14082 Activity:high
5/11    This is now PRI territory. You have been advised.
        \_ Public Radio International? Why do I need to be advised?
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