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1998/5/5 [Health/Sleeping] UID:14046 Activity:nil
5/4     I have no bed. I sleep on the floor. I will buy any sleeping
        apparatus if the price is good. Anyone know anything?
1998/5/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:14047 Activity:nil 66%like:14067
5/5     When is College Jeopardy broadcast on TV?
        \_7pm on ABC
1998/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:14048 Activity:nil
5/5     It's free ice cream day at the ben & jerrys on
        Oxford (tuesday, may 5th) - danh
1998/5/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:14049 Activity:nil 68%like:14116
5/5     Screen has been patched to possibly fix the recent utmp problems.
        Anyone running screen should exit and restart it.

        If your utmp entry ever gets messed up, please save a copy of
        /var/run/utmp and the output of "fstat" and mail mconst.
1998/5/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:14050 Activity:nil
5/4     In Perl, when I execute time() on Solaris and on Soda, the time
        is very close. However, when I execute time() on my Linux, there's
        a discrepancy of about 30000 seconds. On all the machines, the
        time and date sync, but time() does not. Why is this happening,
        and how do I fix it? THanks.
        \_ Your machine's time is wrong; it only looks correct because you
           have your timezone set incorrectly.  Type "env TZ=PST8PDT time"
           to see what time your machine actually thinks it is.
           \_ env is a gross hack for those who don't use real shells.
        \_ How do I change it? Instead of PST, mine says WAT?
1998/5/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14051 Activity:high
5/5     There used to be (here on Soda) a neat little utility which
        would find zipcodes (and/or Area Codes).  Is there still?
        What is it?   thanks,   -crebbs
        \_ and
        \_ This has been done on unix, dos, windows, etc going back years,
           but with all the new area codes, you're better off with the URLs
           someone else posted.
        \_ if you want the file versions, they are in /usr/share/misc. --aaron
1998/5/5 [Health/Men] UID:14052 Activity:nil
5/5    Is it true that Viagra:
        1) Makes men who are not impotent "harder"
                \_ If you're not impotent, how much harder could you get?
        2) Causes women to become aroused when they take it?
                \_ I think this is from "relief".
1998/5/5-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:14053 Activity:very high
5/5     Who is the Asian chic with big boobs on
        /home/s/sameer/public_html/pictures? I think she's kinda hot.
        \_ peterm in drag
        \_ my friend and I are having a debate. I think she's cup C. He
           thinks she's cup B. What do you think?
                \_ i would say B cup.  this is the opinion of a C cup female.
                   \_ Sign your name, twink.
                                \_ identity or lack thereof in this matter is
                                   quite irrelevant.  i think you just wanna
                                   know what soda chicks are C cups.  -lila
           \_ I think she's cup B.  I've had "hands-on" experience on cup D
              and cup A, and this one looks closer to A than D.  Of course
              I dare not sign my name. :-)
        \_ I also say B, based on the other pictures. From the first one,
           it could be B or small C, but the latter ones clearly show B.
           What does it matter? They're still nice. --dim
        \_ Cup size does depend on rib-cage size.  I'm a 36A or 34B.  Same
           cups, but the 36 ones are set a little farther apart from one
        \_ Can I get there from his home page?
                \_ just download the pix, d00d.
           \_ What?  I thougth all A's are the same and all B's are the same.
              So you mean the cup of a 38B can actually be bigger than that
              of a 32D, etc.?
        \_ wow nice pictures of sameer in bondage, where the ONLY place
           he gets it.
        \_ Wow!  Some kind of sex party?
        \_ Who is this sameer guy anyway?
        \_ Most women would glad not to be CSUA members if they saw this.
           \_ You mean B/D with a crypto god wouldn't turn every sodawoman on?
        \_ it's lumchan
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