Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1998:April:26 Sunday <Saturday>
Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1998/4/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14010 Activity:nil
4/25    A NEW VERSION OF MAME IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ Ok, what is MAME and what is the URL?  Without this information,
           who gives a shit?
                \_ its an arcade emulator.
        \_ ARKANOID!!!
        \_ SINISTAR!
        \_ TOOBIN!!!
        \_ MARBLE MADNESS!!!!
        \_ SNOW BROS.!!!!
        \_ X-RATED ATARI GAMES!!!!
        \_ TETRIS!!
        |_ BAD DUDES!
        |_ HEAVY BARRELSSS!!!
1998/4/26 [Uncategorized] UID:14011 Activity:nil
4/24    Rise up and defend Jerry Springer's honor!
        \_ I would if he had any
        \_" WE LOVE YOU JERRY!!!"  -CSUA Politburo
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1998:April:26 Sunday <Saturday>