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1998/4/24-29 [Industry/Jobs] UID:14004 Activity:nil
4/24    If anyone's still looking for software summer internship or a summer-
        fall co-op position, especially at a startup, send resume to  - mch
1998/4/24-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:14005 Activity:low
        Latest news on upcoming South Park movie D00Dz. - tpc
        \_ Anyone cared?
1998/4/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14006 Activity:high
4/24    There are many open positions at Berkeley based software company
        that's growing fast and will probably go public next year.
        I'm especially looking for NT/win95 sysadmin person.  See
        /csua/jobs/TomSawyerSoftware for more details and/or mail
        me.                                     -gabe
          \_ Permission denied. Change the permissions.
        \_ WinNT sysadmin is a contradiction in terms. -#9 psb fan
           \_ I need to setup a WINS server or PDC with one-way trust with
              another domain.  So, who is supposed to setup it
              up?  An engineer?  My janitor?
        \_ Berkeley student with engineering major doing sys admin? Please
           don't insult us.
           \_ Funny thing is, sysadmins look down on engineers as mindless
              grunts and bean counters.  The truth is probably more like both
              jobs require brains and talent which is taken for granted by
              management, the true idiots of the world.
           \_ Hellllooooo BOZO!  This is the COMPUTER SCIENCE Undergraduate
              Association.  You are a moron.
           \_ "us" refers to sys admins.
                \_ Ok, then same answer: we can't do their jobs, they can't do
                   ours and anyone who hires one to do the other is a fool
                   anyway.  Don't work for them.
1998/4/24-26 [Recreation/Pets] UID:14007 Activity:high
4/24    Does anyone know of pet-sitting services where someone houses
        your pet for a modest fee for an extended period of time (1 yr.)?
        \_ A year?  After a year your pet won't even know who you are.
             \_ My dog has better memory than my husband.
                \_ This says nothing about your dog.
             \_ So many people think animals are like people that it's
                amazing... then there's the wacko on the campanile, yeah,
                Dr. Doolittle himself couldn't seduce a pig as well as
                chain, as does the pet aformentioned pet who would attempt
                that guy. I'm sure he rejoyces every time a bird shits on
                him. Personally, I believe in the concept of the food
                chain, as does the aformentioned pet who would attempt
                to eat its loving owner in a second if hungry enough.
                "We should all live in tee-pees because it would be much
                better that way." (Tree-hugging lab-rat-fucking hippies
                piss me off. I'm going to go eat some veal. FOOD CHAIN!)
                BTW, I don't know any pet-sitters.
                \_ WHAT is your point?
                   \_ I think his point is that he forgot to take his lithium.
                \_ What the hell are you talking about?  Are you agreeing?
                   Disagreeing?  Talking about something else entirely?
1998/4/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:14008 Activity:high
4/24  what does it say???
        \_ Partha Uber Alles. -#4 psb fan
        \_ Will all numbers of psb fans please identify themselves. Otherwise,
        we can assume there's only one.
                \_ You are a complete and total moron.  As the psb #1 Fan, I
                   can assure you that I have never signed as anything other
                   than the #1 Fan.  As far as identifying myself goes, a) why
                   should I give a flying fuck what some anonymous git like
                   yourself thinks, b) why do you care how many there are? and
                   c) the whole thing was created solely for the amusement of
                   those with a sense of humor which clearly excludes you.  I
                   have privately identified myself to a few friends who are
                   sworn unto death to keep my identity a secret.  Those who
                   know don't tell, those who tell don't know.  As long as I'm
                   writing I should add that without psb none of this would be
                   possible.  PSB! PSB! PSB!   -psb #1 Fan
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