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1998/4/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:13965 Activity:kinda low 53%like:14602
4/16    Job setting up a PC near Claremont Hotel.  /csua/pub/jobs/PC-setup
        \_ Too easy. I rather program mission critical apps, design the newest
           and the latest gadget, & work on super-duper workstation. I'm from
           Berkeley for heaven's sake!!!
           Berkeley for heaven's sake!!!  I don't want to do anything that a
           high school kid or a community college kid can do.
           \_ got news,  bub:  many of those jobs are being done already
             by community college (or maybe state college ) kids :)
1998/4/16-17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:13966 Activity:high
4/16    What do you have to do to have a web page with a secure
        connection?  I assume there must be a way for a CGI script to
        interact with the server to send the info.  How would it work on
        \_ SSL uses RSA, which means it costs money.
        \_ SSL uses RSA, which means it costs money, which means no SSL on Soda
        \_ ask root to install stronghold or apache-ssl
                                        \_ apache-ssl is illegal in the us
                \_ donate $175 for a server certificate or con sameer into
                        donating one or it's worthless
        \_ sameer/C2 has offered stronghold to us in the past. We'd still need
            to fork over $$ for a certificate, but that wouldn't be too bad.
            Supposedly they're in the ~100/year range from thawte.
                \_ stronghold is crap.  c2 support is a joke.
                  \_ Think Netscape or M$oft will give us a similar product
                     that is 'supported' on freebsd?  Compared to the
                     alternatives, C2 RULES!
                     \_ hell, if it even is produced, let alone supported
            \_ And why hasnt the CSUA taken sameer up on this offer?
              \_ need for a certificate, and/or excessive slack.
              \_ Lack of real need.
                 \_ Whaddya mean, lack of real need?  If soda supported SSL,
                    then safari could do a pay-for-porn Web site, taking
                    credit card numbers right there on the spot.  The CSUA
                    could take 5-10% off the top . . . pay for the cert.,
                    plus a year-round fundraiser for the hardware fund.
                    \_ Yup.  Like I said, "Lack of real need".  Besides,
                       aren't you a member of the FPF?
        \_ C2 rewls over all of you
                  \_ Hey, ast least they have Freebsd support.  What are our
                     other secure-server options, and are they any better?
        \_ I dont know too much about secure servers, what do they do for you
           that is so great?
                \_ Let you safely sell porn to net.people without fear of
                   their CC#s getting snooped.
1998/4/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW] UID:13967 Activity:nil
4/16    Looking for a web summer intern for Siebel Systems. Email shieh and
        you can find the job desc at /csua/pub/jobs/siebel/. Thanks.
1998/4/16 [Uncategorized] UID:13968 Activity:high
4/16    Would someone be interested in an on-campus sysadmin job working
        with SGIs? Full or part time optional. Mail marco.
        \_ Please tell me it's not in Wurster hall -emarkp
           \_ It's not your old job. (-8 This one is in Stanley.
        \_ Yes I would be interested but macro@csua doesn't exist
                \_ "marco", not "macro", you idiot
        \_ does it pay?
           \_ Of course it does.
1998/4/16-17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/HW] UID:13969 Activity:low
4/16    Hello is there a little shell-based LDAP client that i can use
        to submit a known query to see if an ldap server is up. Something
        that will either return 0 + output on success and timeout and return
        not0 on fail? pointers appreciated. --psb
        \_ ldapsearch -t time -b basedn -s scope filter attributes
                \-i see this in the netscape tree, but is source avail for
                this or it is netscapes? tnx.  --psb
        \_ For Michigan/Netscape derrived LDAP servers, you can do a
           base search on cn=monitor, which is guaranteed to exist, even
           on an empty server. You can get the source for the ldapsearch
           client from the Michgan slapd. It's also in the LDAP book by
           Tim Howes. --atom
1998/4/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13970 Activity:nil
4/16    I am a 21-year-old gay virgin, and I will be in the closet till
        God knows when. I masturbate to wrestling tapes--it's like my
        brand of porn. The winner does nothing for me. The loser becomes my
        fantasy. It's a huge turn-on to watch a guy in trunks get pinned.
        I like to look at the expression on his face once he's pinned; his
        embarrassment in front of other people and his family is another part
        of the turn-on for me. Something about a guy submitting and laying
        on the mat for the count of three is so arousing that I have to
        jerk off. What does this fetish mean?
        \_ It means that your as queer as a three dollar bill. What the
        hell else do you think it means? The return of Jesus H. Christ?
                \_ I love it when you talk like that. You can pin me to a
                   mat anytime, big boy. -tom
1998/4/16 [Recreation/Media] UID:13971 Activity:high
4/16    Seinfeld REWLS! Is today the last episode? When is it on?
        \_ I sware, when I first saw Seinfeld I thought it looked like a
        \_ Last ep. is sometime in may.
        \_ I swear, when I first saw Seinfeld I thought it looked like a
           Jews show. In fact the best Jews show I've ever seen. In fact the
           best show I've ever seen, Jews or not.
                \_ Ya, get those fuckin' Jews off the air.  I'm so fuckin'
                   sick n tired of those fuckin' Jews runnin' Hollywood and
                   the rest of the media and the banks and shit!
1998/4/16 [Recreation/Dating, Science, Politics] UID:13972 Activity:high
4/16    Power Nipples.
        \_ freaky-huge!
        \_ Help! I am pussy whipped by my gf with power nipples, what can
           I do?
1998/4/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13973 Activity:nil
4/16    Help!  I am pussy-whipped by my totally unresonable gf and
        I can't get out!  What can I do?
        \_ Open your wallet, rip out your spine.
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