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1998/4/15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:13956 Activity:very high
4/14    There was a CSUA election where a female candidate claimed
        that guys were voting with their dicks.  Does anyone remember
        the details?
        \_ That was almost certainly rachel..  don't remember much else
           \_ nope
           \_ It was Rachel in private.  VP doesn't need that many extra
              dicks/votes to win.
         \_ that was probably Alissa Pritchard vs. Amee election. And if
            anyone was doing anything with their dick, it was Amee.
            \_ i like alissa.  Tall... Blond... Cute... Smart.  :-)  Where
               has she been lately??? -horny CSUA guy
                \_ as far away from you as possible
1998/4/15 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW] UID:13957 Activity:very high 71%like:13941
4/14 Get your tax forms from the web!
      \_ How quaint, something actually useful on the web!
        \_ fill out forms and file online for $10
        \_ gifs of nekkid gurlz aren't useful, d00d? --dim
            \_ why would I want gifs when I can have the real thing?
              \_ never got crabs from gifs
                 \_ what about GIFs of crabs?
                        \_ what about GIFs from crabs?
              \_ 'cause the real thing snags 20s from your wallet
1998/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:13958 Activity:nil
1998/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:13959 Activity:nil 52%like:13964
4/15    Where can I find info on the GPA average of the entire Berkeley
        undergrad? Thanks
1998/4/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:13960 Activity:kinda low
4/14    Are there any reputable ISPs that have a pre-payment plan,
        e.g. you pay for a year in advance and in exchange, get a
        dicounted rate?
        \_ isn't 'reputable ISP' some kind of oxymoron?
        \_ the experience of most of my friends is that they go
           for such a plan as the service is good at the outset,
           and in a few months it's gone to pot and they're screwed
           for the rest of the year or whatnot.  good luck in your
           quest to find a decent isp.
        \_ FWIW, I know people who have had good experiences with
           and If you want cheap, has nice student
        \_ Ricochet has a $299 prepay plan or monthly 34.95 plan. - tpc
                \_ Stillpushing the Ricochet crap?  They pay you?
           \_ I'm sorry, that is too expensive to justify going wireless.
              Ricochet should die, just like ISDN. High price, low demand.
              GET IT???!?!?? Take a business class.
              \_ I have a Ricochet and love it.  Where else can you get
                 24x7 connectivity (much less *portable* connectivity)
                 for $25/month?  I leave the thing connected for days
                 at a time without needing a second phone line ($15 or so
                 right there), check email from coffeeshops,
                 and hardly ever use dialups any more even from home.
                 Ricochet *rules*.  --phr
              \_ as if. laptops are getting way cheap; handhelds are booming
                 the market for Ricochet is growing wildly, both for
                 vertical and consumer applications
                \_ Oh puleeze, keep the hype off the motd.  vertical apps?
                   Are you a palmpilot or ricochet salesdrone?
1998/4/15 [Industry/Jobs] UID:13961 Activity:very high
4/14    Can someone please give some good answers to the interview
        question: "What is your biggest flaw?"
        \_ Something to consider: if they're asking this sort of inane
           question for a technical position, then you're applying to the
           wrong place.  This is a head-game question.  It doesn't matter
           what you answer.
        \_ Ch33zy: "I work too hard" "I have a tendency to ignore my personal
           life when I get challenging assignments"
           \_ Why is that a flaw? - manager
        \_ "I can't stand people who ask stupid rhetorical questions"
        \_ It's a chance for you to hang yourself.Just make sure your
        answer is positive and strengthens your case...
           \_ Some wanker-manager texts use this question as a way
              to see if the candidate is a BS-er and uses some crap
              answer like "I work too hard" --- most consider that
              sort of cheese a negative, and you don't want to work
              for the ones who call it a positive.
        \_ How about "I'm an honest person. For example, I don't like being told
           to lie to customers."  Can be a real flaw in cut-throat or sleazy
           businesses.  But would you really want to work for them anyway?
        \-yeah, there is a head-game aspect to it, but it is a pretty
        efficient question. i usually am pretty honest and just say
        "i am kinda disorganized". --psb
        \_ Try this - "While I am a decent public speaker, I still get
           a little bit nervous when I have to go up on a stage to
           speak to a large group of people."  This is probably true
           for many people so it is sincere and there is a good chance
           the interviewer will empathize with you.  Also, while the
           problem may be relevant to everyday life, it is often
           irrelevant for technical jobs.
                \_ what a load of bullshit.  Any hiring committee with a clue
                   will see that as an evasive answer.
                        \-to me this is a reasonable category of answer
                but it sounds defensive and canned. "while i am decent ...".
                I would just say "i dont have that much experience giving
                presenatations. One of my flaws is I get very nervous speaking
                to audiences i dont know or suspect are stupid. --psb
           \_ A good way to answer this is something that really is a flaw
              but completely irrelavent to your job, like the above.
              Another good one is, "I'm sorta a klutz."  psb's could also
              fall in this category, depending on the position.
         \_ Wolves hunt in a pack.  Stone age men hunt mammoth in a group.
            Obviously you don't know what slavery is about.
            \_ um what?  I know that slaves often work on a planttation...
               \_ I just don't see anything slavish about working for
                  a corporation or interviewing for a corporate job.
                  Being evaluated may be an uncomfortable experience
                  for many people, but if you are going to pay
                  someone $25 and up every hour, you want to make
                  sure you get the right person, and since you only
                  have about 5 hours to get to know the person, you
                  have to ask some tough questions.
                  \_ This kind of reasoning makes you a slave.  Have a nice
                      life, you l00zer.
                        \_ And you earn how much from who for doing what?
                  \_ asking tough questions and asking stupid questions
                     are two very different things.
                     \_ Whether it is a tough question or stupid question
                        is irrelevant to whether corporate workers are
                        slaves which is what my argument is about.  In
                        fact, I agree that it is a stupid question.
                        However, you can answer a stupid question stupidly,
                        or you can answer it intelligently.
                        \_ however it wasn't irrelevant to the comment it
                           was responding to.  Get a fucking clue.
                           \_ It is irrelevant.  Dumbass.
      \_ I don't give very good head
          \_ thats alright.  one can always be trained to do it right.
             \_ And I can't wait to be trained properly sir/madam!  Do
                I have to swallow ?  manager -- "Yes you do, but don't
                  worry, everyone does it -- there's no other way"
        \_ Just be honest.  Most of time, recruiters and hiring managers
           are just looking to see how self aware prospective employees are...and it works
           to your benefit to accurately state your strengths and areas
           for improvement to ensure for a good fit with the employer's
           environment.  --chris
        \_ I was asked this by some random tech guy doing one of my 'views.
           It was pretty clear he was only asking because he had run out of
           real questions and thought that might be a cool thing to ask. :-)
           I told him I hate stupid people.  :-)
1998/4/15 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Politics] UID:13962 Activity:nil
4/14    I heard this on the song on the radio: "James Brown is dead". Is he
        really dead? If not, what is he doing lately?
        \_ No James Brown is not dead. In fact, he got of prision not too
        long ago. I will tell you, however, and with no doubt whatsoever,
        that James Brown is quite queer. Last I heard he performed at the
        \_ huh?
        second to the last superbowl.
        \_ This is a song by L.A.Style i believe. It has nothing to do with
1998/4/15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13963 Activity:very high
4/15    Let me clarify on the Perl question.  I have two commands need
        to be spawned from a Perl script, $cmd1, $cmd2.  $cmd2 depends on
        $cmd1.  However, $cmd1 and $cmd2 are called millions (no, not an
        exaggeration) of times in a foreach loop now with different
        arguements each time, so performace suffers.  Now the question is,
        how to run each set of $cmd1 and $cmd2 in parallel while still
        keeping $cmd1 and $cmd2 to run in serial?  I tried system but
        failed.  Each set of $cmd1 and $cmd2 waits for the previous set
        to finish...
        \_ run fork, and have each child system $cmd1 then $cmd2, then
           exit.  The parent process just forks a million times,
           then exits.  Now, make sure to run this on a big box, or
           million perls will bring you to your knees. - seidl
           \_ Is there an alternative?  fork-ing a million times
              is expensive even on a big box.  (I just ran a simple
              script that forks 10,000 times and it increased the system
              load by 10-fold, and it also forbids more processes to be
              spawned). Can we execute each set in parallel w/o fork?
              Thanks.  Or maybe it wasn't pratical to try to run these
              millions of set of commands in parallel in the first place?
              \_ depending on the speed needed, spacing out the forkings
                 might be a good idea (just sleep 0.1 secs between each
                 pair or something like that)
                \_ So thats 100k seconds per million iterations roughly
                   equals 27 hours per run?  3 million = 81 hours.  I think
                   not.  That 27 hours is only the added delay between runs
                   and does not include actual runtime for the binaries.
                   \_ doh. well again, it depends on the binaries'
                      runtime. 27 hours might be acceptable if it means
                      not killing an overloaded server. Adjust the figure as
                      as appropriate for a faster box
              \_ Uh, how do you plan on running different commands without
                 forking separate processes?
                 \_ errrr...good point.  So fork is the only option when
                    you want to run things in parallel?  How does UNIX
                    shell execute two background commands?  By forking
                    \_ Yep.  Thats how you get a new process. fork.
                       Now, you might be able to avoid the extra perl
                       processes with creative use of system("$cmd1 ; $cmd2");
                       but a million jobs in parallel is a lot. - seidl
                       \_ Instead, sh was spawned.  Is that necessarily
                          faster than spawning perl itself?
                    \_ Fork isn't the only way to run tasks in parallel --
                       you can thread things too.  But unix command-line
                       programs can't be run in threads.
        \_ you cna also call system("$cmd1;$cmd2 &");
           \_ buy a clue. system forks implicitly
             \_ if forks but it also waits till completetion you dumbass.
                try the following in perl
                     system("echo foo; sleep 10");
                     system ("echo bar");
                note that it prints foo, then waits for 10 seconds, and then
                prints bar.   -aspolito
        \_ Ok... can you rewrite the unix binaries so that you're only doing
           a single system call from perl and the binary does the looping
           without forking?  Are the command line parameters known before
           or non-deterministic based on user input, the time, or grains of
           sand on the beach?  I agree with the previous person that doing
           millions of calls to a binary from perl is a bad way to go.
           Rewrite the C, if possible, to relieve PERL and the system of this
           forking burden.
1998/4/15-16 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:13964 Activity:kinda low 52%like:13959
4/15    Where can I find stat/info on the GPA average of the entire Berkeley
        campus (ugrad/grad) and comparisons of GPA w/other schools that
        either have same or different grading scales? Thanks.
        \_ i don't know about the gpa average, but i've heard that the
           curve for some of the more impacted classes are as vicious
           here as anywhere else
                \-"as vicious"? berkeley, after UChi, MIT, and CalTech probably
                has about the hardest grading around. --psb
                  \_ CalTech?  Gimme a break.  I know some people who have
                     various cs/engineering type degrees from there who don't
                     stand a chance here.  They'd be lucky to figure out how
                     their phone worked to call TeleBears.
                \_ Sure, everyone has rumors from these schools, but what are
                   some actual numbers to prove it, psb boy???
                        \-grad schools have implicit modifiers for GPAs from
                        various schools. they know a 3.6 at berkeley > 3.6 at
                        the 'fraud. unfortuantely some people with less exp.
                        in looking at lots of grades and correlating to perf
                        dont realize this and just go with the higher gpa.
                        i have visited all of the schools in question, i know
                        what textbooks they use in depts i am familiar with,
                        i know a lot of people from all except UChi so i think
                        i know what i am talking about here.
                        people also look at the department. i think mass comm
                        and "human biodynamics" have the highest GPAs here.
                        i guess that is where all the smart people are, as
                        opposed to say physics. --psb
                        \_ "Human Biodynamics" is no longer a department or
                            major; it has been split into Phys Ed and the
                            actual human biodynamics stuff is now part of
                            Integrative Biology.  -tom
           \_ Side question: after Stanfurd brought back the D and F grades
              a couple years ago, has overall GPA dropped from 3.5?
                \_ You can still drop after the final so I doubt the avg
                   GPA dropped noticeably.  "I was too stoned to drop after
                   the final!  Can I drop now?"  - Farm stoner 6 months later
        \_ From all the discussions, I can just tell you that in real life
           there is no single equation that schools use. It is mostly based on
           "feeling", "intuition", and "historical reputation". As with all
           things in life, yes, this is totally unfair.
                \-that isnt the case. some institutions have the knowledge
                and incentive to correlate f(GPA,school)->clverness-in-reality,
                others are either lacking in the info, and yet others lack
                the incentive. --psb
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