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1998/4/11-13 [Recreation/Celebrity, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:13935 Activity:kinda low
4/10    From the LA Times today:

        "Stung by the public relations fallout from antitrust investigations
        of its business practices, Microsoft Corp. has secretly been planning
        a massive media campaign designed to influence state investigators by
        creating the appearance of a groundswell of public support for the

        "The elaborate plan, outlined in confidential documents obtained by
        The Times, hinges on a number of unusual-and some say
        unethical-tactics, including the planting of articles, letters to the
        editor and opinion pieces to be commissioned by Microsoft's top media
        handlers but presented by local firms as spontaneous testimonials."

        More info at:
        \_ Does any of this come as a big shock or surprise to anyone here?

        More info at:
1998/4/11 [Uncategorized] UID:13936 Activity:high
4/10    Is it possible to determine to whom a HIP hostname belongs?
        Thanks  -sk1
        \_ telnet <DEAD><DEAD>
           login:  home-ip (this brings up a menu)
           select option 4
           enter the hostname
           \_ Essential knowledge for any would-be stalker, EVEN YOU!
              \_ " . . . I'll stop flood-pinging your machine, _IF_ . . .
                  you go out with me!"
                  \_ I dunno if I'd go out with a girl geeky enuf to know
                     what that means.
                        \_ Speak for yourself. A girl with network cluefulness
                           is definitely a turn-on for some of us.
                                \_ Uh, net clue != brains.  Brains != ugly.
                                   Ugly != brains.  Attractive != stupid.
                                   You can fill in the rest of the pattern.
                                   Some of us chose not to settle for an ugly
                                   girl just because she knows what an IP
                                   address is.  Good luck.
                                \_ how?
                                 \_ how now brown cow?
                                 \_ Some of us are turned on more by brains
                                   than looks looks.
                                        \_ is this why Greeks are homosexual?
                                          \_ You're implying  they cant find
                                             enough brains of the opposite sex?
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