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1998/4/7 [Industry/Jobs] UID:13908 Activity:very high
4/6     Where can I find software engineer salary surveys on-line?  I've only
        found URL's that say things like "send your info this way and we'll
        contact you".  I am preparing to negotiate with my manager.  Thanks.
                \_ Contracts are also there.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           (EE Times 1997 salary survey)
        \_ Contracts are also there.
           \_ Thanks, but that site only lists salaries by a few individuals
              considering the broad range of job categories the site covers.
              Is there any site that lists e.g. "The average salary for
              engineers working on OS software with 4-6 years of experience in
              California (or even Bay Area) is $xxxxx"?  Thanks again.
        \_ how about a sampling of csua'er salaries right here on the motd?
                \_ I'll start: $35k, its@ucb.
                        \_ poor saar - dump is&t and get a real job
        \_ all right, I am under paid!
                \_ $17billion, bgates@m$.com
                \_ 89k industry
                \_ 60k industry
                \_ 75k midwest industry
                \_ $20/hour!!!!  Excited Taos Newbie!!!
                   \_  That's bullshit.  No way Taos would pay only $20/hr
                       to someone with real world SysAdmin or webdev
                       experience and/or knowledge.  And..if you've got
                       4+ years of meaningful experience, you're gonna
                       get a whole lot more than that.--chris
                                \_ Note the word "newbie".  Remember the
                                   shitload of CSUA'ers Taos hired @ $18/hr
                                   for Sun move team a couple years ago.
                                   Acheive enlightenment.  Taos likes to hire
                                   people who think $20/hour is a good salary,
                                   even if they're worth more.
                                        \_ taos now pays only $15/hr for
                                           sun move team, whereas the other
                                           contracting companies pay at
                                           least $20/hr for the same job.
                                   \_ He said "Taos newbie".  That does
                                      not necessarily mean a newbie in the
                                        \_ Yes it does.  No one with experience
                                                goes with Taos - many other
                                                companies will pay them what
                                                their worth.
                                          \_ Such as?  -curious and ignorant
                       \_ $100K Taos
                       \_ $72K Taos
                   \_ That translates into ~42K per year.  Quite pathetic
                      if you do have 4-6 years of experience.  And
                      if you don't, notice the original post was asking
                      salary range for a person that does have 4-6 yrs
                      of experience.  For a Berkeley EE/CS graduate, I
                      would say ~80K would be reasonable.
                \_ This is really funny.  Bullshitters posting their
                   respective salaries on the motd.
                        \_ I know at least 3 of those are real inc. the 100k.
                \_ $22.50/hr when I started Taos
                   $40/hr when I left
                   $70/hr now or about $90K on salary
                        Oh, and Taos will pay you as little as possible,
                        as will any company if you let them.
                \_ Started Taos at $20/hr with no experience,
                   have been raised to $60K/yr after working one year

        \_9" long.  Oh wait, you wanted to compare salaries not ...
                \_ 3" ... wide.
                   \_ That translates into ~42K per year.  Quite pathetic
                                \_ you know, i realise that salaries in
                                   high tech are generally much higher than
                                   this, but to call $42K per year pathetic
                                   is really unexcusable.  that is a very
                                   good salary in the real world.
                      if you do have 4-6 years of experience.  And
                      if you don't, notice the original post was asking
                      salary range for a person that does have 4-6 yrs
                      of experience.  For a Berkeley EE/CS graduate, I
                      would say ~80K would be reasonable.
1998/4/7-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:13909 Activity:nil
04/06   CSUA Barbecue. Friday 10 April. Dip your hands in raw meat.
        (or mushrooms, if you are a vegetarian.) --brg
1998/4/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13910 Activity:moderate
4/6     I am doing a paper on women who previously used the Internet but
        are now disgusted by it.  Would someone please post the list
        of women who have left soda due to disgust?  Thanks.
        \_ So they can be further bothered by some soda twits?  Good idea.
        \_ I'm doing a paper on people who make up bullshit topics for
           worthless papers good for worthless credit towards a worthless
           degree at an otherwise decent university.  Can someone post the
           list of people who have left soda due to worthlessness?
           \_ I'm doing a paper on dumbasses who don't put their comments
              below all the comments already added.
                \_ Uh oh, clearly I've violated your sense of motd ethics
                   and proper posting methods.  I'm sure this is an issue of
                   such great importance that you should bring up the issue
                   at the next meeting for a Constitutional change.  You could
                   make a rule that _requires_ all new motd entries to follow
                   all previous motd entries and then we could have the new
                   elected position of MOTD Gh0d who would enforce this and
                   also make sure that all new members read the MOTD POSTING
                   FAQ.  In case you missed it, I'm insulting you for being
                   an anal retentive prick.
                   \_ People like you should learn some manners --
                      They know about an unwritten rule, flout it out of
                      selfishness, and criticize people who support otherwise
                      polite and appropriate etiquette. -someone else
        \_ I'm doing a apper on sheep who previously used the Internet but
           are now disgusted by it.  Would someone please post the list
           of sheep who have left soda due to disgust?  Thanks.
           \_ I am doing a sheep and would like to post pictures of it.
              \_ the sheep im doing posted pictures and Id like to get
                copies.  How do I do this?
                \_ HAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAH <cough> <gasp>  Sorry, maybe it wasn't
                   funny but it's late and I'm tired.
1998/4/7 [Uncategorized] UID:13911 Activity:nil
4/7     Yes I have too much free time on my hands.  (Follow the blinking thing)
        \_ I am embarassed I looked.  Why do you think this is worth
          telling us about?  I mean where is the link to your favorite
          Rush songs, you fucking loser.
           \_ I hate Rush, you anonymous coward.        --azarm
              \_ Then REM.  Whatever.  -- anonymous coward.
        \_ I haven't looked but aparently you both have too much time on your
           hands.  -anonymously apathetic.
1998/4/7 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:13912 Activity:nil
4/7     Hose yer local ICQ user!
1998/4/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:13913 Activity:nil
4/7     I want cmlee's anus.  Madly.  I love its tight puckered
        (slightly brown) rosebud wrinkles.  Ooh, the smell of it!
                \_ go away aspolito.
                 \_ nope not me (and I'm still not #%^$! gay)
1998/4/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13914 Activity:nil
4/7     How Many Suckas Must Get Dissed, you PUKES?!
        \_ The same as the number of geeks who think MS hasn't put
           Secret Evil Anti-Pirate Code in every MS product.  By the
           way, the personal attack really helps make your
           point, if there was one.  I'm still looking.
                \_ I'm going to try to say this as nicely as possible:
                   You stupid motherfucking dick-sucking sack of dog shit.
                   If you had any brains whatsoever (which in your case is
                   obviously WAY too much to ask for) you would know that
                   NT 4 is a shitload more stable than windows 95.  I
                   don't see how a idiotic shit-for-brains person like
                   yourself can get off (and I mean that in the most
                   respectable way) on telling people that the "NT is
                   stable thing is a crock of shit."  No, sir.  YOU are
                   the crock of shit.  I have NT4 and win95 and Linux
                   running on my computer and when I compared win95 and NT
                   I found that it took conscious effort to make NT crash
                   whereas win95 did it quite often.  If you have a shitty
                   video card that doesn't like NT, get a real one.  If
                   you use win95 'cuz you like to play games get a fucking
                   clue.  Don't start giving people you misguided "advice"
                   which is really nothing more than complete bullshit and
                   your attempt to mask your cluelessness by telling other
                   people what they should be doing.  Please do us all a
                   favor and don't start telling people what to do until
                   you have some semblence of an idea of what the fuck
                   you're talking about.  Have a nice day.  --Mr.NT
                        \_ The same dumbfucks who make mistakes on motd
                           are never clever enough to retort.  Make sure
                           you make a copy of this reply, b/c it will
                           get erased by the same lame cowards who weren't
                           able to accept that the Daily Cal is a better
                           newspaper than UCLA's, and it was UCLA who
                           paid for the ad in the Daily Cal.
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