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1998/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13894 Activity:nil
4/2     The prospect of an empty motd.public was too terrifying to contemplate.
        Rather than restore a worthless motd from last week like any number of
        soda idiots might, I'm starting a new one.  Please note that I've made
        certain that this new and improved motd has no more content than the
        last one which someone else deleted.   -motd addict
1998/4/3 [Uncategorized] UID:13895 Activity:nil
04/02   You too can start a career in the exciting and rapidly-growing
        field of STUFF!  Get your information packet today!
        \_ What's the URL?
        \_ How much money you get from it? ^_^;
1998/4/3-6 [Consumer/Camera] UID:13896 Activity:high
4/3     Can someone explain something about digital cameras?  What format
        do they save images in (JPG? GIF? BMP?)?  And can I take these
        saved files to a film shop and have them print them on regular old
        Kodak paper?  (Any ideas how much that would cost?)
        \_ Image format depends on the kind of camera you're using.  The Kodak
           camera I used saved images internally in TIFF/EP, and came with
           software that let you download to the host computer and save in the
           format of your choice.  You _can_ print digital images to normal
           light-sensitive photo paper, but you'll probably end up using a
           dye-sublimation printer instead.  _Media_ cost for a dye-sub
           printer is about $3-$4/page, I don't know what a service bureau
           would charge you on top of that.  -- kahogan
           \_ The quality of images printed from a digital camera will also
              be much lower than a real photograph.  Most models without
              exorbitant costs are intended for WWW work, not printing or
              design, and you will probably notice.
                \_ megapixel cameras, which have quality as good as typical
                   point-and-shoot cameras, have come down into the $500 range
                   \_ I stand corrected. -- 1-year-old digital camera owner
           \_ I used a Sony DSC-1 (Digital Still Camera) last month.
              This costs $400, and stores 33 640x480 (16-bit color?) images
              in JPEG format on 4 MB internal flash memory.  Transfer to PC
              is via supplied cable to a serial port at 38400 bps.  Image
              quality ranges from 30-80% (depending on how still you hold the
              camera) of a $50 35mm camera.  I agree that 1024x800 cameras
              are a better bet for 35mm quality, and most come with zoom.
              I agree cameras like the DSC-1 would be good for WWW work.
              \_ is a good source of info  -tom
1998/4/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:13897 Activity:high
4/3     Where's the address to report campus network problems? Connectivity
        to the outside world seems to be down, and I remember hearing
        Ken Lindahl bitch about how people weren't registering
        complaints via the trouble ticket system or something...
        \_ trouble@socrates, or 2-4920  -tom
          \_ is it forwarded to /dev/null?
                \_ not even.  They just bounce it at port 25.
                \_ eh, trouble@socrates gets reasonable response for me,
                   although that might be because all the people with a clue
                   over there know who I am.  -tom
                        \_ then why do you get a response?
1998/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13898 Activity:nil
4/3     The cover of the latest issue of the perl journal
        is pretty hilarious.
        \_ This is the sort of super-geek stuff you should definitely never
           sign.  You poor sad lost little boy.  Most men would be telling
           their friends about the cover of the latest Playboy or SI.  And
           then you wonder why people think computer people are losers and
           anti-social geeks?
        \_ Ha ha, yes.  Quite droll, with a great deal of verve.
        \_ D00D, WHUT WUZ 0N 1T???/??  1 WUZ SUPP0Z3D 2 G3T 1T 1N TH3 MA1L,
           RU1N1NG MY GRAD3Z BY SP3ND1NG 2 MUCH T1M3 0N TH3M), S0 2 SAV3 MY
           S0UL, SH3 T00K 1T 0UT UV TH3 MA1LB0X && SHR3DD3D 1T!!!1!!!!1!!!!
           (AND MY _26OO_ AND _W1R3D_, 2!!1!!!)  WHUT D0 1 D0???//???
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