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1998/3/28-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:13866 Activity:nil
3/27    Anyone using an X2 ISP that they're happy with and can recommend
        as a good ISP?  If they supported v90 that would be great but since
        it only just came out, I'm not stupid enough to ask for an ISP that
        supports it.  Thank you.
1998/3/28-30 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:13867 Activity:high
3/26 party 4/1 at the Sound Factory. Free Source, Free Party.
        Everyone invited.
        \_ It sounds good.  I just read the distressing news today, though,
           that Mozilla Navigator will not contain crypto, will not contain
           hooks for crypto, may not accept modifications which make it
           compatible with crypto, etc.  All this over export issues, because
           they say that Netscape would be a highly visible target for
           politicians if they permitted the inclusion of crypto.  Doesn't
           this constitute a strong argument against Mozilla Navigator in
           general?  Even lynx has SSL!
           \_ Add it yourself. Duh.
                \_ WTF would I use it for if I had to add it myself?  Maybe I
                   just want to *use* a browser instead of *program* one? DUH!
                        \_ then download the normal version from netscape, you
                           idiot.  -tom
                          \_ no shit tom you low grade moron.  you once again
                             "dont get it".  no surprise.
                                \_ I don't get it either - why would someone
                                   who doesn't want to hack on the browser care
                                   what is in the redistributable source code?
                                   Besides, netscape's not stopping anyone else
                                   from adding crypto and going up against the
                                   US Crypto Gestapo.
                                   \_ Because that means if anyone else hacks
                                      it up with something I like but doesn't
                                      add their own crypto, then I have a
                                      choice of NS crypto sans CoolThing or
                                      CoolThing sans crypto.  Get it NOW?
                                      \_ If you want to be cool, that is your
                                        \_ No, it's NS's.  I'm a consumer.
                                           They have to make people like me
                                           happy or cash it in.  Got it *NOW*?
                                           \_ so how much have you spent on
                                              Netscape products?
                                                \_ Roughly $2k in the last few
                        \_ Why don't you just leech them like everyone else?
                          \_ I work at a real company that doesn't fall under
                             the previous NS .EDU leech policy.  Out here in
                             the RW, we _pay_ for things.
                \- You can bet that unless the source distribution license
                   explicitly forbids putting the crypto back in, that crypto
                   will be one of the first CoolThings that third parties
                   try to hack back into it.
                  \_ Ok, good point.  I haven't read the license so I can't
                     comment.  I will say though that I would rather have NS
                     crypto than unknown, although _possibly_ better, crypto.
                     \_ If you're going to make a fool out of yourself in
                        public, sign your name.
                        \_ What's up with the moronic anonymous hypocrites
                           insisting that others sign their names when they
                           won't sign their own?  Why bother loading up an
                           editor on the motd when you have *nothing* to say
                           which is in _any_ way pertinent to the thread?  Why
                           are you still here wasting perfectly good oxygen
                           when you could be dead, returning to the earth some
                           small bit of the resources you've stolen and put to
                           no good use?  *PLEASE* do yourself and everyone
                           else a favor: the next time you have nothing to say
                           beyond the typical trollish "sign your name!"
                           stupidity, just don't.  Instead take a moment to
                           reflect and then kill yourself quietly and
                           efficiently.  Thank you for your contributions to
                           this thread.  I expect to read in the Cal about how
                           "GEEK KILLS SELF! SAVES SELF FROM FURTHER ABUSE!"
                           sometime in the next few weeks.
                           [Keep deleting this if you like. I have it in a
                            file, you hypocritical moron.]
                   \_ -- I guess
                      they will allow it but it will be a little inconvenient.
                      That's actually what it's like for lynx-ssl now.
        \_Any car pools?
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