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1998/3/26-27 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13863 Activity:high
3/26    FormZ rendering and modeling work for a graphic artist.
        mail ari for details.
        \_ networkgen is a dead business in a huge ISP/consulting sea.
        \_ the work is for a friend of mine.  And Network Genesis is not an
           ISP, but thank you so much for the insight. --Ari
           \_ you can call it anything you want, it is still an ISP
           \_ This is fun.  I learn more every day.  So developing
              ( and selling )next- generation database technology constitutes
              an ISP?  I just guess Oracle is one BIG ASS ISP, huh?  --Ari
                \_ If your company is such a bad ass database company, you would
                   already be holding press release on your record breaking
                   TPC-C and TPC-D, on scalability, on light weight (ie.
                   Oracle Lite), on portability (Cloudscape), and such and such.
                   Seriously now, you can make a much better business sense
                   devoting time to consulting than to waste time developing
                   your pet database project that simply sucks.
                   <DEAD><DEAD> -- ha ha, I think not!
                \_ your homepage indicates that you're a solution provider for
                   network and interconnection. That is internet service
                   provider business. You probably make a lot more money
                   because they want a solution for their business, not because
                   they want YOUR database.
        \_ "Help, I'm a woman trapped in a man's body!"
           "Help, I'm a database wannabe trapped in an ISP!"
1998/3/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/UCSEE] UID:13864 Activity:high
3/26    What to do when you've applied for an alumni.eecs account for
        months yet the account is still not set up and you've sent emails
        to root@ucsee.eecs and heard no replies?
        \_ Wait till next week, when spring break is over.
        \_ You say "ucsee must be rebooted!" so that lameass kuroda
           will get his lazy as into the UCSEE office and have to sit
           down long enough to make them.
           \_ why dont you say that to my face? --kuroda
        \_ Donate an Ultra and a UPS to UCSEE.  You'll probably get an
           account then.
           \_ How do you get an alumni.eecs account besides the above way.?
                \_ join and help out UCSEE. They really need people like you
                   to maintain and manage their failing organization.
1998/3/26-27 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:13865 Activity:nil
3/26    Hello, does anyone know of any programs/scripts to generate mailstats
        for sendmail traffic? other than the mailstats program thar comes with
        sendmail? [i remember there are some other perl hacks but forgot where
        i saw them]. --psb
        \- seems helpful --psb
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