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1998/3/23-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:13850 Activity:high
3/23    What's it like living in the Sacramento area?
        \_ Ever lived in a desert?  Ever lived in a slum?  Ever lived in a
           desert in a slum?
        \_Ever watched a gladiator movie ? Ever seen a grown man naked ?
                \_ Yes.  Spartacus is awesome.   \_ Yes. Wish I didn't.
        \_ Like living in San Jose, except fewer tech jobs and affordable
           \_ How does the traffic compare?
                \_ larger/faster highway than 101/280
           \_ Plus the fact that it's about 50 degrees warmer.
            \_ And the white trash have less money
              \_ Actually it's only a little warmer in Sacto.
                \_ Slum in a desert.
                   \_ No, you're thinking of L.A.
                        \_ the blood and the crypt, smog, LA traffic, hot
                           temperature, hot tempered drivers, wanna-drive-a
                           -BMW-gangstah, Entire Redlight Sunset Blvd, buy a
                           map to the star, insurance fraud heaven (25% of acc
                           are fraud), Taco Bell heaven... I never knew that LA
                           was such a heaven till I came to Northern Cal.
                                \_ Yeah, the Bay Area doesn't have any
                                   traffic and no Taco Bells.
1998/3/23-25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13851 Activity:low
3/22    Could someone please mail me the name of the application which
        was discussed here recently that allows sorting/forwarding of
        mail by specified rules. thanx,  -crebbs
        \_ perl
        \_ procmail (man procmail, procmailex, and procmailrc for details)
           Check the mail filtering faq for useful step by step instructions
                \-mailagent. --psb
                  \_ Why recommend mailagent when nobody here is "tall enough"
                     to use it?
                        \-well i wouldnt say nobody ... --sb
                        \_ I'm mighty tall.  The women call me "Mighty Tall
                           Joe, The Mighty Tall Man".  I use it.
1998/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:13852 Activity:insanely high 66%like:14267
3/23    What is better, Linux or FreeBSD?
        \_ Linux, without a doubt
           \_ No, you twink, FreeBSD rules!
              \_ Linux!
                 \_ FreeBSD
                    \_ Tastes Great!
                       \_ Less Filling!
        \_ The "which is better" question simply shows either a lack of
           research or a lack of need.  If one of them performs better in
           a particular area you need, then that one is 'better'.  If the
           differences are meaningless to you, then it doesn't matter.  I
           would guess that linux has a larger support community and thus
           is 'better' if all else is equal to you.
           \_ Stereotypes also credit Linux with more software and hardware
              support, and FreeBSD with better stability and more efficient
              networking.  Linux also has more media attention.  FreeBSD has
              cleaner code.  Really, all such operating systems are fighting
              the same battle and aiming at similar things; it's _not_ a Linux
              vs. *BSD fight. -- schoen, 3-year Linux user, etc.
              \_ That was a very clean response but you still have not answered
                 the man's/woman's question. Which is better for someone who
                 is a member of the CSUA. If you can't answer simple questions .
        \_ Fuck 'em both.  Me, I like to use ULTRIX or AIX.
                \_ You're joking, right?
                   \_ No.  Fuck you.  Real men don't use pansy OS's.
                      Obviously you're not a real man.  (Besides, I _like_
                      being dominated.)
                        \_ I use DU.  You think Ultrix is a man's OS?  Get
                           real pansy girl.
                           \_ OH YEAH??!?!?  Well, _I_ use a five-year-old
                              version of SCO UNIX running on an 8-MHz 80286
                              with a monochrome graphics adapter!
           \_ I like Apple DOS 3.3 myself:
                PR #6
                RUN LEMONADE
                \_ LOAD "*",8
                   k0m0d0re sixtee f0re f0urevR!!!!@!@!@11
                        \_ POKE 53280
                 like this, then all your little reasonings are useless to
                 anyone but yourself. --nesim , 2 years win95 user
                        \_ Which one is better for a member of the CSUA?
                           Is this somebody who's actually a CS undergraduate,
                           or some MCB major who wandered in off the street
                           because [s]he heard that they could get a free
                           account with lots of disk space on soda?
                 \_ That _is_ the answer.  To spell it out in plain English,
                    "There isn't a perfect OS for all uses.  The 'better' OS
                     depends on the needs of the user."  The question _is_
                     answered for anyone with a command of basic English.
                 \_ I almost never fail to get annoyed at the stupidity of
                    people with technical knowledge. People don't want to
                    hear all the subtle little details that the initiated
                    thrive on. Sure it is true that two products are always
                    going to have different strengths, but somehow one
                    tends to do better than the other. The "better" one
                    is the one that wins out in the important specification.
                    \_ Well, until _Consumer Reports_ publishes their
                       "10 Alternative Operating Systems for X86 Reviewed!"
                       issue, you're just going to have to deal.  Go back
                       to using Win95 in the meantime.  (Or just tell us
                       what the "important specification" is, since all of us
                       technical geeks aren't as wonderful and omniscient as
                       you are.)
        \_Linux with a commodore64 emulator rulez!
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