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1998/3/21-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:13846 Activity:very high
        "Troops" -- or, what -really- happened to the Jawas, the 'droids,
        Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... this site also has the full South Park
        "Spirit of Christmas" movie, -and- the exploding whale movie, -and-
        has really, really good fast clean net.
        \_ So, what's it like living six months in the past?  Golly, you
           wouldn't happen to know where I might find that dancing baby,
           would you?! -mogul (no, i still haven't slept)
                \_The point of your message being..."I am hipper than thou."?
                \_ My Tits are Bigger than Yours
                \_ i think bret means "it's been in /csua/tmp/troops
                for a few weeks" - danh
                \_ At least he's old enough to have seen Star Wars in
                   the theater the FIRST TIME!!!!!! -r
                   \_ Damn, if that's the way people are judged, I feel
                      fucking old.
                        \_ More like, ask any freshman what the Deathstar is.
                           No hints, no context.  Most will stare blankly at
                           you.  Some will get it when you say "Starwars".
                           Others just won't know.  It only gets worse from
                           there.  "What's 'Jaws' about?  Who is Rocky
                           Balboa?  Who played Conan?"  A 50/50 shot on any
                           of them.  Casablanca, forget it.
                           \_ Or ask a CS undergrad about the "Arem Star",
                              etc. -- tsang (former IPM employee)
                           \_ it's more than just the at & t logo?
                           \_ "The more you drive, the stupider you get" seems
                              more appropriate as time goes on.
                              \_ congratulations, your movie trivia penis is
                                 certainly more humongous than mine.
                           \_ Particularly since it's "The more you drive, the
                              less intelligent you are".
                              \_ I humbly bow to your superior movie trivia
                               \_ that or you just saw it this weekend and
                                  don't have to recover the quote from
                                  years-old memories.
                                  \_ or you don't drive
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1998:March:21 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>