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1998/3/17 [Consumer/Camera, Consumer/PDA] UID:13820 Activity:high
3/16    My Sony camcorder's tape is stuck inside. The eject button does
        not work so I cannot get the tape out. On screen it shows there is
        a red tape button. Does anyone also have this problem??How to fix?
        \_ Try smashing it on the ground and see if you can get the tape
           out that way.  Remember to use a _hard_ surface (e.g., concrete).
        \_ I'll fix it if I can keep the tape of your nekkid gf doing those
           four dudes.
1998/3/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:13821 Activity:kinda low
3/17    The java front is cracking!
        \_ it's not cracking; this has always been happening.
                JNDI was excluded from core because it wasn't ready yet.
                And once again Micro$oft lies; Enterprise Java is coming out
                in JDK 1.2 with CORBA.
           \_ *squish* Microsoft *squash*! *squish*
              "help me I'm a small co. or standard!"
1998/3/17-18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13822 Activity:high
3/17    I just wrote a spam mail filter.  What is the best way
        to market such a product.. I am thinking of sending out
        a spam marketing mail.
        \_ Send it to FSF, Gnu, or Berkeley research where it will be
           distributed like Netscape. First get your beta-product popularized,
           then think about marketting later.
           \_ Ya, get the market to expect to get your product for free then
              start charging so they can all accuse you of using them as
              beta testers.  Good way to win friends and influence customers.
        \_ Good idea.  Create a need for your product.  Seriously though
           it looks like legislation is on the way....
           \_ legislation doesn't stop lots of annoying things, why should
              it stop spammers? -brg
                \_ Because a vast number of spammers IME are people trying
                   to resell spam software.  The core of their message is
                   that its LEGAL.  Most people won't commit an illegal act
                   if they're aware of it.  Obviously you can't legislate
                   away everything bad in the world, but consider how much
                   worse the world would be if we didn't have a whole bunch
                   of laws.  "I can do XYZ if I like!  There's no law against
                   it!" is a common defense for abusive stupidity.
           \_ How can you legally define what a spam is?  Frankly, I think
              the Congress will have a hard time in defining spam without
              infringing on 1st Amendment right.
                \_ They did it with fax machines.  Take the same law and
                   insert "email" or "network computer" in place of fax
                   everywhere.  The 1st Amendment doesn't give you the right
                   to yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre.  It is *not*
                   sacrosanct and protective of all forms of communications
                   at all times.
           \_ because spammers need customers, who would be stopped?  -jor
1998/3/17-18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:13823 Activity:nil
3/17    When trying to run Netscape on Linux, I get "sh: mcr: command not
        found."  What's "mcr?"
        \_ A clue might be had from creating a shell script named "mcr"
           which echoes the command line with which it's called. (Disclaimer:
           I don't know what it does, this is just a general technique I might
           use to find out, if the documentation were not of use.) -brg
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