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1998/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:13788 Activity:nil
3/10    Web Watch installed.  Follow the link on <DEAD>www.csua/~cmlee<DEAD>
        New URL suggestions are welcomed.  -- cm1ee
1998/3/11 [Reference/Tax] UID:13789 Activity:high
3/10    Where can I donate old hardware and get a tax refund?
        (I am talking about 68040 machines)  - tyf
        \_ The CSUA could take them for tax refund -- not that they'd know
           what to do with them.  Maybe loaners to starving students?
1998/3/11 [Academia/UCLA] UID:13790 Activity:high
3/10    Does anyone know a David Smallberg in the UCLA area?  I believe he
        either teaches at UCLA. - seidl
        \_ Either teaches at UCLA or what?  If he's teaching, you could
  and look in the faculty directory.
          \_ Either teaches at UCLA or he doesn't.  This puts the guy into
             the union of the set of all people who teach at UCLA and the set
             of all people who do not teach at UCLA.  While this set of people
             is "valid", it isn't useful for narrowing the search.
1998/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:13791 Activity:nil 72%like:13780
3/9     What is ISO 9002 certification and why does everyone brag about
                \_ If you want your opinion to have weight, sign it.
                   Otherwise you could just be cmlee quoting something
                   he misinterpreted from some bozo tech magazine.
                        -tom "I love ISO so much I deleted the signed
                              negative comments about it" holub
                        \_ I didn't delete anything, idiot.  -tom
                  \_ OHMYGOD!  You mean clee is a total idiot, the likes of
                     which the world hasn't seen since aspolito came online?
                     I planned my employer's entire network based on his
                     expert advice!!!  help!
1998/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:13792 Activity:nil
        Pheds bust some kid for talking trash via email OR Asian
        Students right to recieve an education at a public university
        in peace protected. -ausman
        \_ Old news.  This already came and went on cnn a long time ago.
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